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Pediatricians are Doctors who take care of children 21 years and younger. For more information, please read below.

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An Awesome Student Q. Jan 18 114 views

How many years of college do you need to become a kid doctor?

Greetings! I'm Ms. Tipton at the International Community School. My 3rd graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance! #pediatrics...


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solaya G. Oct 19, 2020 43 views

what is the average salary

i want to be a pediatrician...


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Ashley H. Oct 19, 2020 112 views

Pediatrician- Is it worth it?

Should I become a Pediatrician? Is there another career I should look into? #pediatrician #pediatrics...


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Ashley H. Oct 19, 2020 52 views

Pediatrician Private Practice or Pediatric Hospital?

What are the biggest differences between working for a private practice or working in a hospital, as a pediatrician? In your opinion, which one is better? #pediatrician #pediatrics #doctor...


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Ashley H. Oct 19, 2020 78 views

What does an average day for a Pediatrician look like?

I am interested in becoming a pediatrician, but I would like to know more. What does a typical day in your life, as a pediatrician, look like? #pediatrician #pediatrics...


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Cristal A. Oct 16, 2020 84 views
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Reid O. Oct 07, 2020 142 views

Is becoming a pediatrician worth the schooling?

Hi, my names Reid I'm a senior in high school, and I've always wanted to become a doctor. I've researched all the fields in medicine, and pediatrics really interested me. I have done so much research on how to become a pediatrician, but it's so much school. I'm willing to put in this effort,...

#pediatrician #doctor #pediatrics

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Keon G. Sep 18, 2020 84 views

How long does a surgery procedure take?

I would love to be a pediatric surgeon. I dream about it everyday. #pediatric-surgeon #pediatrics...


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jaycie T. Sep 16, 2020 138 views

What are a few of the jobs you can have with a masters degree in nursing?

I wish to become a pediatric nurse eventually, but I have to become a certified Registered nurse first. I am a senior in high school looking for a future career as a nurse for children. #career #high-school...


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Yeanna M. Sep 12, 2020 146 views

Is it worth putting in all the time and effort to become a doctor?

I am a junior in highschool and I am considering different career paths and am curious to what it is like, and if it is worth it to become a doctor, specifically a pediatrician. #doctor #medicine...


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Charlie S. Aug 27, 2020 112 views

How do I become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

I love kids and the medical field, everything about the human body interests me. The one thing I love the most is being able to be the care giver for families and children. #children #pediatrics...


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Zemira M. Aug 19, 2020 165 views

Are there any enrichment programs for those wanting to study neonatology?

I am a teenager aspiring to have a career in the medical field. While I have a liking for neonatology, orthopedics, and radiology, I would like to be exposed to other careers. #career-choice #career #careers #doctor #pediatrics...


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Patricia M. Jul 31, 2020 92 views

How many years of nursing school do you need to complete before becoming a pediatrician?

I am a 17 year old girl starting my senior year of high school . When I graduate I wand to go to college to study in the nursing field to one day become a pediatrician....


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Benjamin V. Jul 29, 2020 153 views

I'm interested in becoming a surgeon, but I'm feeling a little intimidated by the intense hours required of surgical fellows. Is it possible to balance work life with a family life in this setting?

I am approaching my senior year of high school. I am planning to #major in #biology and continue on to get my MD. I am considering the possibility of becoming a #surgeon, but I want to have a better understanding of the #work-life balance of #surgical #fellows. #doctor #surgery #pediatrics...


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Ne’Ahra P. Jul 07, 2020 98 views

What do you love about being a pediatric doctor?

I love kids! I love being around kids, I love hanging out with kids! I just love that I’m a kid so I can experience a lot of things. I feel as kids brings Joy to a conversation. I want to be able to take care of kids! Showing them how much I love them! #pediatrics...


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Lauren S. Jun 23, 2020 2142 views

How much does it cost to be a pediatrician

I want to become a pediatrician when I get older, and just want more details about the job...


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Jess O. Jun 02, 2020 141 views

What are a few free online courses I can take for becoming a pediatrician and interior designer?

I'm a student at the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine at John Hay High School and my career goal is to become a pediatrician and just for fun an interior designer too. #pediatrician...


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Makayla R. May 10, 2020 123 views

How does a sub specialty work with your health profession?

I want to be a pediatrician, but I also want to learn more about child psychology and be able to use it with being a pediatrician. How will #pediatrician #medicine #pediatrics #psychology it...

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Fatoumata B. Apr 22, 2020 166 views

I want to become a pediatrician because I love working with kids but the thing is I heard its difficult so I wanted to know how hard is it

my name is Fatoumata people usually call me fat I'm 17 going to college next school year want to become a pediatrician #doctor #pediatrics...