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Career Questions tagged College

Jahdayah’s Avatar
Jahdayah yesterday 39 views

What classes are required

What classes and math classes are required for me to get my masters in nursing. I'm planning on attending Texas a&m if that helps to know. And will I be able to choose my classes?

Shamma’s Avatar
Shamma 2 days ago 73 views

What are some things to consider when choosing a major?

Hi, I have been struggling with choosing a major and the time is getting closer to when I have to decide as I am in university. I decided against taking BA Psychology as I struggle with writing essays. I really love learning about psychology though (not so much the research part but the...

Meghana’s Avatar
Meghana 2 days ago 68 views

After receiving my decision from the university, would I be able to see the amount of financial aid they are offering??

I am exploring the college application process particularly in Texas. I want to know whether we would be able to compare my financial aid offers of all the universities that accepted me?

Kadiatou’s Avatar
Kadiatou 2 days ago 50 views

What college degree should I choose to open my blockchain company?

I was still hesitating between going for a major in Digital Marketing / Advertisement in College 1 since I really love this field or doing a marketing degree with a minor in Business Management in College 2 and later having a digital marketing certificate from Google. The problem with College...

aamina’s Avatar
aamina Mar 28 90 views

I want to be a doctor and a professor, is that possible?

I'm a high school student

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Ava Mar 28 52 views

What education is usually needed to become a Critical Care Nurse ?

I plan on going into community college and getting my associate's degree to be a critical care nurse. Would I need to get a higher degree? What certifications should I get? Thank you in advance.

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Mar 28 39 views

What does a usual day as a Critical Care Nurse usually look like?

I will soon be studying to be a Medical Assitant and then moving up to be a Critical Care Nurse. Could I get some insight into what I can expect? Thank you.

Shamma’s Avatar
Shamma Mar 28 92 views

How to deal with being overwhelmed and procrastination in University ?

Hi, I'm a university student, currently taking foundation courses. All my coursework are assignments and essays based. I find that when I think of an assignment that I have to do, I think that the assignment is too difficult and that it will take hours for me to complete it. When I finally get...

Kadiatou’s Avatar
Kadiatou Mar 28 116 views

Which degree I should chose?

I have to choose between two colleges. College 1 offers me a Bachelor in Marketing with a minor in Business Management, and College 2 is offering an associate in Digital Marketing/advertising and Public Relations. They are both great schools and I don't which one would bring me closer to my...

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Mar 27 85 views

When did you know you were going to stick to your career?

I am currently in high school and don’t know what to do after. i want to go to college but don’t know what major to take and the career path i should follow

christian’s Avatar
christian Mar 27 64 views

whats your favorite thing to do in school.

Whats your favorite thing to do in school.

Xiomara’s Avatar
Xiomara Mar 27 99 views

What should I do to motivate myself for college?

What should I do to be happy in college besides doing the work that they give. I believe student life is more important than the population of college itself.

Jonathon’s Avatar
Jonathon Mar 26 64 views

How do i find good colleges?

I want to find a college for the performing arts

Gabrielle’s Avatar
Gabrielle Mar 26 71 views

Is it too early to look into scholarships? If not, how do I get started?

I’m a freshman in high school.

KiranAdele’s Avatar
KiranAdele Mar 26 77 views

How do you find your own unique major or passion to study in college?

I’ve always wanted to study something that would spark my interests, but I don’t know how to do that. Would taking more electives or different classes help? What would you suggest?

Ainsley’s Avatar
Ainsley Mar 24 60 views

What classes do you have to take in a library science masters program? And what does the daily life of a librarian look like?

I'm currently in my senior year of high school, so I know I have a while before I'll get to graduate school, but I want to be prepared! I want to be a public librarian, specifically a children's librarian if possible.

Charlie’s Avatar
Charlie Mar 23 103 views

How can I find my ideal university and career major when I start working?

- I like music, it's a need in my everyday life.
- I like to draw and I think i can draw pretty well
- I like to design everything, especially when it's functional
- I'd like to be a celebrity

chayce’s Avatar
chayce Mar 23 86 views

when's the best time to prepare for college?

what are some ways to prepare for college?

kaleb’s Avatar
kaleb Mar 23 78 views

what is a description of your career cluster?

?what is a carrer

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Mar 22 141 views

What is some good advice before going to college?

I am a Senior in high school

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Mar 22 74 views

Is having a good High School transcript important for college?

I am a Senior in high school

Maryuri’s Avatar
Maryuri Mar 22 57 views

What professional organizations are best to join for dentistry? And what professional organizations are best to join for cardiac surgeon?

I'm interested in dentistry and also cardiac surgeries, I would like to know what organizations are the best for me and I need some advices.

Daron’s Avatar
Daron Mar 22 72 views

Is it possible to go into nursing but transfer to something else if i realize that’s not what i want?

i’m not totally set on nursing and would like to know if there’s a way out.

damieneisha’s Avatar
damieneisha Mar 22 111 views

do we have to go to collage to be something in life?

i dont really know what i want to be anymore

Kenni’s Avatar
Kenni Mar 22 57 views

Is a 20 a good score on the ACT?

What is a good score to make on the ACT is I want to go to a University?

Boshra’s Avatar
Boshra Mar 22 69 views

What things should I do as a junior be have a good transcript or university application?

I am a 10th student right now, but I will go to the 11th-grade school year, next year. However I want to plan my junior year, I think it's the most important year in high school.

Derek’s Avatar
Derek Mar 22 137 views

What kind of job field should I pursue if I like to build things and like technology?

12 grade
Like building Lego
Like star wars
Like video games

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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 22 48 views

What stats should I pay attention to when picking a school?

This is part of our professionals series where we ask professionals what they think students should know

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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 22 65 views

If your field did not exist when you graduated from school, how did you learn about it?

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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 22 50 views

What are alternatives to taking out student loans for college?

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