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Career Questions tagged College

College offers the opportunity to continue one's education post-secondary providing career developing skills and knowledge. There are many different types of colleges. There are two-year colleges that offer Associate of...

Hussein A.’s Avatar
Hussein A. Sep 17 41 views

What should I do if I plan to go to college but I'm not sure what I want to major in?

I'm a Junior in high school and I'm not really sure what I want to do in the future, I get exceptional grades however I've never been interested in any particular subject so far and I'm unsure about what I want to major in college. Any advice? #college #college-major...


Engoron L.’s Avatar
Engoron L. Sep 17 45 views

How difficult is it to jump into a career for CS regarding specific branches of it?

I'm a high school senior seeking to pursue a major in Computer Science in college/university because I'm passionate about a particular branch in CS, AI. As AIs are becoming more practical, intelligent, and utilized, I'm fascinated by all the capabilities that AI has across a spectrum of...

#college #computer-science

DeBond C.’s Avatar
DeBond C. Sep 17 27 views

Can I do abroad study if I transfer from a different school?

I wish to go to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. I first want to go to city college for general courses then transfer but I also would like to study abroad. My question asks if I were to transfer after my second year, am I able to go study abroad on year three. #study-abroad...


Isabelle H.’s Avatar
Isabelle H. Sep 17 61 views

what are the most important things to consider when choosing a major?

I'm indecisive about my major and I just want some advice that'd help me choose the right one for myself and my future. #college...


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Kaden C. Sep 17 16 views
Kaden C.’s Avatar
Kaden C. Sep 17 16 views
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Aaron B. Sep 17 25 views

What are good colleges for mechanical engineering?

I would like to know what colleges I should apply to so I have the best chance of getting the right education and the best education for mechanical engineering. #mechanical-engineering...


hargun K.’s Avatar
hargun K. Sep 15 45 views

What are some good study habits that will help me in a rigourous major

Hey, I am a nursing student and I never developed any good study habits because ei would do well or at least pass by studying 2 days before the exam but that has not been enough with nursing and I am scared of failing #studyhabits #college #university #nursingstudent #nursing #healthcaremajor...

#nurse #nurse-practitioner #healthcare

hargun K.’s Avatar
hargun K. Sep 15 22 views

Tips for passing HESI and NCLEX

I am a nursing student who will graduate in May 2022 and I am scared about my ability to be able to pass and clear the NCLEX exam so I appreciate any tips that you have #nurse #college-advice #college #healthcare...


hargun K.’s Avatar
hargun K. Sep 15 29 views

How to figure out your interest and speciality as a new nurse (RN)

I graduate in May 2022 and I want to work for a year before I go back to school for my masters and I want to use that year in figuring out what I would want to do and what my interests are when considering different specialities etc #psychology #college #medicine #healthcare...


hargun K.’s Avatar
hargun K. Sep 15 17 views

how do I become a string applicant when applying for masters in Nursing

I graduate in May 2022 and I want to get a year of experience before applying for masters in nursing and was wondering what I can do to ensure my success in the application process #graduate-school #healthcare #nurse #nursing...


hargun K.’s Avatar
hargun K. Sep 15 33 views

How hard is it to do a Masters in Nursing?

Is it hard to get into the Masters programs and how hard is it to actually get the masters, I know that each exam has a higher passing rate when it comes to Masters so I was wondering #college #nursing...


Kylie B.’s Avatar
Kylie B. Sep 15 32 views

Where is the best college to go to for dental assisting. (Both Community and University)

I'm trying to figure out where the best place would be to find my passion #dentistry #college...

Iakov T.’s Avatar
Iakov T. Sep 14 123 views

Why is it so important to get a degree?

Why is it so important to get a degree in CS when most people are self taught in the field? - From a high school student whos thinking about going to college for a computer science degree, though already very knowledgeable with most programming languages #computer-science #college #computer...

#science #college-major