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Noah H. Aug 30, 2018 152 views

Will founding a club and programming your own game get you a good chance at getting into the Ivy League?

I am currently in the process of these 2 things and I'm not sure how to beef up my chances of getting into Brown/Harvard. Do I stand a good chance with these under my belt + president of another club + solid Ivy level academics? Also I'm going into computer science, if that helps (or...

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Miguel D. Aug 30, 2018 183 views

What options do i have if i don't recieve FASFA?

I'm confused as to what options do i have if i don't recieve FASFA help....


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Chaitali T. Aug 29, 2018 147 views

What's a good place to start internships?

CS major...


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Chaitali T. Aug 29, 2018 162 views

How is France for CS major?

And also work opportunities later? #franceeducation...


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Aayushya N. Aug 16, 2018 195 views

what extracurricular activities will help when applying to universities for computer science as a major?

I already listed that I self taught myself to code but am wondering what other activities would be interesting to pursue and list as an activity #college-majors #computerscience #university #extracurricular...


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Reva J. Jul 25, 2018 295 views
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VIL 2. Jul 18, 2018 323 views

How are programmers using augmented reality? - Audrey

My name is Audrey, and I am way into computer science. I'm only in middle school, but I'm learning about computers and programming at the Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Camp for girls. Could a programmer or computer scientist utilize augmented reality? #computers #programming...

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Sofia A. Jun 13, 2018 243 views
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Ralph P. May 22, 2018 341 views

Which math is the most helpful in the field of Computer Science

I am planning on attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) as a freshman this fall to study Computer Science and when reviewing course requirements, I saw that there was an open spot for math meaning I could fill it with any math of my choice. Other required math courses were Probability...

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Tayler G. May 10, 2018 364 views

Is it possible to double major your freshman year of college and not be overworked?

I have been thinking about double majoring in computer science and accounting my freshman year of college, but a few colleges I have looked into say they do not allow computer science majors to double major. The college I have chosen will allow it, however, I do not want to put my health at...

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Jordyn M. Apr 24, 2018 401 views

Computer science vs Cybersecurity BS?

My school offers a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Cybersecurity. No specializations, they are their own separate BS degrees. They offer similar classes in the beginning, but then change and become more focused near the end. I am wanting to know, if anyone knows, what each field is like? For...

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Aaron Q. Apr 02, 2018 365 views

What types of jobs are the best for college students who plan on double majoring?

I am asking this question because I am currently a double major in the fields that my high school specialize in. I plan on majoring in Computer Science and Software Engineering. I am a very busy person as it is, and I'll need a solid source of income when I get into college. #funding...

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dennis S. Mar 14, 2018 460 views

Where can I get an internship for my intended major of Computer Science and Information?

I really want to pursue a career involving computer information science, specifically artificial intelligence and data analytics. The reason why i’m asking is due to a hard time finding internships I qualify for. #artificialintelligence #computerscience #computerinformation #data #dataanalytics...

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Avni T. Feb 10, 2018 530 views

How can I find good internship opportunities as a high school student?

I have a Linkedin but all the internships require one to be currently pursuing a college degree but I'm still a senior in high school. I'm interested in UX Design and Computer science. #computerscience #user-experience #user-experience-design #internships #highschool...


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Lucky V. Jan 24, 2018 232 views

How can my field of career (computer science) benefit the world?

I’m interested in computer science and want to make a living out of it. I also want to help the world as well though. So I was wondering how this field could help benefit the world. #computerscience...


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Patrick B. Jan 23, 2018 303 views

Will computer science and learning java be essential in the next 5 years?

I am taking computer science now at my high school, and I have been told that it is a very necessary skill. How important is this skill? #technology #coding...


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Alexandru U. Jan 19, 2018 274 views

Is it really important to know Java if you want to major in Computer Science/Programming?

I'm studying Java in my Compter Science class and I find it really confusing......


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Taylor M. Jan 16, 2018 275 views

If I'm a computer scientist can I still go to law school?

I really want to be a person who advocates for marginalized groups and I've heard one of the best ways to do that is to be a public defender but I am already on track to do my undergrad in computer science. What should I do? #career #laywer #computerscience...


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Kim B. Jan 16, 2018 305 views

What kind of jobs can I pursue with a degree in Computer Science?

I am a female high school senior who has a passion for technology. I love computers and learning everything about it. I've decided to major in computer science but I don't exactly know what jobs there are to offer once I achieve that degree. #technology #computerscience #information-technology...

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Lindsay A. Jan 16, 2018 278 views

Do you have to already have computer knowledge to major in computer science?

I don’t know very much about computers and technology, but I’m willing to learn. Technology is such a pivotal part of our society today and careers in that area are probably going to be in demand. I’m genuinely interested in this field, but am just lacking any prior knowledge/experience. Would...

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Shelly S. Oct 14, 2017 590 views

How do I pursue a career path from Computer Science to Economics?

I have 5 year experience in casino gaming industry as a software developer. I have interest in Probability and Statistics . Also , I want to study Economics in my MS . What is the career path for a person having experience in computer Science and pursuing Economics in MS ? Will I be able to...

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angel M. Sep 01, 2017 328 views

is their any way that a student who plays no sports and is not involved in any extracurricular activities go to school in the us with only federal student aid and scholarships?

i come from a low income family and the only way i can go to school in the united states if i can gain enough aid from the federal government and any other forms of scholarships that i can gain. my only other option to go to college is to go to argentina where my family is from and go to...

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Jake D. Aug 30, 2017 464 views

How many languages is a Software Engineer expected to know?

I know this will vary from company to company but, in general, how many languages should a good Software Engineer be comfortable with? #computerscience...


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Colton P. Jan 26, 2017 379 views