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Career Questions tagged Gaming

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis yesterday 24 views

What information-if any- should I learn before going to college for game development?

Will be attending community college

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Rehani Dec 22, 2022 126 views

Wwhich si the best course for gaming?

I want to do gaming bcuz I am a pro gamer

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haley Dec 01, 2022 129 views

where can I learn coding without school program?

Where is a place i can learn how to code so i can be prepared for my dream job?

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Nov 01, 2022 365 views

Where to start with Game design and coding?

What websites or courses are good for learning basics about Coding? Are there any YouTube videos that cover certain things that i may need to know?

Kai’s Avatar
Kai Oct 24, 2022 189 views

What are the most common coding languages in gaming.?

I'm a highschooler who wants to get more into coding and specifically in coding for video games.

Pei Bin’s Avatar
Pei Bin Sep 27, 2022 240 views

How can I get into software engineer or game design?

What will help me achieve my goal of becoming a software engineer or game designer?

Sebastian’s Avatar
Sebastian Aug 25, 2022 131 views

What are some benefits to becoming a video game designer

what are some benefits

Tatiana’s Avatar
Tatiana Jul 31, 2022 405 views

How to choose which animation specialization to study?

Hello! I'm interested in having a career in animation. When I started looking at animation more closely, I thought "animator", "producer", and "director" were the only job titles you could have. Turns out there's many different jobs to choose from. However, I have no idea which area to...

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Charles E Jun 28, 2022 178 views

where should i go to learn or start my game developing career.

I'm currently in the process of schooling at job corps but after that i was wanting to know where to go after that.

Jv’s Avatar
Jv Jun 21, 2022 384 views

i want to learn more about gamestop career goals

i want to learn more about gamestop career goals for i work on gamestop because i'm love games and i love sell games too.

Rashaan’s Avatar
Rashaan May 31, 2022 209 views

What are employers looking for as a gaming supervisor?

Do I need to further my education in order for me to get into this career?

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timothy May 10, 2022 226 views

How much schooling do i need to be a game developer?

i wonder if u need schooling

timothy’s Avatar
timothy May 10, 2022 259 views

1. If my strengths are problem solving and leadership and my hobbies are playing basketball and videos games, what types of careers or industries might best fit for me? 2. What other strengths or experiences might I need for the suggested careers?

I need some help finding out what to do after high school

ash’s Avatar
ash May 09, 2022 240 views

Do video game designers tend to work at home more than ever now

since the last covid spike

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher May 03, 2022 220 views

Is it really worth getting into any type of field that involves gaming in any way?

I have heard a lot of mixed feelings about the careers that involve gaming as a whole. All the way from Game Designer to Game tester. I have been told it strips the enjoyment of gaming away once you are required to do make your hobby into a job with gaming specifically . Is there some way to...

mario’s Avatar
mario May 03, 2022 162 views

What area of coding or software development should I get into for video game development?

I want to get into more areas that involves game development.
Im not a good graphic artist .

malachi’s Avatar
malachi Apr 29, 2022 371 views

How do I become a professional YouTube gamer pls answer

how do i become a professional yt gamer and a better gamer? Pls answer im in the 9th grade

Max’s Avatar
Max Apr 28, 2022 206 views

1. Did you made a video game? 2. What's your favorite part about your job? 3. Do you like your job? 4. What is your least favorite about your job? 5. Do you want to quit your job?

I'm researching for a video game designer.

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ash Apr 27, 2022 445 views

What is being a game designer like?

what is your role for your company and what daily problems do you have to overcome.

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Apr 26, 2022 247 views

How much time has to be put in for just coding the start out of the game?

How much of your time goes into the first steps of just coding a game

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Hope Apr 26, 2022 335 views

How should a new game designer start out?

how would someone in the game making start out?

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Apr 26, 2022 246 views

When working on game do you have to speak with a lot of people?

when you make a game do you have to speak with a lot of people during the work in progress?

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Apr 26, 2022 188 views

Is it a struggle when putting a game on market?

After coding and making a game when you put it on market is it hard to get people to play the game if so how do you deal with it?

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Jose Mar 03, 2022 296 views

How much do content creators make

I wanna be a content creator for youtube.

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Frankie Feb 04, 2022 239 views

Should I be a valorant esport player

Valorant is my favorite game and I'm an average player #gaming

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Nov 10, 2021 290 views

How do I make roblox games?

Im 14 love roblox #gaming #game-design #computer-games #engineer #games

Emely’s Avatar
Emely Nov 08, 2021 338 views

If you take a gap year what are some suggestions on what to do while on that break? (I'm into coding, video games, and editing)

#coding #video #video-games #video-game-design #gaming

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Nov 03, 2021 232 views

What do you need to be a professional gamer.

#professional #gaming #programming#technology

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Oct 14, 2021 255 views

what do you do as a video game developer?

im 14 i like to play roblox #gaming #computer-games #video-games #game-design

anjali’s Avatar
anjali Oct 12, 2021 645 views

what qualification should I have to become a game programmer?

#game programmer #gaming #game-development