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Career Questions tagged General

Anita S.’s Avatar
Anita S. Apr 08 131 views

How do I establish self-discipline?

I tend to procrastinate a lot and be very lazy. I want to peruse medical school but have currently hit a wall. What do I do?

Colin L.’s Avatar
Colin L. Oct 05, 2021 194 views

What are some jobs that would allow me to work from home?

I am a senior in high school and I would like to work in the comfort of my own home. I have skills in art, video editing, and other technological skills. #jobs #general #career

Devyani P.’s Avatar
Devyani P. May 27, 2021 172 views

i wish to restart my carrier

i completed my ll. in 2013 having no experience want to restart my carrier but all knowledge got evaporated , what can i do to start a job #general

Shinah K.’s Avatar
Shinah K. May 24, 2021 198 views

Steps to becoming a PA from HS

I’m interested in the medical field and would love to know more about a variety of jobs in the field. #general #medicine

Xochitl G.’s Avatar
Xochitl G. May 13, 2021 337 views

Should I go to a community college or a University?

I’m graduating soon, so thoughts on my future become more relevant and I’m stuck on what could be best for me. I have a 2.5 GPA at the moment. #general

michaela C.’s Avatar
michaela C. May 07, 2021 218 views

how much does a PI(Private Investigator) make annually

one of my many passions is investigating but i am wondering if PI's make good money annually or if they get payed by how many cases they solve #income #general

meghasai A.’s Avatar
meghasai A. Apr 27, 2021 283 views

what should study and what job should i do

im good at everything but not the best at also interested in everything but not totally into also good with people as well as teach.I do not have stage fear as well so i am very confused in what to take. #general

Amit S.’s Avatar
Amit S. Apr 08, 2021 170 views

Whic is good institue between IIBM Meerut or MIBM Global Noida for distance Executive MBA

Iam 45 years old, did my graduation in Commerce from Delhi University in 1997 and having 24 years of experience in aviation. #general

Theophile H.’s Avatar
Theophile H. Apr 06, 2021 194 views

Is their any way i can become a web developer faster if i already have the necessary skill level

I'm an aspiring web developer, i mostly want to create websites for business, I'm also a part time proof reader #higher-education #general

Aditi N.’s Avatar
Aditi N. Mar 30, 2021 290 views

what are the steps to study psychology just after i go to canada?

I am in class 12th and i want to do my further studies from Canada. I'm thinking to pursue psychology but i am not clear from where should i do, which university. kindly fill me with some information. #general

Ramon C.’s Avatar
Ramon C. Mar 23, 2021 259 views

How should I go about becoming a streamer.

My name is Ramon Coleman i'am 17 and I want to be a professional streamer. #professionals #general

Zamira D.’s Avatar
Zamira D. Mar 22, 2021 188 views

I need advice on becoming a dental hygienist to then becoming a general dentist

I’m currently in my final year of highschool and I don’t have a lot of money for 8yrs of schooling to be a dentist so I wanted to start off as being a dental hygienist so I would be able to afford going to school and become a general dentist. I been needing advice because I don’t really have...

Devin L.’s Avatar
Devin L. Mar 17, 2021 154 views

how many year to become an engineer

im 15 and im not sure what i want to do but i think that i have a huge varity with my work. #general

Kelly L.’s Avatar
Kelly L. Mar 11, 2021 617 views

What age should I start investing?

I am a student and I am curious about how the stock market works. #career #general #professors #stocks #life #business #invest #finance #success #marketing

Raven J.’s Avatar
Raven J. Mar 11, 2021 241 views

(business related) how long did it take you to get to the position you are in now? Also what is your job life like; how many hours do you work or what are your major task that you handle?

I'm very observant and love asking questions just to make sure i'm doing something right. I also like working with lots of people, since i'm very conversational and spirited. #general #business

Myles D.’s Avatar
Myles D. Mar 10, 2021 180 views

If im trying to get into a good college, does taking 3 years of language make a huge difference even though 2 is the minimum?

Right now, my schedule for next year consists of 2 math classes because that will leave open a spot for an AP class in junior year, instead of having to wait till senior year. However it kicks out a language class and an art class. If I take the 2 math classes I will only be able to have 2...

Taryn H.’s Avatar
Taryn H. Mar 09, 2021 332 views

What is the salary for a baker?

I am a bit curious what the salary for a baker is. Either yearly or what the general check is.

#baker #salary #general

udhaya K.’s Avatar
udhaya K. Mar 03, 2021 215 views

give me some tips to create a resume

give me some tips to create a resume

Francisco R.’s Avatar
Francisco R. Feb 25, 2021 282 views

Is being a short story writer a career path?

Being a first generation college student means that I'm going in blind in this. None of my family members ever finished school so if I go and ask them for help/advice they can't give any. School counselors are not much help so I'm turning to the internet. I've never really excelled in anything,...

Jaylen M.’s Avatar
Jaylen M. Jan 22, 2021 191 views

What’s a good course to go into during college for someone who doesn’t know what they want to do?

I’m indecisive so I want to know some good things to study and won’t be a waste. #general

Dallas D.’s Avatar
Dallas D. Jan 22, 2021 141 views

What kind of degree/education would you recommend someone trying to become a ceo or start a company to have?

I’m in the 11th grade and I love to play baseball. I’m hoping to run a company one day and pursue something business related. #general

Dallas D.’s Avatar
Dallas D. Jan 22, 2021 182 views

How hard is it to climb into a higher position in a bigger company/how long does it take?

I’m in the 11th grade and I like to play baseball and am very interested in pursuing something business related after school. #school #general

Nyawo N.’s Avatar
Nyawo N. Jan 21, 2021 126 views

I'm currently doing my final year . I'm doing BSc in botany and zoology , Should i consider my self as a biotechnologists

Hard working is my daily exercise .Confident is my name and doing the best is my game. #general

Jade B.’s Avatar
Jade B. Jan 12, 2021 234 views

Im having a hard time choosing the course that I will be taking for college

Im into mass communication,journalism,political science, psychology,oublic administration,international relations that's my options.Also I want to be in a fashion industry since its my hobby and broadcasting since Im joining contests before about it. #general