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Career Questions tagged Buisness

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Victor Oct 03 42 views

How do i start my own business in automotive?

vendor number permit

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sirenity Sep 29 79 views

How do i start this business?

should I take a Esthetician class or go to school for it? to start my own business and get my license. Do i start the business while im in high school or out of school?

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Andrew Sep 15 195 views

Business Administration Supply Chain Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management, or Supply Chain Management?

I'm on my college search process at the moment and I was wondering what's the diffrence between the three majors? Would one be more valuable to an empoyler?

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Aug 26 158 views

Should I do online college or on campus for a business administration?

Would it be better to have a class online or to go in person?

Ja’Nae’s Avatar
Ja’Nae Jul 05 128 views

I wanna to know is there a way for me start my business with no money?

Someday when I get out of highschool I would to start my own business but I don’t know if I able to have a enough money

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Will May 12 169 views

How is the pay?

Hello I am studying to be a business intelligence analysis.

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lexy May 10 233 views

colleges for business/major?

What colleges are the best for majoring in business? Maybe marketing?

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nadia May 24, 2021 221 views

What is the highest degree you can get in business?

I am about to graduate highschool and will be attending city college to major in buisness. #buisness #fashion #design #clothing

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Reginald May 20, 2021 162 views

What does it take to invest in a clothing line business and how much money should I save to start it?

Hard working #buisness

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Joshua May 20, 2021 265 views

What advice do you have for a young entrepreneur?

#entrepreneur #buisness #entrepreneurship

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Gerthranique May 13, 2021 201 views

Financial Gain

what are some learning sites that teach how to run a business and how to keep it finically stable #buisness

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Caszhmere Apr 29, 2021 450 views

Is a business major good for an aspiring entrepreneur?

#business-management #buisness #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship

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jennifer Feb 26, 2021 258 views

What exactly should you do at 15 to give you a good start for college?

I'm not exactly sure about what I want to do but all I know is that I want to be rich and successful and to be known. #buisness #wealthy #rich #independant #financially stable #marketing #career-paths #education

londen’s Avatar
londen Feb 21, 2021 391 views

Questions about hair school

#cosmetology #cosmetics #majors #buisness #college Good afternoon, My name is Londen and I am a sophomore in college and after I finish my other 2 years I am going to go into the hair school to get my hair license and while I am in hair school, I working on finding a renting a space for my...

Princy’s Avatar
Princy Jan 10, 2021 280 views

if i am studying in class 11 i want to do job in travel and toursim curse what should i do

#traveling #buisness #job

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Debbie Dec 17, 2020 393 views

I don't know how to start looking for fields i want to explore.

I have a great interpersonal skills; I love to help others and I love the feeling that I inspire them. I also hate pressures; like if someone's life is in my hands. I am very indecisive but genuine. #buisness #flightattending #entrepreneurship

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terrinial Nov 13, 2020 256 views

advice on starting my own bussiness


Gvonta’s Avatar
Gvonta Nov 13, 2020 409 views

Do you go to trade school or college to become a entrepreneur?

I want to become a entrepreneur when I grow up, so I want to know what I have to do to go about that. I want to learn the best strategies to becoming a entrepreneur. #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #buisness #mechanical

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Lakiya Sep 18, 2020 276 views

I want to go to college to study criminology, any advice or what to expect?

Hi my name is Lakiya, and i'm currently attending a high school in Memphis and I plan to go to college and that's the subject i want to major in. #buisness #college #majors #college

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Tsion Jul 20, 2020 554 views

What skills both educational and career related are essential for success in any field of expertise ?

#careers #career-path #career-development #buisness ##JULY20

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Tsion Jul 20, 2020 446 views

What financial advice would you give to younger individuals, in particular students who are striving to be financially responsible?

#saving #investments #real-estate #startups #buisness #credit #student loans # JULY 20.

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dinkaria May 13, 2020 501 views

How do you start a buisness

I'm 17 years old and I want to major in fashion in college and start my own business but I don't honestly know how to get it started #buisness

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Madison May 03, 2019 378 views

How would you fix Homelessness

#career #jobs #buisness

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Silvia May 03, 2019 377 views

What would be the "normal" day as a business manager?

#buisness #dailylife #management

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Silvia May 03, 2019 387 views

How is the process of receiving a bachelor's degree in business management?

#buisness #bachelors #management

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Devin May 01, 2019 242 views

If you wear a tie are you legally a buisness man?

i need to know #buisness #tie

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Devin May 01, 2019 265 views

how many years of school for business

I would like to know #timeismoney #buisness

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Silvia Apr 26, 2019 384 views

What community college classes are recommended to take when wanting to go into marketing?

#buisness #marketing

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Ethan Dec 05, 2018 387 views

What are the struggles of persuing a career

how do you run a career


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Reva Jul 25, 2018 686 views

Are internships important to have in high school?

#buisness #high-school #high-school-students