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Career Questions tagged Choosing A Major

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Khanh Mar 13 65 views

What is the major people choosing the most in math?

I think this is good think I should know

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William Mar 07 84 views

How do I know what i to major in when i get to college ?

I'm a high school junior and I'm thinking about going to college and not sure what i want to major in.

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Sky Feb 20 222 views

When should I start researching colleges I want to go to and how do I know what I want to major in?

I am a 9th-grade student, I am into a range of different things such as art and law. I have a lot of things I'm passionate about and I want to be able to incorporate them into my future career.

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Feb 18 152 views

Is it better to minor or double major in history?

I'm considering minoring, or double majoring in history. I enjoy studying history and have 6 AP credits of history already. I was wondering if it's better to minor or double major. Which looks better on a resume to employers? If I minor then could I graduate with a double major in two business...

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Ching Feb 17 359 views

What do I need to study in college to get into a career involving renewable energy?

I am interested in the renewable energy sector because I think it will be the next big thing given how the US government is actively invested with new legislation. I want to help develop the technology to capture renewable energy; however, I don't know what to major in. If you can, could you...

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Maryuri Feb 16 177 views

What should I consider when choosing college And what should I consider when choosing college major??

I'm a senior and I really want to attend college, I'm the first one in my family to attend college and I'm struggling choosing college and a major. I'm scared!

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Edwin Jan 30 137 views

Doubted your major choice?

Have you ever doubted your choice of major during college and what did you do about it?

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Nov 18, 2022 382 views

How should I decide what major I should take in college if I still haven´t decided on my career path?

I´m interested to know how choosing a major will impact my future, considering I haven´t decided what I´d like to do in my future. I´d appreciate being given context and clarity.

Sofija’s Avatar
Sofija Nov 14, 2022 294 views

If I want to go into the medical field, should I major (undergrad) in organic chemisty or biology??

I am deciding what to major in going into my freshman year of college, and can't decide between getting a solid understanding in chemisty or biology. Which do you think?

Jabes’s Avatar
Jabes Nov 10, 2022 256 views

What major should you pursue if you want to become a gastroenterologist?

What major should you pursue if you want to become a gastroenterologist?

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Nov 02, 2022 477 views

How difficult is cognitive science and data science?

I'm looking into majoring in cognitive science and data science but I'm not sure what each major focuses more on. What is the difference between both of these majors? Which one is better? Which one requires more coding?

Yairelisse’s Avatar
Yairelisse Nov 01, 2022 444 views

What should someone take into consideration when choosing a career path?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm still stuck on what career path I want to take. I don't want to choose to be something, put so much effort to become that for the rest of my life and then not end up liking it.

Yairelisse’s Avatar
Yairelisse Nov 01, 2022 426 views

Choosing a career path?

What should you take into consideration when choosing what career path you want to take in life?

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Oct 31, 2022 262 views

Major decision

What are some things to consider when choosing a major?

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Oct 31, 2022 224 views

What can I do with a major in sustainability studies?

I am considering the possibilities of taking on green jobs (i.e. geen product marketer). How would taking the courses within my major requirements help me in the long-term? Are there recommended minors that would go well with this major. Or, would I be better off with a minor in sustainability...

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Oct 26, 2022 180 views

What is college like?

Whos the most profitable major?

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Jennifer Oct 24, 2022 365 views

What major?

How do you know which major is right for you?

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b Oct 10, 2022 285 views

What should I major in and what career path should I choose?

Hi, subjects I'm good at are math, psychology, and physiology. Subjects that I'm somewhat good at/also interested in is neuroscience and writing. I don't think I would like to go to medical school as it's very rigorous, and I don't mind pursuing grad school either. Any advice for what career...

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Oct 03, 2022 187 views

What should I major in for my undergraduate?

I want to be a sports physical therapist so after my undergrad I have to get into physical therapy school. So I want to know what would be the most helpful thing to major in.

Yu Wen’s Avatar
Yu Wen Sep 28, 2022 245 views

How should I pick my major?

High school junior, not sure about what I should major in.

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Haohua Sep 28, 2022 265 views

Soon to be college student.

How can I find the major I want?

Tan’s Avatar
Tan Aug 28, 2022 302 views

What major should I choose?

I am currently taking a bachelors degree in BS in Physical therapy. What would be the best major to take or like the most common in hirings? Is it paediatrics or geriatrics or something else?

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Aug 28, 2022 396 views

Should I do a Music/Psych double major?

Hi! I'm currently in grade 12 and have been wondering a grave amount of what to do. I have been always interested in both psychology and music, and was wondering if a double major in both would be worth it? I'm not exactly sure what career I would want to do or if I even want to pursue one of...

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kellis May 06, 2022 230 views

which major dosen't involve math

which major dosen't involve math

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Van Mar 08, 2022 340 views

What major should I get for physical therapy

#physical-therapist #physical-therapy #major #choosing-a-major

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XinYi Nov 30, 2021 335 views

What majors in college has video editing or something similar to it?

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Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Apr 26, 2021 430 views

As a student double-majoring in data science and marine biology, will I be able to combine both disciplines in a career?

I am a student in high school approaching college to double major in my two passions, Marnie biology and data science. Data science is a broad field and I am looking how I can pursue these passions through a job combining both disciplines. #high-school-students #choosing-a-major #technology...

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Marshalee Apr 26, 2021 470 views

What career can i pursue with these subjects Principles of business Cosmetology, technical drawing and Principles of accounts

#career-choice #career-development #choosing-a-major #career-advice #career

jayelyn’s Avatar
jayelyn Apr 16, 2021 348 views

If you want to major in nursing should you just major in science ?

Nursing is my passion but Im not sure if I should just major in nursing or any different subjects such as any time of science . #college-major #choosing-a-major #college

Myo’s Avatar
Myo Apr 14, 2021 636 views

What is a good career for a Communications Major?

#career #choosing-a-major #career-development #majors #careers