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Chemistry plays a significant role in understanding diseases and their remedies. Popular careers for a chemist involve pharmaceutical sales, food and flavor chemist, water quality chemist, and many more. Please...

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Amparo C. Nov 05, 2020 69 views

I am a junior and I have known that I want to be a chemist but I am not sure what subfield of chemistry I would like to study and base my career on. What are some subfields in chemistry I could consider based on my interests?

In school I am in a pre calculus class which I am taking as a dual credit class that I quite frankly enjoy and understand. I am also in a chemistry class that I enjoy and understand as well. I love doing labs and experiments. I also enjoy observing marine life. One hobby that I have is...


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Bradley P. Nov 05, 2020 94 views

What do Chemist do?

#chemistry #science When you go into the Chemist occupation, what do the chemist do in their...

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salma I. Aug 28, 2020 125 views

Should i study medicine?

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Claudia G. Jul 30, 2020 146 views

How do I know that majoring in Chemistry is right for me?

When I was a sophomore I took chemistry and I actually really liked it. Now going into my last year of high school I’m taking AP Chemistry and I hope it gives me an idea if Chemistry is the right fit for me. Learning about what chemistry is made me wonder so much about how so many things we...

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How did you know you wanted to pursue a chem/bio PhD?

Currently, I just finished my first year at Northeastern as a Biochemistry major. I have some experience as a research assistant and would like to volunteer in a lab next semester. I am premed, but there is still some time to think about grad school. I am very interested in research as well,...

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Angelina C. Jul 25, 2020 361 views

How did you decide what you wanted to do after college?

I am a rising high school senior who is interested in STEM, and I would like to know more about the possible career paths in this field. #career #stem #careers #engineering #tech #medicine #technology #chemistry #math #economics #mathematics...


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I am confused about my career selection

I am in TyBSC from #chemistry field I like #zoology...

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Megan M. Jun 24, 2020 126 views

What are the career pathways for those who are interested in chemistry and molecular biology?

I'm a rising high school junior and I am understanding career pathways in order to choose a major suited to my interests. Thank you! #chemistry #biology #molecular-biology #biochemistry...


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Megan M. Jun 24, 2020 142 views

What are the best paying careers in the bio-chemistry/molecular biology career field?

I have heard that it is difficult to find a well-paying job in these fields and I am contemplating taking on a major similar to this in college. #biology #chemistry #molecular-biology #biochemistry...


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How to find volunteer opportunities for research and statistician in the Department of Education?

#research #education #chemistry I will be finishing a EDS degree in Education in December. I also have an education and professional background in research and...

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What types of programs should I learn if I want to be a chemical engineer?

Aloha, My name is Kyrstin D. , I'm a college student working on a Chemistry BS major, and I want to be a chemical engineer. I'm currently working as an administrative assistant at an electrical engineering company, and I was wondering if any of the programs used at my company would be good...

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What sparked your interest in forensic chemistry?

I'm currently a junior and I want to get more insight on the interests and daily lives of a forensic chemist. I want to have this job when I am older. #forensic...


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Gwen T. Feb 29, 2020 152 views

How do you study for Chemistry?

I am taking Intro Chemistry and having a tough time remembering all the laws, rules, how to read and find certain information on the periodic table, and all the various math problems. How do you go about studying for Chemistry?...


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Should I minor in HR Management with a major in Chemistry

I'm an undergrad Chemistry freshman with multiple interests, from IT to music to business to astronomy and of course chemistry :) My questions are for anyone to answer. It will definitely help me make the best decisions. \m/ #chemistry #college #college-major #management #college-minor...

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Iyanna O. Oct 30, 2019 123 views

Best colleges for pharmacology

I’m a junior in high school currently taking chemistry honors #chemistry...


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Ryder M. Mar 22, 2019 166 views

Do all chemical companies offer job site training after attending a college for process technology?

My brother works for DOW Chemical ad after he was hired he went through a little bit of training and i was just curios if all chemical plants offered it. #chemistry #dow #chemical #chemical-plants...


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Daniel H. Jan 22, 2019 216 views

What is the day to day basis for someone working as a BIOFUELS PROCESSING TECHNICIAN

This is something i need to know so i can have a better picture of what responsibility's i would have doing this kind of work, the more detailed the better. #electrical-engineering #engineering #engineer #biofuels #biofuels-technician #biology...