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Career Questions tagged Chemistry

Chemistry plays a significant role in understanding diseases and their remedies. Popular careers for a chemist involve pharmaceutical sales, food and flavor chemist, water quality chemist, and many more. Please...

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Nick Sep 29 39 views

What careers should I look into if I'm interested in chemistry especially forensic chemistry?

I've been interested in chemistry since I was a little kid because it gives me insight as to how the world really works on the molecular level. I like forensic because I get to solve challenging problems. Science and math are my best subjects at school and I enjoy tasks that require critical...

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kelly Sep 28 31 views

What undergrad major should I major in if I have an interest in the veterinary field?

Should I be pursuing something science related, biology or chemistry?

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sakshi prasad Jul 05 127 views

confused about what to pursue in college

hi, I am a student currently studying in class 12th with major subjects as math, physics and chemistry. I'm really confused about the career should pursue further. I'm interested in being a commercial pilot but taking aeronautical engineering as an ug course will leave me with minimal options....

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Kevin Jun 06 295 views

Is it better to get a degree in chemistry or chemical engineering?

I'm a rising high school senior at a school that has allowed me to graduate high school with a associates degree in liberal arts, and I was thinking of applying to a college where I could get at least a bachelor's in Chemical engineering, thinking of going into a pharmaceutical job. I really...

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Anita Apr 06 357 views

Is college generally more laid back than high school?

I've heard that college is a lot less stressful and 'fast-paced' in comparison to high school. Is this true?

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Jiale Apr 04 109 views

Is it better to major in general chemistry or major in a more specific part of chemistry?

An example of a more specific major would be chemical engineering or organic chemistry.

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Jiale Feb 03 259 views

What jobs do students with a chemistry major generally end up with?

#chemistry #job

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Jiale Feb 03 128 views

What are good programs or activities that might help in college chemistry classes?

#chemistry #college

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Bridgette Jan 12 191 views

How many accumulated years is it to become a licensed and board certified pathologist?

Hello! I'm trying to figure out a few different career paths to look into, but I'm starting out to see the ones I have chosen, and what is required with them, Meaning years of college, training, as an assistant, etc, and how the people who work in those jobs feel about them. I do have multiple...

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Baikal Dec 28, 2021 376 views

What are some careers related to chemistry? Are they all related to medicine?

Whenever I've researched careers related to chemistry, everything that comes up seems to be about creating drugs for medicinal purposes. Are they the only chemistry-related career paths?
#chemistry #career

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Silquasha Nov 04, 2021 313 views

What was your inspiration for taking your position as a pharmacy technician?

I'm a student interested in Pharmacy Tech ?
#pharmacy #pharmaceuticals #pharmacist #pharmacy-tech #chemistry

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Abbey Nov 01, 2021 218 views

What career would you suggest for me?

I am a senior in high school in the US. I'm really into chemistry, art, and philosophy. It's been it's been really hard for me to make a decision on this.
#chemistry #art

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siyanda Oct 29, 2021 166 views

What is the best course to be taken after getting a bachelors degree in physics and chemistry

I am a second year university student, studying toward BSc in #chemistry and #physics

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Garret Oct 25, 2021 196 views

How hard can I expect organic chemistry to be?

#chemistry #college #biology

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Fady Oct 11, 2021 261 views

What school do I have to get into to make Vaccines and Drug?

#high-school #college-admissions #college #graduate-school #sports #medicine #pharmacy #chemistry #chemist #vaccinology #Drugs #Technology #Rutgers #PharmaD/MD #Harvard #Princeton #Brown #Medical Field #doctor #hospital-and-health-care

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Jiale Oct 05, 2021 393 views

What are some careers related to chemistry?

I am a senior in high school that is currently taking chemistry so I wanted to see what options there are for careers involving chemistry. #chemistry

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Joyce Oct 02, 2021 367 views

How can I become a Cosmetic Chemist with a BS in Chemical Engineering?

Hello, my planned approach to this is to take a masters degree after my bachelor's and I'm thinking of either doing a MS in Cosmetic Science or a MS in Pharmaceutics with a specialization in Cosmetic Science. Any other recommended master degrees or methods in achieving this role in the cosmetic...

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Toni Sep 12, 2021 275 views

what job can i obtain with pob chemistry and biology

i am young and open to try knew things as a student #biology #pob #chemistry #science #research

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Gudani Aug 22, 2021 353 views

How can I find a part time job? I'm a student in BSC(physics and Chemistry)

I am a hardworking student who want to be independent in life
#women's must rise #physics #chem #chemistry #STEM #science

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siyanda Aug 22, 2021 247 views

How can I find a part time Jobs in Johannesburg?

I am a third year student at the university of Johannesburg studying toward BSc in #chemistry and physic.

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Lailah Aug 05, 2021 236 views

What are the different careers I can do focusing on chemistry?

High school
Upcoming 11th grader #chemistry #college #doctor

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Jillie Jul 30, 2021 268 views

Career choices for chemistry

I am a high school senior and did the Johnson O'Connor assessments for careers. My results show that I should do something in chemistry or biology, preferably a job where I work more independently and that requires advanced education beyond a bachelor's. I do love chemistry/bio and have done...

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Lola Jun 11, 2021 191 views

What should I pursue in post-secondary?

I am artistic and empathetic. I enjoy acting and science. #art #chemistry

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Theresa May 26, 2021 206 views

Why did you become a biochemist?

I'm curious because it's for an assignment I'm working on. #bio-chemist #chemistry #bio-chemistry #science

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Imani May 11, 2021 217 views

How many different fields are there for medicine?

#science #chemistry #career

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Imani May 11, 2021 191 views

How many years of studying will be needed for an obgyn?


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tracy Mar 19, 2021 261 views

i want to create new medicine for a disease but i don't know where to start ?

i like chemistry and mixing compounds together.
#careeradvice #medicine #chemistry #internationalstudents

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Anirudh Mar 04, 2021 831 views

What is required for Electronics Engineering

It’s required to have a bachelor’s degree for college degree scholarship to learn how to repair electronic devices. #scholarships #engineering #chemistry

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Mike Mar 04, 2021 259 views

What makes silver fulminate so explosive?

I've seen those little "bang snap" things that you throw on the ground to make a bang sound, but was wondering why the silver fulminate is so reactive. I also watched an episode of breaking bad where the main character threw a large chunk of it at the floor and the entire room exploded. Is...

Samruddhi’s Avatar
Samruddhi Mar 04, 2021 464 views

Should I take Honors Organic Chemistry and AP Chemistry together?

I will be going into 11th grade next year, and I'm interested in going into Pre-Med. Here is my schedule for next year: Hon. Pre-Calc w/ Trig AP US History AP English 3 Hon. French IV AP Chemistry String Orchestra (Gym) I have space for 1 elective, so I was wondering if it would be better to...