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Keila F. Jan 04, 2018 440 views
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Livvy W. Jan 16, 2018 316 views

What tips do you have for finding a publishing agent?

Publishing is one of the most important aspects of being an author, and it can be very hard to get your foot in the door. What tips are there for doing so? #writing #creative-writing #creative-arts #creative #publishing...


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Pam M. Jan 26, 2017 783 views

How should you create a resume for a creative job?

I am a design student looking to find a job in the field. How should I go about creating my resume to target creative jobs (graphic design, web design, etc.). What are some key aspects I should focus on that aren't included a the conventional resume? #design #human-resources #resume...

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Helen P. Jul 27, 2017 656 views

#Career Help

I'm not sure what I want to do as far as a career. I love taking pictures drawing and writing stories, I'm great at organizing I like working with other people as a team, I love animals, helping other people I'm very creative I like clerical office work I think history is interesting, I'm a...

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Maggi E. May 10, 2016 441 views

Best College Courses for Publication Design

What are the best courses to take in college if I want to work in publication design and eventually become a creative director? #college #design #director #creative #graphics #magazines...


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Iona S. Mar 22, 2017 3228 views

How do i balance acting and law school?

Hey! So I am completely torn apart... I'm about to finish school and have already applied to one of the best law schools, but now I have doubts... I don't know if i am making a mistake by pursuing such a time consuming career that I find amazing and inspiring, but has been on my mind for just...

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Thomas L. Jul 21, 2016 772 views

What are some ways I can use my college summers efficiently if I can't get a summer job?

I'm entering my sophomore year in college, and still enjoying my summer. However, I was unable to find myself a steady job this summer (so I've been taking work where I can- moving jobs, pet & house-sitting, yard work, etc..), and have thus been spending all of my free time exercising my...

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Surayyah S. May 25, 2016 726 views

Creative Writing

Does anyone know of any good colleges that have acclaimed/really good creative writing programs? I'm an aspiring writer, and I'd love to know! Thanks! :D #writing #english #colleges #creative...


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John E. May 25, 2016 547 views

what do graphic desginers do

I love to draw and create ideas. I'm asking this question because I want to be an graphic designer #computer #graphic-design #creative #drawing #photoshop...


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Charles V. May 22, 2016 613 views

As a creative moving from a small town to a large city, what's the most important use of my time this summer?

I'm a small town writer/filmmaker, and I plan to transfer to Columbia College Chicago. Should I be indulging my creative side, or working on more practical skills, like business, communication, and finances (or simply learning to shop for groceries, fix a car, cook better food)? I am employed...

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Valerie T. May 17, 2016 642 views

What kinds of habits should I adopt if I want to be productive and successful as a writer?

I know creative people tend to struggle with procrastination, so what habits should I practice so that I can get as much on paper as possible throughout my career? #writing #creative...


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Valerie T. May 17, 2016 931 views

Should I focus on one genre if I want to become a writer?

I have tried at both fiction and poetry, and I have found out that I like writing fiction more than I like writing poetry. Should I focus on fiction or try and become better at poetry if I want to be a successful writer? #art #writing #creative...


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Rashika W. Mar 01, 2016 688 views

What classes do professional writers take besides advanced writing in college?

Hi, I am a senior in high school right now and I´m currently taking three AP courses. One being my favorite is AP Language and Composition where we are challenged everyday to new topics and pushed to answer difficult questions that are debated as if we are in a college class. As a future writer...

#creative #writing

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Tyla A. Feb 24, 2016 1636 views

What will I have to major in in order to be a fashion consultant/stylist? What college offer this major?

I really want to be involved in fashion as I go into college later on this year... #fashion #creative...


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David O. Feb 01, 2016 751 views

What are possible career paths to end up working as a writer for the New York Times/New Yorker?

I'm interested in English/becoming a writer, enjoy working for publications #writing #english #creative...


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Brandon V. Jan 20, 2016 937 views

how do i get into medical robotic engineering field from high school?

My name is Brandon Vega and i go Bronx Academy of Software engineering and im 15 and passing all my classes but i want to get into a robotics field to work with nano bites that can heal the body from the inside. ik this goal sounds very hard but im willing to put in the work. i want to do this...

#creative #autonomous-robots #medicine

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Diana K. Dec 03, 2015 901 views

How do I become a good music producer?

I've always been really into music and the production side of it. Recently, I've also been interested in not only music production for artists, but also film. I was just looking for any advice to become a good music producer. Also, tips on how to improve my music would be greatly appreciated as...

#creative #producer #music

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Mackenzie H. Oct 22, 2015 1099 views

I am not very good in math do i need math for engineering

I am in 6th grade and just having issues in math but REALLY want to be an engineer. #engineering #mathematics...


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Paris R. Oct 22, 2015 845 views

how would you find a good collage with a good art class?

going to a good collage with art is the higher chance of getting a art job and I want a head start of finding a good collage to start and would accept a higher gpa for another collage with a advance art? #creative #gpa #painting...


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Jayden L. Oct 19, 2015 569 views

what is the best collage i should go to if i whant to be an arcitect

I would kindly like to know what the best way for me to become an architect. And what collages would be good for that #creative...


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Joana R. Sep 11, 2015 1147 views

What jobs can I get as an art major??

I am thinking of majoring in art I like drawing and illustrating but what what can I do from there? #creative #love #cartoons...


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Ashley M. Mar 23, 2015 1008 views

How can I apply to an internship at an architecture firm in Los Angeles?

I am a Hispanic, 17 year old girl that is really interested in all things that involve art, design, and creativity. I attend a program that is called Minds Matter LA every Saturday of my high school career since sophomore year. We had the opportunity of attending a summer program anywhere in...

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Jazzmin P. Mar 18, 2015 698 views

Is there a specific path, or steps that someone must follow to become a creative writer?

Hi! I am a high school senior who loves history and who never stops writing. I used to strongly want to be a writer, but through the years I was slowly discouraged. However, I reevaluated the career today and it still interest me. Are they any steps or is there a certain path I have to follow...

#writer #writers #novel-writer #creative #fiction

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Brandon B. Mar 02, 2015 850 views

What do I need to do to get my name as a singer out there?

I'm a sophomore and I want to become a singer and/or producer in the music industry. What should I do to get my name out there? #music #singer #creative...


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Brandon B. Mar 02, 2015 688 views

What colleges would ahere to my abilities?

I'm a sophomore and I participate in all kinds of extracurricular activities that exercises creativity. What colleges would fit me? #college...


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Karen L. Feb 25, 2015 977 views

What does it require to be a creative director?

Hello, I am a junior in high school. I am interested in the fashion and business careers and I really like to interact with people. I am a good communicator and I was wondering what exactly do you need to be a creative director and if this is a possible career for me? Thank you! #business...

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Rick Y. Jan 08, 2015 652 views

How do i get started on creating street wear and high end fashion?

Really would like to know where to begin from taking local sewing classes to going to art school. #fashion #artist #director...


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Jonathon A. Sep 15, 2014 1618 views

What career would fit me best?

I have to pick a career for my English class and since im a senior, I would like to pick something I am actually considering going into but I have no idea what I should pick. I am a senior in high school and i am creative. i like helping people by giving them advice or talking them through a...

#creative #bussiness #money

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Ram L. Jun 08, 2014 993 views

How to multitask after being an computer engineer graduate?

things I should put my hands on so as to have a good income? #computer #creative #bussiness...


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Ricky D. Apr 08, 2014 794 views

Is there a well paying job that involves writing and music that is not journalism?

I make music and I love writing and I just want to be able to do both in my daily life, so I wanted to know if there is a job that incorporates both and also pays well. #music #art #money #writing #english...