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Diamond B. Sep 01, 2017 410 views

As far as the writing career goes, what kinds of people experience the greatest success in this field?

I'm asking because I've chosen the career of writing as my first choice and I'd love to know what I'm getting myself into. #writer #need-help #assistance #writing...


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Elizabeth P. Aug 31, 2017 413 views

What should I do finally get this this finished?

I want to be a writer, but I can never seem to finish the story I want to make. Mainly because I keep restarting, get stuck on a part, or something else. #listening to any advise. #writing #creative-writing #storytelling #writing-and-editing #writer...


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Elizabeth P. Sep 01, 2017 633 views

What are some of the best things that can be written into a story?

What are some of the best things that can be written into a story. #writing #storytelling #creative-writing...


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Josephine C. Jul 16, 2017 597 views

What are some common problems people have that can be solved with mobile apps?

Hi everyone, I wanted to know what are some problems you have experienced before because I am interested in creating a unique app, through coding, targeted to solving some of your problems. However, I am stuck and would like to know some of your input. #tech #technology #science #coding...

#creativity #mobile-applications #creative-writing #web-applications

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Deanna R. May 18, 2016 470 views

What business advice do you have for a student pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing?

I am a writer with little talent for business. The publishing industry is a tough one to find entry into and I'm open to advice. #writing #author #editor #creative-writing #agent...


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Brier C. Mar 12, 2017 608 views

Where's a good place to start freelance writing (and just writing in general) if you are inexperienced and still in school?

I'm a high school student who wants to become a writer. I plan on taking courses in college, but I would like to start with little things now and possibly get my first paying job. #writing #first-job...


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Mickey I. Jan 13, 2017 1106 views

What are the daily jobs or tasks for creative writing?

I'm a seventh grader who loves to read and write. I'm really thinking about going in to creative writing and I'm wondering what are some daily things I would have to do as a creative writer ? #writing...


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Deana A. Dec 07, 2016 557 views

What is the best way to get into writing articles?

I want to begin submitting my writing to independent zines and magazine style websites that feature writers, but I do not know where to begin. Do you have any advice on where I can find people to write for, as well as how to become a better writer? Thank you! #journalism #writing...

#magazines #editorial-writing #online-journalism #creative-writing

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Kristina C. Aug 15, 2016 614 views

What is the best way to pay for college?

College in necessary if you want to get anywhere in this world the problem is it's expensive. I want to know what other things I can do besides get a job and apply for scholarships the schools offer. #accounting #music-production #creative-writing...


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Ayana D. May 22, 2016 529 views

How do I select a major that will benefit me in the long run?

I lot of people that I know who graduated college have degrees in fields that have absolutely no correlation to their jobs. I don't want to make that same mistake. I plan on double majoring in Math and Creative Writing. #math #majors #degrees...


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Carolyn B. May 18, 2016 724 views

What jobs besides fiction author could I use an English degree with specialization in creative writing for?

I've always had narrow interest revolving around fictional/fantasy ideas but I know that it's rather difficult to become successful in that area though I will try. I want to have some sort of back up plan if things don't work out for me that has at least some of my interest involved. #english...

#fiction-writing #future-careers #writer #creative-writing

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Theresa J. May 09, 2016 789 views

Did college help you become a better writer?

Hi, I am an aspiring writer and I am taking college-course writing classes and I am wondering if, as a writing, your college literature and writing courses benefited you any. And if so, which benefited you more: the study and analysis of literature, or the enhancing of your writing skills in...

#author #creative-writing #literature

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Robyn C. May 05, 2016 746 views

Is it hard to get writing jobs?

I love creative writing, but I don't know if there are any real career opportunities using a Creative Writing or English degree. #writing #author #writer #creative-writing...


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Eveul Jr E. May 05, 2016 545 views

How will I recieve scholarships for Poetry?

I have a special passion and I want to pursue a career as a poet and a rapper #creative-writing...


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Mariel O. May 05, 2016 662 views

Benefits of writing classes

I hope to be a published author one day, not as my main job, since I don't think I could make a living off my writing, and I was wondering if writing classes are worth the time and money. My thought is that reading constantly and writing often is the best way to improve my writing. Will...

#teacher #author #creative-writing #writing

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Bryant A. Feb 18, 2015 793 views

What Kind Of Connections Does One Need To Get A Job In Creative Writing?

I Am A Junior In Highschool And I'm Very Interested In Creative Writing. I Have Heard Of Numerous People Who Are Also Interested In That Field But It Came To My Attention That People With The Best Connections Are More Likely To Get A Job And A Living With Their Writing. #job #journalism...

#connections #creative-writing #writing

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Kamilah S. Sep 02, 2015 962 views

What are some great colleges for Journalism in northen California

Hi! I'm a senior interested in journalism and communications and I'm getting ready to apply for colleges. I was wondering what colleges in California were great for a journalism major. I was considering USC, however, I want to know more about colleges in northern California. Thanks! #college...

#creative-writing #journalist

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Ady G. Jun 23, 2015 688 views

what is the creative-writing program at New York University like?

I'm a junior at Galileo high school and I want to join the creative-writing program because I like to write and major in it. #creative-writing...


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Chris G. Apr 09, 2014 875 views

what would be the easiest way to have your work published

I often write short stories and I would love to have one actually published. Does anyone know how I can get this to happen? #creative-writing...


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Walner D. Apr 07, 2014 1152 views

How much does someone with a creative writing major make right out of college?

Hello, I am a junior in high school and I've been putting a lot of thought into what I want to major in in college. Since a child, I've always put priority into a career I am interested in rather than the amount of money I make; however, I've realized that I should also place money as an...


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Gregory B. Mar 28, 2014 1102 views

Creative Writing Day In the Life

How is the day of the life as a writer? Is it hard to get jobs to do. I have already started writing books but they are not completed yet, so is that a good start? #english...


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Gregory B. Mar 28, 2014 1188 views

Grad School

How much will grad school cost? #psychology #philosophy...