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Career Questions tagged Productivity

chris’s Avatar
chris Nov 17 103 views

how can i stay focused on school work ?

i have trouble staying focuesd on school work

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Hanah Sep 27 207 views

How can I manage my time better so I can reach my goal of having a 4.0 this year while having extracurriculars and SAT preparations?

For context, I am taking 3 APs and an astronomy community college class. I am struggling the most with astronomy, physics, and math. I am also the Junior Officer for an aerospace organization at my school called Aerotech and I am a writer and editor for a club called ARRAS (Arts and Magazine...

Shamma’s Avatar
Shamma Mar 28 294 views

How to overcome thoughts about "not being productive" during holidays and breaks?

Hi, During the first year of high school, I began having thoughts during winter, spring or summer break about how I'm not being "productive", till now I still get those thoughts and I'm in university. It stresses me out and refrains me from fully enjoying my holiday/break. I'm afraid that these...

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 27, 2022 1122 views

How do you limit procrastination?

I think this has been an issue tons of people have because procrastination makes us lose some big opportunities. What are some tips that could help out with procrastination and increase my motivation to work?

Kaela’s Avatar
Kaela May 19, 2020 605 views

I've applied to 19 (remote) internships and part-times, have gotten close to getting 84% of them and still being rejected. I don't feel bad, I know there are a lot of good, qualified applicants out there. I just want to get an idea of what else I could do now that I don't have any classes. I don't want to be unproductive.

#productivity #rejected #nodice #close #summer #noclass #internship #job #job-search #career

Paige Anderson’s Avatar
Paige Jul 10, 2018 1066 views

What tips do you have to increase productivity in the morning?

For those of us that aren't morning people, are there any tips or recommended habits that you may have to be as productive as possible for morning classes, assignments, and work? #productivity #habits #earlymornings

Maria Victoria’s Avatar
Maria Victoria Jan 19, 2018 797 views

How can I make others listen?

I feel like I am ignored, even when what I say is beneficial for progress. I'm sometimes passive, in fear of judgement or in an attempt to help others speak their mind so no disagreements arise. I want others to listen to what I have to say with as much respect as I give to them. I feel like...

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Jun 07, 2016 5695 views

As a full-time college student with a part-time job, how do you manage time productively?

I'm asking this question because generally full-time students tend to find it difficult to balance well between school and work. #college #jobs #student #time-management #productivity

Valerie’s Avatar
Valerie May 17, 2016 1010 views

What kinds of habits should I adopt if I want to be productive and successful as a writer?

I know creative people tend to struggle with procrastination, so what habits should I practice so that I can get as much on paper as possible throughout my career? #writing #creative #productivity