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Justin S. Dec 02, 2019 92 views

what does Aerospace Engineering intel?

What will I need to do to get into aerospace engineering #aerospace #engineering...


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suresh M. Aug 12, 2019 117 views

I would like to know which engineering major should i choose from chemical engineering and aeronautical engineering and mechanical engineering?

I am a first year student of University of Moratuwa,Sri lanka,and i have select my field,so i am really confused and unsure which one to choose.I do like aeroplanes and stuff,but i am afraid of the job opportunies in the World,the restrictions in the US for aeronautical engineers,since i am a...

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Christian S. May 05, 2019 209 views

Should I take small engine repair?

My school has a semester elective called small engine repair. I learn to tune up and fix small engines like ATVs, motorcycles, lawn mowers, etc. Once the class is over, I would be able to fix small engines around my neighborhood, where I can get really good money. But then I will have to take a...

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Tirth P. Dec 16, 2018 252 views

Is bachelors in aircraft maintenance engineering good choice and what can one do after completing in jobs and masters ( MBA ).

After bachelors in aircraft maintenance engineering , can one work at aviation manufacturing and design companies ? Is preferable doing Bachelors in aircraft maintenance engineering ? #aircraftengineer #bachelors #aeronauticalengineering #students #aerospace...


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Henry K. Oct 31, 2018 361 views

What should I do if my school doesn't offer aerospace engineering?

The closest bachelor's degree to aerospace engineering my school offers is mechanical engineering. Should I stay on the mechanical engineering track and conduct internships related to aerospace or transfer to a different school with an aerospace major? What are some thoughts? #mechanical...

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Twain D. Sep 28, 2018 219 views

Will employeers consider a second year college student for a intership?

I am just curious if an employer will consider a second year college student in Aerospace Logistics for an internship? #aerospace...


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Shaheer M. Sep 27, 2018 277 views

What is the everyday job like for an aerospace engineer

What do aerospace engineers regularly do, and how does my aerospace engineering bachelor's degree apply to that? Does it apply directly? #aerospace #aerospace-engineering #engineering #mechanical #aeronautics #aeronautics #aeronautics #aeronautics #aeronautics #aeronautics #aeronautics...

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Samuel S. Sep 05, 2018 244 views

What are the strains put on you as an aerospace engineer?

I'm an 8th grade student going back and forth between a biomechanical engineer and an aerospace engineer, and I'm leaning more on the aerospace side. After looking through the different job requirements and such, the deciding factor for me will be what the strains are for each job....

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Mitchell Z. Aug 25, 2018 163 views

Should I attempt to get a co-op with an aerospace company or just a summer internship??

I am just thinking of how I can pay for school and also gain practical knowledge in the field that I want to go into. #summer-internship #internship #aerospace...


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Mitchell Z. Aug 25, 2018 164 views

What is the best part about being an aerospace engineer to you? Also in your opinion what is the best option to specialize in?

I am just wondering what current AEs think about their job. Also which companies are great to work for. #aerospace...


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Shaheer M. Aug 24, 2018 196 views

Is solidwords or autodesk inventor a skill that's needed in the workplace for aerospace engineers?

I am an aerospace engineering student who knows how to use autodesk inventor but not solidworks. I was just wondering, how important is solidworks and inventor or any other computer-aided design (CAD) program to an aerospace engineer in the workforce? Thanks! #aerospace #aerospaceengineer...

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Shaheer M. Aug 24, 2018 508 views

Is microsoft excel an important skill for an aerospace engineer

I am a freshman studying aerospace engineering and was just wondering what the relevance of this skill is in the real world and workplace. #aerospace #engineer...


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Stella H. May 18, 2018 286 views

How has the aerospace engineering job changed over time/since it started?

I am a Swedish student researching about aerospace engineering, as I would like to work with that as I grow up. #aerospace #engineering...


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Isha T. May 20, 2018 274 views

How do I get an internship at NASA?

I'll start with: I'm an international student. I'm currently in First Year Engineering and I'm planning to do Aero and Astro. My gpa is kind of bad at the moment but I'm working on it. Is there anything I can do apart from increasing my GPA to get an internship at NASA? #internship #nasa...

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Madeline B. Jul 26, 2018 149 views

How many opportunities are there for research in the aerospace industry?

I want to become an aerospace engineer but I am also interested in earning a PhD and becoming a researcher. #aerospace...

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Justin E. Jul 09, 2018 490 views

Is it wiser to major in Aerospace Engineering or Software Engineering?

I have a great desire to become an aerospace engineer when I leave college. However, I know that software engineering has a better job outlook. Should I still major in Aerospace Engineering in college even if job availability for that field is not as promising as software engineering? #software...

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Sage B. Jan 16, 2018 356 views

What are the different branches of Astronomy that I can go into?

That is the career I would like to go into, so knowing what I can do to be prepared would be very helpful. #astronomy #aerospace #science #stem...


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Ashley T. Jan 23, 2018 414 views

Are there aerospace engineering related summer internships for high school juniors?

I've been searching for an internship since last summer but I couldn't seem to find any closeby or any that accepted high school students who aren't graduating seniors. I've checked JPL since it's pretty close but they aren't accepting high school interns anymore. Are there any available to...

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Ashley T. Jan 23, 2018 271 views

How likely is it to get a job in Aerospace Engineering?

I heard recently that there are very limited jobs open in the engineering field and especially less when it comes to aerospace so there is a really high chance of not even getting a job related to the field at all. If I decided to major in aerospace engineering, what is the likelihood of...

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