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Career Questions tagged Aerospace

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Sep 02 79 views

What do you do when starting out as an engineer?

As an entry-level engineer, what would I do? How would I advance in the industry? I am particularly interested in aerospace engineer.
I like the idea of picking and choosing problems to solve and designing it, but I'm not so interested in doing "grunt work".

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Aug 19 177 views

Employers: How important is school ranking when hiring?

Hello, I am currently in high school and I want to study mechanical engineering to hopefully break into aerospace. I would like to work for JPL or Boeing in the future but I cannot afford to attend colleges out of state (where it has much better rankings) because of how expensive everything...

Freddie’s Avatar
Freddie May 31 297 views

How exactly should I choose a career in STEM?

Being in STEM is something that I would love to do however, I am not sure exactly what career I want. I know I want to do something that can help people, possibly work with machinery, and have a really good pay. I hate working in teams and I would rather meet up with people initially to...

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Noah Apr 27 225 views

How much can you make as a aerospace engineer?

Which aerospace engineer jobs pay the most?

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Noah Apr 27 194 views

How long does it take to be a aerospace engineer?

How many years of college?

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Noah Apr 27 184 views

What are the best places to work as a aerospace engineer?

Where and what are some good places for this job?

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Noah Apr 27 94 views

Best classes for aerospace engineering?

What high school classes and college classes should you take?

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Noah Apr 26 301 views

What do you do as a aerospace engineer?

How many hours do you work in a day? What do you design, build and test?

Wesley’s Avatar
Wesley Apr 05 162 views

What type of work does an entry level aerospace engineer typically do?

I am a high school student interested in going into the aerospace industry but I have no idea about the work the engineers typically do.

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Ella Mar 25 126 views

If I am looking at aerospace engineering should I take automotive college classes?

I am a Junior in high school looking to take as many college classes as I can for as little money as possible. I am wondering if this class would be worth my time or not.

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Henry Feb 24 196 views

what are chances of working on a large rocket part versus a small rocket part.

I like space and rocket building. I find building stuff to be interesting. #space #engineering

Wesley’s Avatar
Wesley Feb 01 138 views

What is the hardest required class for aerospace major?

I'm just curious as to what I'm getting myself into.
#aerospace #college-major

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Jan 24 219 views

Would you recommend aerospace engineering?

I've recently had a newfound interest in aerospace engineering; however, I know it's a very challenging field to get into. Is there anything I should be warned about before following this path? Would anyone recommend this field?

#engineering #aerospace-engineering #aerospace

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Jan 24 248 views

Does anyone know of any internship/program opportunities in STEM?

I'm currently on the hunt for some easier to get into internship/program opportunities in computer science, artificial intelligence, aerospace engineering, and neuroscience. So far, I have found opportunities, but with low acceptance rates, and I need some back up options to fall back on. The...

Arlen’s Avatar
Arlen Dec 24, 2021 312 views

I would like to know what the process is like, how is the work environment is in both fields, and if you had to go through the process again what would you have done differently? What career advice would you give me when entering the work force

I enjoy learning about space and physics. I am in the national guard as a uh-60 repair man an often around aircraft. #physics, #engineering, #college, #science, #career, #aerospace,#astrophysics

Wesley’s Avatar
Wesley Oct 05, 2021 228 views

What courses may I have to take if I were to pursue aerospace engineering?


Wesley’s Avatar
Wesley Oct 05, 2021 206 views

What career paths can I take if I decide to major in aerospace engineering?

#aerospace-engineering #engineering #aerospace

trevor’s Avatar
trevor Sep 28, 2021 213 views

how is the workflow divided at this job?

I am an aspiring designer/engineer
and know basic rocketry/areonaughtical/areospace and
materials engineering
#engineering #space #Aerospace

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Sep 15, 2021 362 views

What are some pros and cons of aerospace engineering as a career?

#aerospace-engineering #aerospace #engineering

Ruben’s Avatar
Ruben Jul 27, 2021 410 views

is a good career in aerospace engineer?

#aerospace-engineering #aerospace #engineering

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Jun 14, 2021 606 views

I think I would like to be a software engineer one day in the aerospace industry, maybe writing programs for autopilot systems in spaceships. Should I major in Computer Science or Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering?

#aerospace #computerscience #aerospace-engineering #majors #college #engineering #mechanical-engineering #technology #space #software

Gianni’s Avatar
Gianni May 12, 2021 556 views

What are some Pros and Cons about Aerospace Engineering

I just want to learn about engineering overall #Aerospace #Engineering

Francois’s Avatar
Francois Apr 05, 2021 226 views

I would like to start a business early.

I like physics and maths and I want to get into Aerospace Engineering.
#Aerospace engineering

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Jan 28, 2021 540 views

How do I network?

I know that when I go to college it is going to be important to be active in my major (activities/clubs/organizations) but how exactly do I go about reaching out to people that might be able to help me advance my career? What do I say? For example, I want to be an aerospace engineer... where do...

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Jan 28, 2021 437 views

Is work as an entry level aerospace engineer hands-on and experimental or hands-off observational?

#aerospace #aviation #engineer #entrylevel #aeronautical # #airline-industry #work #handson #stemcareers #technology I am a high school junior, and I am really considering pursuing a degree/career in aerospace engineering. I love physics and math. I am just worried about how much I'll actually...

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Dec 01, 2020 602 views

What are some other career options for physics majors besides high school physics teacher?

I'm planning to take more lab courses involving optics, lasers, and coding simulations, but I learned that I definitely don't want to pursue a career in software. I love doing research and am applying to summer internships at national labs. Any other suggestions would be appreciated! #careers...

Colby’s Avatar
Colby Nov 05, 2020 265 views

What I want to be in the future?

I am in 9th grade and I am interested aerospace engineering. My goal is to finish high school and work to become an aerospace engineer. #high-school

Shandiin’s Avatar
Shandiin Nov 05, 2020 286 views

What is an average work day look like to aerospace engineer?

What do you do on a day to day basis. Take me step by step, what you would do on an average work day. Do you make plans, create new things, come up with ideas? #aerospace #nasa #engineer

Tayan’s Avatar
Tayan Nov 05, 2020 271 views

What type of math should I be taking if I want to be a aerospace engineer.

#maths #aerospace #collegeprep #engineer

Zackary’s Avatar
Zackary Oct 27, 2020 232 views

How many different fields are there in aerospace engineering?

10th grader who is undecided on what I want to be when I grow up but I'm curious with this career. #aerospace #engineer