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grace M. Oct 30, 2020 45 views

what college programs are the best for nursing?

im trying to plan ahead for my future and i would feedback on where to go...


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Muhammad D. Sep 20, 2020 245 views

I’m on my final year in bachelor of computer science and I’m having a cgpa of 3.1 . What should I do after graduate?

I think I already ruined my future . Is there anything I can do to become a developer? #bachelors-degree #computer-science...


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Vanissa L. Aug 26, 2018 263 views

How can I land a Job in OT after completing my bachelors in Rehabilitation Services?

Graduating Bachelor of Rehabilitation Services, and then furthering on to Masters for Occupational therapy. #jobs...


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Abigail C. Apr 08, 2018 429 views

Is it worth earning higher than a bachelor's when pursuing a career in environmental engineering?

I plan to get a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering for sure, but would it be worth the time, money($40K/yr at the school I am looking at), and effort to work towards a master's or PhD? #engineering #environmental-engineering #money #debt #degrees #bachelors-degree #bachelorsdegree...

#environmental #mastersdegree #masters-degree #phd #career-path #environment #career-planning #career-plan #environmental-science #career-paths

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Ashley A. Jan 24, 2018 335 views

Which engineering career is best for someone with a bachelors in civil engineering that would make the most impact on improving environmental conditions?

I am asking because I have been passionate about solving the environmental problems around the world since I was in elementary school, and I am currently majoring in civil engineering because environmental engineering is under the civil engineering branch. Although I can just major in...

#environmental-engineering #civil-engineering #bachelors-degree #engineering

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Gabrielle M. Jan 11, 2018 255 views

Is it required to get bachelors degree in apparel and design to be an official fashion designer?

I'm a Freshmen in high school attending an art school, and my study is fashion and design. I've been thinking about applying to colleges for this study. My top arts school is the University of London which is really hard to get into. But, I'm open to any colleges. Lastly, what is the salary...

#apparel-and-fashion #art-school #internships #bachelors-degree

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Heidi S. Sep 01, 2017 457 views

Should I get a B.S. or a B.A.?

I'm going into psychology and wanted to know what would be right for me. WHat's the difference? #psychology...


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Saurabh K. Jun 13, 2017 706 views

Which Degree i Should do After BCA(Bachelor in Computer Application) ?

I am confused that whether i should do M.Sc.IT(Master of Science in Information Technology) or MCA(Master In Computer Application). #software #degree #information-technology #japan #bachelors-degree #masters-degree #bachelor...


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Rachel F. May 18, 2016 514 views

Do most hospitals only hire nurses with a bachelors, or are associates degrees accepted also?

I have heard that in the contiguous US, it is really hard to get a job as a nurse with only an associates degree in that field. #college #nurse #healthcare #career-counseling #health #hospital #bachelors-degree...


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Bianca S. Apr 13, 2017 529 views

What types of jobs are out there for a bachelor's degree in biology?

I am a junior studying biology as my major, chemistry and education as my minor. Although I have a couple paths I am deciding on once I get my bachelors in biology, I am curious how many others options I have. #biology #chemistry...


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Ryan E. Mar 08, 2017 642 views

What are some colleges that revolve more around arts and getting students started with animation?

I'm considering becoming a storyboard artist for kids cartoons and new animated films, but I'm not sure where I should go to learn the skills that I would need. My main objective is to get a bachelors degree in arts, but I want to know which colleges are better for becoming a cartoonist....

#artist #animation #bachelors-degree #fine-art #2d-animation #cartoons

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Tristan T. Feb 09, 2017 877 views

What is the difference between master and bachelor degrees?

I was wondering what you really gained from more. #college #degrees #bachelors-degree...


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Brandon H. Feb 09, 2017 459 views

What are the necessary requirements for obtaining a Bachelors of Science degree for the IT field?

I am planning on forwarding my education into getting a degree at Radford University, so I was wondering what they would require in terms of classes and certifications. #computer-science #higher-education #bachelors-degree...


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Emma R. Feb 02, 2017 593 views

How relevant to your degree was your first job after graduation?

I'm wondering if you don't get a job that's very relevant to your degree right after graduation, if it's harder to later find one that is more relevant? In other words, are you somewhat stuck in the career path of the job that you take after graduation? #job-search #degree #first-job...

#bachelors-degree #work-experience

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Nada D. Dec 21, 2016 646 views

What are some ways that you can get a bachelor's degree in less than 4 years?

I want to know if there is any way to shorten the amount of time spent getting a bachelor's degree. It would be an ideal situation for me because I will have 8 years of schooling afterwards to become a doctor. #medicine #university...


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Samantha T. Oct 31, 2016 356 views

As a computer scientist, where are the most popular areas of the world to work?

I'm not sure where I want to live when I grow up and knowing where my career takes place could help....


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Samantha T. Oct 31, 2016 489 views

What are some STEM jobs that are safe overseas?

I went on a mission trip and fell in love, I also love traveling in general. I want to love my job when I grow up....


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Thomas C. Oct 31, 2016 419 views

How much does a mechanical draftsmen make?

My name is Thomas . I am 17 years old. I enjoy doing all of my engineering stem classes. I am in civil/architecture, aerospace engineering and foundations of engineering. I have also participated in introduction and principals class. My favorite hobby is playing the piano. Nit only do I play...


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Thomas C. Oct 31, 2016 496 views

What the best job for a mechanical engineer?

My name is Thomas and I am 17 years old. I enjoy doing all of my engineering stem classes. I am in civil/architecture, aerospace engineering and foundations of engineering. I have also participated in introduction and principals class. My favorite hobby is playing the piano. Nit only do I play...


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Cannon S. Oct 30, 2016 496 views

What career options are there for Biochem majors who want to research medicine with a focus on the chemistry of it?

Biochem seems to be the gateway to everything medicine and because of that it is all rather confusing. I have always been interested in the chemistry of medicine and how products interact with the body but it seems that everyone I know is majoring in it for pre-med. I just want to know if I'm...

#science-phd #masters-degree #bachelors-degree

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Logan M. Oct 30, 2016 399 views

How can I be sure that this is the field I want to go into?

My future can change at any moment, why would I want to stick to the plan of going into a STEM field? I've always loved science, but what if there is a different option I could go for not in the STEM field? Would it be worth it? #college #biology...


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Brett S. Oct 26, 2016 586 views

What is the daily life of a Structural Engineer and is it a good field to get into? And why?

I am planning on achieving a bachelors degree in Structural Engineering. It sounds like it is a career that would interest me but I'd like to find a little more out about the job. #civil-engineering #bachelors-degree...


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Jermaine W. Oct 26, 2016 512 views

Are you able to work towards college of pharmacy credits while in school for your bachelor's?

I am asking because I would like to be a pharmacist, and I know that there is a lot of schooling involved. I was wondering because I heard of pre-pharmacy tracks that could be done while getting your bachelor's. #college-major #pharmacists #pharmaceuticals...


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Kylee C. Oct 26, 2016 465 views

What is the best way to stay organized when you start Nursing School?

I am interested in this career field and would love to know how I can stay ahead. #nursing #university #bachelors-degree...


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Alex L. Oct 25, 2016 633 views

What will a masters do for me in the field of chemistry?

I'm looking into going into chemistry as a major, but I am not sure what the difference will be if I go into the field with a bachelor's degree as compared to a master's degree. #college-major #chemistry #bachelors-degree...


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Athena P. May 25, 2016 583 views
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tami B. May 19, 2016 675 views

I want to be helpful in assisting people to accomplish their dreams and goals, I'm having a difficult time deciding which industry (housing, addiction, elderly, etc.) to go into, any answers or suggestions?

I have always dreamed of getting my degree and being able to get into the social service field. I am not sure what industry to head towards, my hope is to get some feedback in many different areas by professionals in their field. I want to help people achieve their dreams and goals, I am very...

#nonprofits #and #bachelors-degree #oneyearexperience

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sayavath S. May 14, 2016 635 views

How much does accountants generally make?

I would like to know more about accounting #accounting #masters #phd #bachelors-degree #banker #buyers #investors...