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Career Questions tagged Art

Art is found in many careers. Technology, music, painting, and welding are some of the many artistic careers available. For more information, please read below.

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someone yesterday 25 views

what are the courses with a high salary?

completed my class 12th with humanities stream and am still confused about what course to take in uni. what are the courses for an average student with creative interests and a high salary?

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Bobbi Sep 16 77 views

Tattoos and piercings.

Why are tattoos and piercings considered unprofessional?

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Luka Sep 13 65 views

What are the requirements to become a tattoo artist?

I want to become a tattoo artist but i don't know what i need to do to get to that goal

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Brianna Aug 26 42 views

how much schooloing is required for becoming an animator

I draw a lot and think that becoming an animator is something I would enjoy im just wondering how much schooling it would take and what are some good colleges to attend

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Tatiana Aug 03 211 views

How do you become an animator and illustrator at the same time?

So, I read a Q&A from a professional Background (BG) Artist a few days ago. The BG said "a illustration skills don’t always translate to animation." So, it made me wonder more about the differences between the two fields. They're both art-based careers, yet there's some differences I...

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Tatiana Aug 03 216 views

What type of animation jobs have flexible hours + stable pay?

Hello, everyone. While I researched animation roles, I learned that some workers may work long hours/overtime, or that animators work project-to-project. The fact that some people may go through a period of no work with studios or experience high levels of burnout troubles me (as that is...

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Luca Massimo Aug 03 211 views

How can I best find architecture photography clients when starting my business?

I've developed a nice portfolio of architecture photography throughout the last 3 years and am working on my online presentation currently. I've had my first client shootings and am looking to find more clients to get started and turn my sidehustle into my dreamjob.

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Millie Jul 25 188 views

What do I need to know before becoming a graphic designer?

Are there specific qualifications you need to become a good graphic designer? And besides having a great eye for design, are there any other skills I need to acquire?

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Aaliyah Jul 22 148 views

Animation industry

I stepped away from an art college because it was extremely overwhelming, it was super competitive and the workload left me in tons of panic attacks. I also couldn't afford the tuition. Its been awhile (cause of covid) and now im thinking of going back to community for two years to start my...

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Emily Jul 20 153 views

Is it possible to be a pastry chef and a tattoo artist at the same time?

will it be too much?
is it a weird mix?

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Nami Jul 13 158 views

What path do I take for these careers?

Hello, I am torn between the career options I've narrowed for myself. I am interested in both being an Agent and business manager for artists, performers, and athletes and also becoming a marketing manager. I'm not sure which pathway I want to pursue because they are both interesting however,...

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Nadine Jul 03 130 views

Is Graphic Design the career for me?

Next year I'm planning to get a certificate in Graphic Design. Problem is I'm not creative or artistic. I really love art. I'm thinking of teaching myself to draw ect. I struggle to think outside the box and scared I will fail next year. I wonder if studying further is necessary and should I...

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Nin Jun 28 97 views

Portfolio Help

How do I develop a collection of my own art to showcase in a portfolio? I am trying to get into the drawing/painting program at my school, but I'm not sure what type of work to put into my portfolio.

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Lanie Jun 19 127 views

What careers involve art?

I love art, and has always imagined my life in a field of art, but as I have grown older, I have learned there is no money in it and it is unsustainable. Does anyone know about careers in art that make a livable wage?

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Azmeena May 31 400 views

Should I follow the real world or my passion

How should I keep a passion for art in my life if I want to do something more realistic like be in the medical field do I just drop that interest or make it a hobby?

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aiden May 27 125 views

how do i go about running an art business?

[this question has been posted by an admin on behalf of this student; it was previously entered as a career goals statement]

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Christopher May 26 209 views

Is becoming an Art Director a difficult task, where do I start, and where can it lead to?

I understand this quite the layered question, but I am greatly interested in the field of Art Direction. I would love some examples and clarity on how and where this career can take me. I do appreciate art in all forms and I believe it can come in a multitude of forms, given the subjective...

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Jada May 25 151 views

What steps can I take to help me pursue my career in architectural design or construction?

I am a high school graduate that’s looking into trade schools that can help me to get more hands on experience. I went to school for architecture and I want to get more experience in skill trade.

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Deniquwa May 21 144 views

Any daily drawing tips or lessons?

Im trying to get back in to drawing. Is there any free Drawing lesson or programs I can learn from?

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mia May 15 217 views

What should I know about being an Architect ??

I don't know how to draw, and i'm scared of doing this career

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takiya May 13 167 views

if my strengths are braiding and doing nails and my hobbies are drawing and art ,what types of careers or industries might best fit me

I would love to start my own business

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Khriz May 11 194 views

question 5 for special effects artist

5. what collage degree do you have to get for this career?

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Kiere May 10 172 views

Could you have more than one job in different fields?

This may be a silly question, but I wonder if you could take more than one job in different fields, such as being a translator and an artist. These examples are careers I'm interested in, though I do not know if they would overlap or make things difficult in my schedule.

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lexy May 10 134 views

Majoring in interior design

What kind of major/education do you need to be an interior designer?

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richard May 09 146 views

I am a new artiest and I was wondering how I could get started in the field of art?

i have been basic drawings of cartoons. But I want to expand my horizon and learn how to get better drawings and end results out side of just practice.

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Katarena May 05 196 views

How do I combine arts and math in a career.

Art and math are my favorite classes so I want to find a way to combine them for a career.

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Katarena May 05 208 views

What are some good colleges for arts?

I like art and math a lot and I'm wondering what colleges might be good for those interests.

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Tahgie May 03 196 views

Where Yo Swag @?

If You're a fashion designer how long did it take you to really start making wearable pieces.? And when did you get your first purchase.? If you're a video or photography what was your longest project and how long did it take you? & when did you start making money for your visuals?

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Melissa Apr 27 158 views

Who hires art directors?

I'm researching the art directors job

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Melissa Apr 27 152 views

what was your first project as an art director?

I'm researching the art director job