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Career Questions tagged Art

Art is found in many careers. Technology, music, painting, and welding are some of the many artistic careers available. For more information, please read below.

Zion O.’s Avatar
Zion O. 6 hours ago 11 views

I wanna be a successful animator,author ,comic artist, and actor so I have what it takes?

My favorite color is red n black. My favorite food is pizza N Im tryna be a animator someday #communication #art #animator #animation...


Xanth O.’s Avatar
Xanth O. Sep 09 44 views

What's the best company or college to apply to as an animator?

I know all the big names like Disney hire a small army of animators, but how well do they treat them? Same with Pixar, Dreamworks, or anyone else. Also colleges are a big concern of mine since I want to go to a college that has a good animation program, so my time and effort won't be wasted....

#college #art #animation

David S.’s Avatar
David S. Aug 26 83 views

What are the best internships and How hard can it be to join.

I love digital arts and I wanna get better. I am funny, nice, happy, and a little slow. I wanna get an internship at toe animation. I am only 15 years old#artist #art...


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Aaron U. Aug 31 69 views
Aaron U.’s Avatar
Aaron U. Aug 31 68 views
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Roger P. Aug 26 70 views

What are some simple jobs that I could have, (before I start/finish college) that have to do with graphic design?

So I'm looking for an entry-level job that has to do with graphic design. I don't know what jobs I should be looking for. I probably want to be a motion graphic designer, so if there's a simple job related to that somehow that would be preferable. Thanks for the future responses....

#art #graphic-designer #graphic-design #design #computer

Mark D.’s Avatar
Mark D. Aug 23 75 views

What is the importance of using locally available resources in creating art

What is the importance of using locally available resources in creating art...


Saul C.’s Avatar
Saul C. Aug 18 129 views
Hannah L.’s Avatar
Hannah L. Aug 06 115 views

Are there any jobs that have to with science and art that pay a good salary

I was just wondering if there are any jobs that have to do with science and would allow me to express myself at the same time and pay good. #science #art #geology...


Alexandria M.’s Avatar
Alexandria M. Aug 05 78 views

What is trades are more art oriented in welding?

Although i do like putting things together, i would also like to know if there are more art oriented jobs in welding #art...


Iris J.’s Avatar
Iris J. Aug 04 76 views

What do I do to become an animator?

I love to do art and make small little animations. I also love to entertain people or be able to make so one happy through my art. #art...


Cartier J.’s Avatar
Cartier J. Aug 03 80 views

How do I make my own Etsy shop?

I’m in high school. I love creating things like bracelets and I want a platform to sell them on. #high-school #art...


Harold C.’s Avatar
Harold C. Aug 03 86 views

How do i get into acting

i wanna be an actor even a voice actor or maybe an animator. its hard to understand but I can probably hit it hard at acting but i need help and I don't know where to start. #art...


Dejanae W.’s Avatar
Dejanae W. Jul 30 136 views

would being an architect actually make a good career?

i’ve stuck to the thought of my career job being an architect, but i can’t seem to find much about the job. i’ve watched maybe two videos on youtube about finding offers, and how it’s kind of difficult to get customers sometimes, so mostly you’re just waiting for a call. also, i’ve found that...

#college #building #goals #architect #designing #career #art #architecture

Michelle P.’s Avatar
Michelle P. Jul 31 61 views

How long does a tattoo art take?

I want to do tattoo art when I’m older but I don’t have a lot of patients...


Yazmin A.’s Avatar
Yazmin A. Jul 29 59 views

What should I do to prepare myself before I jump into a tattoo apprenticeship?

Incoming freshman in college studying for a BFA with a concentration of painting and minoring in illustration....


jeremiah M.’s Avatar
jeremiah M. Jul 27 77 views
kyona W.’s Avatar
kyona W. Jul 27 110 views

what I need to do to be a artist

am in high school and I love art I think I can helping people when they is sick is right for me #art #artist #singing #creative...


Aditi D.’s Avatar
Aditi D. Jul 21 112 views

what careers can I get after choosing the geography or history fiel

i an ninth grade student i have good marks in social since i also like art i do have problems with math's thou i do get a C+ and i am very curious of the geographical or history fields #art...


Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Jul 19 346 views

What do UX/UI designers major in and what are some daily tasks you do on the job?

I'm an IST major going into my last semester. Most of the classes I've had for my major have been web development/network architectures related. I think this is main reason why I started liking front end, but recently I've really wanted to learn more about UX/UI design. I've always had a strong...

#art #computerscience #ui #ux #design #college-major

Malevin A.’s Avatar
Malevin A. Jul 14 84 views

Help me know if I am on the right track .

Am an Ib student in grade 11 wanting to pursue interior designing or fashion design in university . This are the subjects I do : Language and literature English(HL) Mathematics (SL) Btec Diploma Art and Design #art...


Masyiah T.’s Avatar
Masyiah T. Jul 12 85 views

how to make sure my i am able to make my career goals come true

I am a mixed women. I am 18 years old im still in high school.i love to draw but i don't wanna be a drawer for a living i wanna be a doctor. #healthcare #medicine #art...