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Art is found in many careers. Technology, music, painting, and welding are some of the many artistic careers available. For more information, please read below.

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Hunter C. 18 hours ago 12 views

What are ways in order to get your foot in the animation industry?

I'm an art student who would like to go into the animation industry. #art #animation...


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Laila L. 2 days ago 34 views

Is it strange to have such diverse career goals? How do I go about wanting to do something with art, being a 911 operator, and being an elementary school teacher?

During my 12 years of school, I was "encouraged" to go to college, but it was more like manipulation. It was more like a life or death situation when it came to the topic of college, which essentially drove me away from wanting anything from it. During high school, I wanted to do more with art,...

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Grace A. Jun 17 33 views

What are some career goals

I really love art and anything that has media,art, entertainment involved but I also like kids and working with them...


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Nicholas B. Jun 16 18 views

How do I get better at art?

Hi I'm Nicholas Barbato I am 17 years old I go to New Dorp High School Staten Island New York and I like art #art...


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Janvi S. Jun 15 38 views

it's about my future

I don't have any particular career chosen but I'm interested in lots and lots of things like painting, sketching basically arts and craft also in acting, dancing, photography cooking and few other things. soo recently I was reading an article on "power of combining your skills" I would like to...

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Jamari D. Jun 14 16 views

How can I prepare to become an architect?

I love architecture, building legos, playing minecraft, roblox, drawing , etc. I need a mentor. #architect #art...


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khatorah H. Jun 14 24 views

How can I start a business?

I want to start a hair/ makeup business to show my passion as a hairstylist and an upcoming makeup artist. #cosmetology #business #art...


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jacky S. Jun 14 32 views

What's it like being an artist?

I just want to know what's it like and is it something to try in the future. #art...


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Kanyja M. Jun 13 41 views
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Ayaan Y. Jun 13 22 views

What is it like to be the producer of an anime or popular animated series, and how do you achieve this?

I want to create an anime or animated series in the future, one to be known by all. I love to draw and I am fluent in other mediums in art, like sculpting. And I want to know how do I become a famous well known artist. #art #artist #graphic-design #animatedseries...


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Bridget T. Jun 12 26 views

what jobs are in the filming industry

What jobs are in the filming industry for animation and live-action movies #artist...


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thalia H. Jun 12 31 views

what do i need to know before studying art history?

I'm a 11th grader in high school and am interested in pursuing a career within art history but i don't know where to start #artist #art #history #fine-art #college #arthistory #art...

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Lola H. Jun 11 30 views

What should I pursue in post-secondary?

I am artistic and empathetic. I enjoy acting and science. #art...


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chelsea R. Jun 08 46 views

What should be my first steps in getting myself into the entertainment industry?

I enjoy most things relating to the arts and entertainment, like fashion design, acting, film making/producing, songwriting, computer editing, etc... I also enjoy making content where I can try and make people laugh. I can easily think of creative ideas to help in most situations. Any ideas of...

#graphic-design #fashion-design #art #arts #entertainment #photography #acting

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Devyn H. Jun 08 54 views

How can I prepare for a career in the arts if there isn't easily accessible opportunity for experience around me?

I want to go into the film industry, or at least do something for the arts, but there aren't many opportunities for me to gain experience for what I want to do at the point I'm at in my life. #art...


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Ravendra Kumar L. May 29 40 views

Which university or college can I choose after 12th for art art stream

I am Ravendra Kumar lodhi from Maharajganj,Panna Mo I am studying in 12th class at Jnv Panna . I took art stream. Thank you...


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Norah B. May 25 46 views

How competitive is the museum curator career field?

Is finding a job as a museum curator difficult because of the competitive career field? Is the job search difficult? Is the job search worth it? #job-search #curator #museum #museums #art #fine-arts...


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Norah B. May 25 77 views

Are the sallary and benefits that musem curators typically get worth it?

I'm doing a project on museum curators and want to know about the typical salary of the career. Is the average salary worth it? Are there usually good benefits for this career, are they worth it? #career #curator #museum #art #salary...


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samyukta G. May 21 47 views

I am confused about my career

i like both art and psychology, but my 12th scores were not that great. should i skip a year and repeat 12th? or should i do art?...


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Xochitl G. May 13 92 views

What are other lists of careers that involve art.

I’m a senior in High school, I know that there is animation and illustrations but what other jobs are there? #art #artist...


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Xochitl G. May 13 78 views

What kind of art skills are required to enter a good art college?

I’m a senior in high school. I’m graduating on June 4th 2021. I Love to draw a animate but I’m not sure if I’m good enough. #art #artist...


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Xochitl G. Apr 29 135 views

What are the requirements to become a animator of a big company?

I'm a self taught artist who has been animating ever since middle school. Running a business has been n my mind over 4 years #performing-arts #artist #art...


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Samuel B. Apr 28 81 views

What course do i take to be a animator

Hi, I Samuel and i live in India I'm beginning 11th grade here its separate from high school. 11th and 12th is called intermediate i want to be a animator and have been working on it i know i can learn a lot but i don't know what course i should take in inter #classes #animation #art...

#intermediate #high-school