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Maria E. Nov 25, 2020 95 views
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Maria E. Nov 25, 2020 101 views

Physical therapist vs Dermatologist?

I think PT is a great job but the debt after school is BIG! I think Dermatology sounds like fun and like you'll never be bored. What are some of the differences? #fun #schooling #college #school #physical-therapist #therapists...


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Kurt E. Nov 21, 2020 127 views

How difficult will it be to accumulate hours, without a gap year for PA school?

I am a high school senior planning to be a physician assistant. I have been reading that the majority of PAs take a gap year or two to work enough hours for a competitive to PA school. I have also read that some worked their hours in their four years of undergrad. Initially, I was planning to...

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Nyla B. Nov 18, 2020 365 views

What are some pros and cons about being a software engineer?

I am a senior in high school and I am interested in the technology field. I have been thinking about getting a degree in computer science and I just want to see what I might be getting into. #givingiscaring....


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Adriano P. Nov 05, 2020 90 views

What would be the best school for me?

I am a freshman in high school and this is the career I want to pursue. I am good at drawing. I don't like talking to people because I'm shy. #careers #schooling...


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Jaxon A. Oct 27, 2020 112 views

What are some programs or activities I can participate in during college that will prepare me for medical school?

I am a senior in high school that plans on following a career path in the medical field. I plan to pursue a bachelors in biology and then following with med school with a concentration in either radiology or focus in on becoming an ER doctor in the Cleveland, Ohio area. I have a passion for...

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Jerry D. Oct 27, 2020 65 views

whats a good buisness school

what are some good buisness colleges either in my country or nationally #school #...


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Bailey E. Jan 28, 2020 133 views

How to avoid doubting myself in my schooling/learning of a new trade?

Starting a tech program brings a lot of doubts about, Can I do this? What if I burn myself out too quickly? Is this the right choice for me? What are some ways to avoid doubting myself in my choices and avoiding my indecisiveness? #trade-program #trade #schooling #second-thoughts #welding...


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Meg M. Nov 20, 2019 118 views

Where should I go to school if I am interested in physical therapy?

I am a 9th grader and was wondering what schools are the best for going into physical therapy. Thanks! #physical-therapist #physical-therapy...


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Khushi K. Aug 31, 2018 356 views
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Krikor S. Aug 30, 2018 254 views

What are good extracurricular activities to have for a medical school application?

My biggest mistake with high school was waiting too long to begin things thus the depth of my application for college was nonexistent. I am an entering freshman for college but I do believe that there may be things that I can begin to do now so that I can begin to shape my medical school...

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Destiny M. Aug 11, 2018 192 views

What are some tips/tricks available to survive nursing school?

I’ve heard that nursing school is a place where you HAVE to be focused at all times. What is some advice that can be given to make this a smoother journey? #school #majors #schooling #exams...


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Carson D. Jul 27, 2018 408 views

What level degree is needed in computer science?

I am unsure of what level of degree to pursue in computer science. Should I pursue a PhD and will it be worth the extra schooling? Or should I aim for a Bachelors Degree? #computer-science #degree #schooling...


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Anna H. Jul 12, 2018 283 views

Prereqs for Med School?

I know that medical schools typically require you to have one year of biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. Would Anatomy & physiology, biochemistry, or microbiology cover the biology part? (I'm taking all of them) Also, if I end up not taking a lab for half of semester in...

#medicineschool #medicine #scheduling #schooling #college

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Joshua L. May 31, 2018 236 views

How do you stay motivated as a doctor to continue with medical school?

I’m currently biology/pre-Med and I always wondering how do doctors stay motivated to stay in school so long. I know personally I have 15+ years of school including college but I was wondering how can I keep myself focused and motivated to continue. #medical-school #school...


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Ashley L. May 24, 2016 665 views

Can you provide me a scholarship so I can pay off school? And plus my mom is a single mom

I am asking so this scholarship can pay off my college career for my dorm,tuition,books,etc.. #scholarship #schooling...


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Kaitlyn B. May 20, 2016 544 views

What is physical therapy school like?

I want to know what I will be learning and what it is like. #therapy #classes #physical...


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Kaitlyn B. May 20, 2016 444 views
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maha N. Mar 26, 2016 662 views
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Payton . Apr 14, 2015 941 views

where should I start to become a chef?

i'm Payton and i'm in sixth grade i really love cooking i watch the food network channel and i also love to cook as well but i really want to get in the culinary arts. #classes #cooking #culinary-arts #restaurants #culinary-skills...


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Payton . Apr 08, 2015 913 views

What restaurant should I go to to become a chef?

I'm a sixth grade student and my name is payton i love cooking and culinary arts i love to watch chef's to cook all different kinds of food #cooking #culinary-arts #restaurants #chefs...


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Test S. Apr 07, 2015 676 views

What kind of classes do I need to become a counselor?

I am showing my students how to ask questions on CareerVillage and how to respond to them. Thank! #psychology #education #counselor #counseling #human-rights...