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Career Questions tagged Career Details

Jasmilan K.’s Avatar
Jasmilan K. 2 days ago 63 views

what's the best answer to "WHY SHOULD WE HIRE YOU?"

i applied for many jobs but i get stuck at interview when they ask why should we hire you please help me out with the best answer to impress the interviewer

Alicia A.’s Avatar
Alicia A. May 09 68 views
Felix V.’s Avatar
Felix V. May 03 94 views

How can you start your career?

Sometimes to have a career you'll need to go to collage but in my case i don't want to go how can I start my career without having to go to collage?

Josiah Y.’s Avatar
Josiah Y. Aug 04, 2021 216 views

What steps and extensive training is necessary to make it in the Culinary Industry. What Steps should I take to be as successful as I can Be?

I have always been into food from a young age, and I knew that if I were to do anything to make a living in life, I would want it to be food related. I have worked several fast food jobs since I graduated High-school. And I would Like to expand on my food knowledge. #business #chef...

Bella K.’s Avatar
Bella K. Jul 25, 2020 295 views

What are some unique ways to gain experience?

Hi I'm in High School and I'm interested in working in the fashion industry. Do you have any recommendations for things I can do that I can do to make me stand out? #high-school #fashion #fashion-shows #career-details #apparel-and-fashion

Marie E.’s Avatar
Marie E. May 12, 2020 320 views

what are some tips on being a model?

I want to be one even tho im ugly I can pretend im pretty
#fashion #career-details #job

Polina W.’s Avatar
Polina W. Apr 25, 2020 396 views

Is a fashion marketing degree too specific?

Hi, I want to get into marketing & have had an interest particularly in fashion marketing. I have received an offer to study fashion marketing as a master's degree at a really good university and it looks really interesting & definitely something I would like to do as a career....

C L.’s Avatar
C L. Nov 30, 2019 423 views

How to start a career in HR

Where can you gain some experiences in HR industry?
Do you really need a degree in HR in order to land a job?
What are some tools/software commonly used by HR professionals?


Zoe W.’s Avatar
Zoe W. Sep 05, 2019 269 views

Whatjob should i do

I like medicine but i love fashion but i need to pay the bills when i’m older #career-details

Aliyah J.’s Avatar
Aliyah J. Apr 23, 2019 257 views

What career would you recommend besides business or cosmetology, that would still best fit me ?

I love makeup & fashion but i am also open minded to other ideas including something that is fun and that’ll keep me active. #career-details

Trevor N.’s Avatar
Trevor N. Jan 31, 2019 284 views


what type of tools would you need with you at all times #career-details

June P.’s Avatar
June P. Sep 27, 2018 519 views

Fashion Institute of Technology

Hello, I have a few questions that need answering. 1. If I want to pursue a fashion career, and want to attend into FIT. Should I have knowledge of ​how to create clothes, and make sketches, before applying? 2. What do you really do when volunteering into NYC Fashion Week? 3. What skills...

Rebecca H.’s Avatar
Rebecca H. Aug 31, 2017 753 views

A two year or four year college?

I'm debating between a two year school and a four year residential college. Two year would save me a lot #help But a four year provides a full experience #collegelife I cant decide is my money worth the four year or should I just transfer to a medical school after the first two years #nurse...

Melissa A.’s Avatar
Melissa A. Jul 29, 2017 715 views

If you received multiple misdemeanors in various states which all were determined dismissed, will the government hire you?

I have a friend who got misdemeanors and an injunction in two different states, everything turned out to be dismissed or basically denied because nothing actually happened. They do show up in the court systems though. My friend wants to get a job with the government and has the skill set for...

Lizeth G.’s Avatar
Lizeth G. Jul 24, 2017 707 views

How did you start to work in NASA?

I'll be attending UC Santa Barbara and I'll be majoring in physics with a minor in astronomy. I hope to work in the astronomy field but I have no idea how to get started. #astronomy #physics #career-details

Wrayzene W.’s Avatar
Wrayzene W. Jul 18, 2017 3949 views

What the difference between medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and pharmaceutical chemistry?

I want to study chemistry and like the idea of medicine, but I want to avoid going down a path that is somewhat like biochemistry since I am not a fan of biology. #medicine #chemistry #pharmaceuticals #pharmacy #medicinal-chemistry #pharmacology #pharmaceuticals #career-details

rea R.’s Avatar
rea R. Jul 15, 2017 673 views

Whatis the scope of mechanical engineer v/s doctor ?choice

because I have to decide whether i must do mbbs/ btech. I really reure a quick answer .#technology#medicine #career-details

Titus L.’s Avatar
Titus L. Jul 14, 2017 760 views

Computer programmer or software engineer degree

Hello, I have recently discovered what I want to do with my life.,But I can't decide which one would best help me. I want to be a developer for a company like Microsoft, Apple, or IBM, working on operating systems and such, so I began looking around online and I cannot figure out which...

Rebecca A.’s Avatar
Rebecca A. Jul 12, 2017 1128 views

What's a job that fits this description?

I want a job where I can talk to people whether in front of a crowd or just to one on one. I want something that I can help people. But I also want something that I would be able to live off of the money. If possible a job where I could travel the world. Is there anything like that? #job-search...

Camille L.’s Avatar
Camille L. Jul 11, 2017 2750 views

Is criminology useful to be a criminal lawyer/prosecutor ?

I consider to be a prosecutor when I grow up, I am very interested in Psychology and criminals etc... So I wanted to major in Criminilogy in college but I ask a relative and she said that I can't take criminology to be a prosecutor. Is she wrong? I hope so... #Law #Criminology #Prosecutor...