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Anina H. Oct 15 112 views

How do I negotiate for the best terms on a software engineering offer when I don't have another offer to compare against?

Hello! I am a college senior with an offer from a decently large enterprise tech company to be a backend software engineer after graduation. I wish I had some sort of sign-on bonus or some relocation funds with my offer, because I'm not sure I can afford the first month of rent when I haven't...

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Topo F. Sep 03 43 views

What IS software engineering all about

I am femete, a student studying software engineering in siantou university Yaoundé (Cameroun). M'y dream is to becam a genius in software engineering...


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Augusta I. May 09 128 views
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Cassia T. May 06 120 views

What are the different roles of a software engineer?

I'm a junior Computer Engineer and I'm trying to understand what my options are. I know that there are many, but I'd love to hear what some Software Engineers do. Basically, I'm asking what do you do? #software-engineer #software...


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Joshua N. Apr 08 114 views

What does a day in the life of a software developer look like?

I'm really interested in becoming a software developer. What do they do on a day-to-day basis? #software #technology #software-development #software-engineer...


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Anina H. Feb 20 217 views

Which software team should I pick for my summer internship?

I've been using CareerVillage ever since high school to get help, and I feel like I'm finally close to the finish line.. I'm a junior in college majoring in Computer Science at a well-known school. I accepted a backend software engineering internship for this summer, and I was recently sent a...

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Rachel G. Dec 05, 2018 270 views

What major did you study in college and was it useful in your career?

I'm considering being a computer software developer and I want to know what degree would get me there. What colleges would you recommend for this career? #computer-software #software-engineer...


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Hajira N. May 25, 2018 347 views
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Abdallah A. Oct 13, 2015 1238 views

What is the average salary for a software engineer?

I would like to know the average income for a software engineer in San Francisco California? #engineering...


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AZIZ A. Apr 28, 2016 545 views
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Blessed Joshua G. Jun 29, 2016 588 views

What is one important advice do you have for an aspiring Software Engineer like me?

I am a first year Computer Science major. Also, I am taking Udacity's Android Basics by Google. #engineer #computer #software #software-engineer #android...


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Janaranjini T. Jun 27, 2016 480 views

Hi, I am Jana . Work experience gained at IT Field can be done by Working in a Concerns for many Years or Shifting to other concerns with the offers.

Working in a one concerns(IT Field) for many years will gain Work Experience and Knowledge or can shift to other concerns whenever there is an offer. Which is the Best for Product knowledge, experience, Quality output. #professor #educator #software #it #mentoring...


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Blessed Joshua G. Jun 24, 2016 879 views

What is the best laptop for a student pursuing to be a software engineer

I am a first year Computer Science Major. And I am also taking the Android Basics Nanodegree by Google. #computer-science #computer #software #programming #software-development #software-engineer...


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nikhil P. Jun 23, 2016 606 views

how much marks should I get to become an expert in software development?

I am very much interested in software programming. Need a piece of your valuable information #engineer #computer #technology #programming...


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Jeevika S. May 03, 2016 507 views

What is software engineering?

Hai ! I am jeevika. I want to become a software engineering. Should i do any extra courses to become software engg apart from My Degree #engineer #teacher #professor #professional #student #software...


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Syed A. Jun 22, 2016 596 views

What are the branches available in Engineering and which one I should choose?

Hi! I am class 9 student. I am interested in Maths. So I want to build my career as an Engineer. I don't have knowledge about branches available in engineering. I'll be glad to you, if you provide me details. #engineering #engineer #mechanical-engineer #software-engineer #electrical-engineer...


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Naresh S. May 13, 2016 393 views

I want to became a technologist, need to know the path to follow

I will very interested in computer designing creating mobile applications and animations. I want to became a technologist, hence which course i have select in my higher studies to achieve my goals. #technology #software-engineer...


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pramod R. May 27, 2016 383 views

After doing masters in commers are there any job oppurnities in software compinies

i have to work in software companies...


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Giana C. May 27, 2016 510 views

What is the most rewarding aspect of an engineer work place?

I interned last summer at an software engineering company, and I found it difficult to appreciate the work that went on there. I'm interested to know if this work environment appeals to certain people. #computer-engineering #software-engineer #data-engineer...


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Mark A. May 24, 2016 390 views

In gaming design, what is the usual process that someone coding the game goes through while testing scripts and etc.?

I am looking into taking up classes for coding and interested in game design, I would like to participate in the gaming design community, but I'm not sure where I would fit in. I would like to know or have an idea of how this works so I can better understand what I would like to do....

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David L. May 22, 2016 656 views

For people who plan on becoming future web developers, would having online education be worth more than earning a Computer-Science related degree?

I'm currently a rising sophomore in college, who is majoring in Information Technology, with a concentration on Web and Mobile Development. The reason I'm addressing this question is that I want both other students who are interested in the same/similar field of study, and I, to be able to make...

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Blessed Joshua G. May 18, 2016 1122 views

Software Engineer

I'm a first year college student majoring in Computer Science. How to get a software engineering internship? What experiences or skills do I need to get an internship from a huge company like Google or Apple? #computer-science #computer #software #software-development #software-engineer #google...


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Blessed Joshua G. May 18, 2016 792 views

Software Engineering

I am a first year Computer Science major. The main coding language they teach in the curriculum is Java. I am currently seeking for another language to learn. What is another coding language that will benefit me in the future when I start looking for Software related jobs....

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Gunal T. May 18, 2016 552 views

Is moving as an actor as my career will be good?or engineering would b perfect?

Im confusd with my career and want to choose the ri8 One as my career #film-acting...


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Balram B. May 13, 2016 345 views

Become a software Engineer???

Because i am very found of designing websites and Apps. even i design app. also now i want to take advanced technology training for making more app. Please guide me regarding that. I am in 10th Class So how i will make my career in Future..... :) :) #educator #software #networking #it...

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