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A lawyer is an advocate for the law. There are multiple different types of lawyers, and some of the most popular ones are trial, business, and prosecutor. For more information,...

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Can i become a lawyer with a Criminology Degree

i am currently studying towards my Criminology degree and along my studies i discovered that i want to be a lawyer (Criminal Defense Lawyer) now my question is will i be able to become a lawyer with this degree or do i have to enroll again with a Law school and start an LLB degree? #lawyer...

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A question about the length of schooling to become a lawyer

How long does it take to get a law degree? #law #lawyer #law-school...


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What do you have to do to become a law clerk?

do i have to get a JD? How long will it take? #law-school...


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On average how much money do you make?

I am a senior...


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What is the best college to attend to become a lawyer?

I am a senior...


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What is the best state to get job as a lawyer?

I am a senior....


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what are good school for law?

the only thing i want to do in my life is become a lawyer and a future politician. i like to collect rocks i want to get a accounting degree too. i have a dog and a cat i like animals they are cool #law #lawyer #attorney #criminal-justice #criminal-justice #criminal-justice...

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What is the life of a lawyer?

I know most shows only show cases all the time but I wanna know what actually happens on a basis....


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I'm currently a high school student and I aspire to become a prosecuting attorney. Are there any things I can/should be doing now to prepare and be more qualified for that position? Any advice on that area is welcome!

I am a ninth grader going to a prestigious college-prep based high school. I aspire to become a prosecuting attorney for a life career and plan on interning with any lawyer as I get closer to high-school graduation. I am researching any actions I can take to further be prepared for either...

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What schools are good affordable law schools?

When it comes to a good law school you want to go into a good one...


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What do yall recommand I take to perpare for both CMA and a lawyer

I am in Job Corps and I and planning on going into CMA (Certified Nursing Assistant) but plan on going to law school to be a lawyer #law-school #nursing...


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Is it possible to graduate law school debt free with fafsa?

How do people graduate law school debt free? Is it with fafsa? #f #lawyer...


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What was the most difficult aspect of law school or becoming a lawyer?

I am a high school senior looking to become a lawyer, and would like some more advice or information about what I should expect. #lawyer #college #law...


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At what point in your journey to becoming a lawyer did you decide which type of law you wanted to be in?

I know that I would like to be a lawyer, but I'm not sure which type of law. #law #lawyer...


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What should I minor in?

I am a paralegal studies major and a pre-law student. My future plans are to work for the government, maybe work my way up to a district attorney. I don't want a broad minor such as history, english, political science...etc #law #major #law-enforcement #college-major...


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Is a lawyer a good job

I am a 8th grader #lawyer...


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What do I need to do to become a defense lawyer.

Im in eighth grade and I've been interested in the law system for as long as I can remember, I'm amazing at debate and literature and do believe I can become a lawyer as long as I work hard. Im in eighth grade so I don't yet understand what I need to accomplish this. I don't know about credits,...

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