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A lawyer is an advocate for the law. There are multiple different types of lawyers, and some of the most popular ones are trial, business, and prosecutor. For more information,...

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Clementine M. yesterday 11 views

what are the different types of lawyers?

I know that there are different types of lawyers but what are they and how do their careers look different? #law...


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Kysie S. Feb 12 64 views

How to be a professional lawyer someday?

I'm a serious type of person, both my parents wants me to become a doctor someday, but i don't want too. I love watching movies about being lawyer....


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Nayeli S. Feb 04 68 views

whats a good college to go to to become a lawyer

#lawyer my name is nayeli i go to Washington union I want to know what a good college to go to become a...

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An Awesome Student Q. Jan 18 54 views

Is being a lawyer fun, and is it hard to be a lawyer?

Hi! I'm Ms. Lambert at the International Community School. My 4th graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance!...


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Joselyn R. Jan 16 90 views

What kind of law did you study/are you practicing, and why?

I am in my junior year of college and will be applying to law schools next year. I have no idea what law I want to do and I am concerned because I know I should at least narrow it down so that I can choose the law school that best matches me. #law #legal #lawyer #attorney #law-school #lawyers...

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Johara A. Dec 09, 2020 113 views

Calling all lawyers!

I am debating going into a career that relates with law. I wanted to be a corporate lawyer, then a criminal defense attorney, but now I'm debating a trial lawyer. Do you have a suggestion on which one I should choose? What convinced you to go into your specific law? #law #lawyer #lawyers...

#law-school #attorney

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Ison V. Nov 29, 2020 79 views

Is it necessary and beneficial to romanticise the poverty that I were experiencing in order to reach my goals?

Aspiring lawyer but skip first year of college. The way how big my dream is the small my chance of attaining it....


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Olivia D. Nov 18, 2020 121 views

What is it like to be a politics or government major?

I am looking at being some type of lawyer. This is often the most related major a lot of colleges have. I’m curious to know the kinds of classes and assignments people with this major typically have. #givingiscaring #college #university #major #government #lawyer #college-major...


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Ja'Terika R. Nov 13, 2020 100 views

What are some of the good thing about being a lawyer.

What are somethings that lawyers can do that other jobs can't offer? #lawyers #attorney #business-lawyer...


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Alliyah P. Nov 13, 2020 77 views

How many years do we have to spend in collage to be an lawyer?

i wanna be a lawyer because they make good money#money #law #school...


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Ja'Terika R. Nov 13, 2020 77 views

Will you be able to travel when your a lawyer?

I'm in the 11th grade and i don't leave my city much. I just want to be able to travel to new places but also be a lawyer. #lawyer #travel...


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robert F. Nov 13, 2020 84 views
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Liduvina T. Nov 05, 2020 128 views

What would be good options for me if I want to become a Lawyer?

I am a high school student looking to become a lawyer after school but I need help figuring out what classes would be good for me to take and what universities would be good options. #school...


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Brianna L. Nov 05, 2020 82 views

what are something's about being a lawyer

I am a 9th grader i want to be a lawyer #attorney...


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Maiya L. Oct 30, 2020 116 views

What advise would you give to someone considering a job in this field?

I'm a Senior in High School and I'm considering on becoming a Medical Scientist or a Lawyer and I'm having trouble which one would best suit me, so I need advise about the both of them. #scientist #law...


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Maiya L. Oct 30, 2020 94 views

What are the advantages and opportunities for advancement?

I want to learn more and explore my options of becoming a Medical Scientists or a Lawyer after high school & college. #law #lawyer #scientists...


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Autum C. Oct 29, 2020 81 views

Can you describe your typical day at work as a lawyer?

Although I'm most interested in being a lawyer, I have don't have a good idea of how what a day at work actually consists of. Is there a lot of hard work and time that needs to be invested or is it flexible? #working...


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Autum C. Oct 29, 2020 54 views

What are the advancement/growth opportunities of being a lawyer?

I love working with people with the intent of helping them through something. I'm also very passionate about the things I believe in, so that would be why I'm interested in being a lawyer. However, I prefer to always have an objective to reach and doing the exact same thing everyday wouldn't...


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What is a day to day in the life for a lawyer?

I want to know more of what they do daily outside of being in a court room....


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Grayson F. Oct 28, 2020 65 views

Is becoming a lawyer worth it??

I want to know if it is worth. Does it pay well normally, is it fun, does it not waste time....


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