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Career Questions tagged Politics

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Dec 15, 2022 295 views

How should I go about starting and growing a career in politics?

I am a high-school senior who is looking to get my start in the business of politics. I am planning to go to college for political science and would like to become a political speech writer. Possibly even becoming a politician myself some day. How should I start paving my path?

Tess’s Avatar
Tess Nov 08, 2022 202 views

What can a rising college student do to get involved with American Government and Policy?

As an AP United States History and AP United States Government and Politics student, my interest in American government has grown substantially. How can a rising college student get involved with American government and policy?

John’s Avatar
John Sep 29, 2022 302 views

Hey! I'm interested in being a Politician or at the very least a Journalist.

How would you start beginning the process of becoming a good speaker and a great Journalist. I was thinking about starting off by maybe starting off getting on a Podcast and speak whatever comes to mind that way. Any recommendations?

Jacqueline’s Avatar
Jacqueline May 16, 2022 249 views

How can I intermingle business and politics to work in both areas?

I would like to own a business that could also leave a political impact.

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Sep 21, 2021 477 views

Why is there so much disconnect between public educators and education administrators?

#teaching seems like such a great career, and so does being an ed administrator, but with the modern-day "common core", "no child left behind" mentality, it ends up putting so much stress and pressure on teachers that does not translate into better student performance. What's worse is that...

Rob’s Avatar
Rob Jul 02, 2021 437 views

As a student of Politics, I want to pursue a career in helping others. How do I go about getting into the industry?

I'm a student studying Politics and I want to pursue a career where I can help others. Ideally, I would like a role where I research and use the information to influence policy. The only problem is I have no real-world experience. Are there any good ways to get experience? I am looking at...

Zolile’s Avatar
Zolile Jun 27, 2021 283 views

I have a Ba in Philosophy but I don't know what to do with it.

Hard-working #politics

Philip’s Avatar
Philip Jun 10, 2021 374 views

How do I become a political science researcher?

I like politics and American history. I intend on majoring in political science #political-science #college-major #politics

Alan’s Avatar
Alan May 20, 2021 487 views

Should I include my political volunteering in my applications and resumes?

I am an Executive Intern for the Young Republicans of Bexar County, and I do a lot of work for them as well. I was selected to be an intern despite only being in high school which is very honorable. However, with bias against conservatives on college campuses, will "liberal" colleges look down...

Paige’s Avatar
Paige May 18, 2021 296 views

Looking for answers about helpful college majors and classes for lawyers.

As I begin my college career in the fall, I am wondering if there are any helpful classes or majors that work well in law careers. I am aware that there is no major requirement for law school, but wondering if there are any particular classes/majors that lawyers still find helpful in their...

Gin’s Avatar
Gin Mar 03, 2021 323 views

What are the must-follow steps to become a law consular?

I am a law student from Morocco and I want to be a law consular.
I am in my third year of college ( we study 5 years) and I specialize in private law . #law #pre-law #politics

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Mar 03, 2021 496 views

Tips for choosing between law and psychology careers

Hi, my name is Abby! I am a junior in high school and have to start thinking about how I want to spend the rest of my life making money (fun!) and would really appreciate some help. Some of the paths I am considering are psychology because I love the psych classes I have taken, and law because...

Jake’s Avatar
Jake Feb 26, 2021 290 views

Which colleges have the most actively political student body

I'm a very political person and would prefer to go to a college that is also very openly political #politics #college

Nolan’s Avatar
Nolan Feb 24, 2021 372 views

What major should someone who wants to be involved in politics pursue?

I am in the 10th grade and still deciding what I want to do for a career when I am older. I either want to be involved with politics or in the business world. I am just wondering what the most popular majors are for someone with a goal of becoming involved in politics and government. #politics...

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Feb 23, 2021 397 views

I don't know exactly what i want to do. At first i felt like i wanted to do something in law, that also may partain to psychology but then i wanted to maybe do something in politics.

I am a very pesistant person. I always push for what i want or need. I want the best for people and help the greater good. I do feel as though we need more morally right people in this world and i want to be that person. Any way I can if thats with doing law or politics or something else for...

Paige’s Avatar
Paige Dec 03, 2020 775 views

What are some different careers for a political science degree?

I know that I would like to go into political science for my major since I am very passionate about it. I am interested in politics, history, and law. #law #politics #political-science #business-law

Dara’s Avatar
Dara Nov 18, 2020 395 views

What classes should you take in high school if you wan't to be involved in Politics?

#high-school-students #high-school #careers #politics # #high-school-classes

Lala’s Avatar
Lala Oct 28, 2020 347 views

If I wanted to work in law enforcement, am I able to have visible tattoos?

#law #politics #corporate-law

morgan’s Avatar
morgan Oct 23, 2020 326 views

what is it like in the day in the life of a political scientists?

Im in the 11th grade and I'm a liberal and I am very interested in politics and science #politicalscientist #science #politics

morgan’s Avatar
morgan Oct 23, 2020 394 views

I am in the 11th grade and I am just beginning to explore my future career, what are some careers and helpful next steps I should consider based on my passions and interests?

At school, I am interested in Science, Politics, and History. My hobbies include reading, skateboarding, and music. A topic I am passionate about is Science I have always been interested in science ever since I was younger. What are some career options that best align with these interests and...

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Jul 26, 2020 777 views

Is it better to study journalism/communications or Academic subjects to become a Journalist?

So basically, the dilemma here is that I have recently decided to try to become a journalist, and I was wondering if it would be better to do an academic university degree (e.g. international relations, politics etc.) to build a broad foundation of knowledge and then transition to journalism,...

Ray’s Avatar
Ray Jun 15, 2020 549 views

What are some jobs related to social justice?

I've come to realize that my only passion is social justice, especially for lgbtq and poc. I do also have a desire to help people and a knack for writing. However I feel like I would not thrive on one-on-one work like becoming a councelor because it feels too personal and too much pressure,...

Monique’s Avatar
Monique May 06, 2020 730 views

What are my career options for a double major of advertising/public relations and political science?

I am entering my junior year of college with a major in advertising/public relations and a minor (possible double major) in political science. I am active with several nonprofit organizations that deal with issues in public health, such as gun violence prevention and climate change. I am an...

Andres’s Avatar
Andres May 06, 2020 542 views

What is it like to be a Public Policy analyst?

Hi, I am considering going back to graduate school to get an MPA concentrating in Public Policy, however my connections are limited and I'm not sure who I can talk to other than internet about this issue. #graduate-school #politics #social-work

Mikaela’s Avatar
Mikaela Apr 22, 2020 478 views

How do I go into a career in political strategy?

I'm a senior in high school interested in politics and political science.
#political-science #politics

Isabeth’s Avatar
Isabeth Apr 13, 2020 539 views

How can I get involved in economics and political science? Especially with research. How can I be a leader with these interests?

I’d like to become involved in economics and poli sci and really stand out as a high school student. Are there any recommendations for research or extracurriculars I can start. I have seen people publish books and start organizations and I don’t really have any ideas so far. I am really...

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Apr 08, 2020 642 views

How is it like to work at UN? What do you specifically do working with the part of humans rights?

I’m a student from Brazil and next year I will join an university. I wanna do the International Relations course and in the future work in the UN with human rights, traveling all around the world and helping others. #career #International #Travel # #job # #work #work #humanrights #humanitarian...

Cisy’s Avatar
Cisy Mar 21, 2020 388 views

Who should be heard more?

Undergraduate History and Politics student and The University of Edinburgh #college #politics #democracy #voices

Roy’s Avatar
Roy Oct 03, 2019 453 views

What are the hardest things to deal with when running a political campaign?

I want to go into politics. #political-science #politics

Isabeth’s Avatar
Isabeth Aug 02, 2019 1694 views

Can I do research in political science as a high school student? Can I do independent research? Can I get published?

#research #history #science #political-science #analysis #politics #government #high-school #political #publish