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Cisy Y. Mar 21 41 views

Who should be heard more?

Undergraduate History and Politics student and The University of Edinburgh #college #politics #democracy...


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Roy C. Oct 03, 2019 69 views

What are the hardest things to deal with when running a political campaign?

I want to go into politics. #political-science...


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Deana A. Dec 18, 2018 174 views

How do I learn about public policy as a social work student?

I'm interested in doing public policy and community organizing in the future, but I'm currently a social work student. There are only 2 classes about policy for social work, and I completed one with not a lot learned. I am pursuing a political science minor, but there are no classes on policy...

#political-science #social-work #policy #social-justice #politics

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Jolene Q. Jan 22, 2018 267 views

I'm almost 18, how will my right to vote make an impact if it's just one slip?

Does anyone else feel small in the world when making one decision? #confidence #voting #rights-management...


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Demca F. Jun 22, 2018 272 views
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Deana A. May 24, 2018 249 views

How to Get Out the Vote?

Have any professionals been involved in civic engagement? I want to get more young people on my college campus involved in voting and the political process, and I would love to draw on you experiences. I'm a member of the College Democrats, Ignite, AAUW, and SGA; all of these organizations are...

#social-media #college #voting #civics #civic-engagement #political-science #politics

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Carson M. May 24, 2018 224 views

What should a pre-law student pursue in his/her undergraduate to bolster law school prospects?

Ex's: studying for LSAT continuously, joining any pre-law organizations, meeting with law professors, meeting with lawyers, building a network, interning at appropriate organizations, etc. I am not sure which of these activities is worth while whereas others might just be a waste of time or a...

#government #law-school #study #law #pre-law #graduate-school #politics

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Youssef A. Jan 17, 2018 318 views

what are jobs if you study political science

jobs available for political science graduate #politics...


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Cole C. Jan 16, 2018 170 views

In terms of the political science field, what should be expected in potential job opportunities?

I am going to school for political science, and I am currently curious in what options I may have following graduation. #polysci #political-science #college-major #college...


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Katherine P. Jan 16, 2018 223 views

How do I decide what I want to minor in?

Going into college, I know I want to study journalism. The problem is that I want to study other things to help in my journalism career like anthropology, economics, politics and much more. Not just a few classes, I want to be able to know all of these topics inside and out. I don’t know what...

#college #journalism #academic-advising #college-minor #anthropology #politics

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Jennifer M. Mar 19, 2018 312 views

What kinds of careers exist for those passionate about both medicine and politics/law?

Hi! I am a current junior with a passion for law and medicine and am working towards an international career that involves advocacy and research. Unlike the process of becoming a doctor, the pathway to my dream profession is not as clearly defined. Now that I'm halfway through my college...

#law-school #law #medicine #graduate-school #international #politics #medical-practice #globalization

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Devetra C. Feb 19, 2018 230 views
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Nabeeha K. Jan 17, 2018 284 views

What career pathways can I follow with a Political science degree?

I’m planning on majoring in political science but am unsure of what I want to do with this degree. I know I can go into law but I’d like to know about other career pathway options as well. #law #politicalscience #politics #government #career #undecided...


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Morgan F. Jan 16, 2018 298 views

How does one run for public office?

I'm interested in running for public office someday, and I'm just curious about the logistics behind it. To be a local state representative, is there paperwork that needs to be done? How do you get backed by a political party? How do you announce that you're running? #politics #legislation...

#iowa #candidate

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Devetra C. Dec 05, 2017 277 views

What are the qualifications you need to run for Supreme Court judge?

Been hearing a lot about the Supreme court lately. Didn't know what they have to do to be appointed. #judges #politics #lawyer #court...


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Deana A. Nov 29, 2017 474 views

Can I get advice on social work and politics?

Right now I am pursuing a bachelors degree in Social Work. I am also pursuing a minor in public administration and a certificate in community resource management. Recently I have become interested in politics and local government. If I do eventually run for office or pursue a local government...

#government #local-government #social-work #political-campaigns #politics

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Abby L. Nov 08, 2017 763 views

How to get involved in politics as a high school student?

I'd like to get more involved in the political aspect of life, and particularly science advocacy. What are some things I can do as a student that might make a difference? #politics #advocacy #science #lobbying #social-activism...


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jordan C. Sep 28, 2017 294 views

What major or course of study should I follow to become a diplomat?

I want to be diplomat. I am a current high school sophomore and I would like to know what classes I should take to better prepare myself now in high school for that track? In addition, what course of study I should follow in college to prepare myself for that career track? #politics...


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cristian F. Sep 01, 2017 547 views

can one person change the world?

The nation is dividing, the poor doesn't have a chance to rehabilitate and start a new life, and the rich are getting greedier and only worry about themselves. Families are losing homes and more because our economy is so bad many people argue about the taxes and how much we pay, but that's...

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Jake D. May 17, 2016 2691 views
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Kalkidan A. May 13, 2016 517 views

What job or status can a degree in Political Science secure?

I'm considering in majoring in Political Science, but I'm unsure of the career choices available with this degree. I'm plan to use this degree to obtain a job with the United Nations; specifically to work in the Middle East. However, I'm not entirely sure what job I can obtain and the...

#foreign-affairs #foreign-policy #political-science #international-relations #international #politics