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Galicia G. Feb 02 33 views

What should students take away from law school?

Interested in legal affairs, and wanted additional information! #law #lawyer #law-school #attorney #law-practice...

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ketshepaone M. Jan 17 83 views

Can i become a lawyer with a Criminology Degree

i am currently studying towards my Criminology degree and along my studies i discovered that i want to be a lawyer (Criminal Defense Lawyer) now my question is will i be able to become a lawyer with this degree or do i have to enroll again with a Law school and start an LLB degree? #lawyer...

#attorney #law #criminal-justice

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Mya K. Dec 11, 2019 80 views

A question about the length of schooling to become a lawyer

How long does it take to get a law degree? #law #lawyer #law-school...


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what are good school for law?

the only thing i want to do in my life is become a lawyer and a future politician. i like to collect rocks i want to get a accounting degree too. i have a dog and a cat i like animals they are cool #law #lawyer #attorney #criminal-justice #criminal-justice #criminal-justice...

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Alex M. Sep 16, 2019 34 views

What types of things do District Attorneys do? What are some of the most typical cases?

#attorney #criminal-justice I love to help people that are going through a hard...

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Abbie E. Sep 11, 2019 75 views

What do I need to do to become a defense lawyer.

Im in eighth grade and I've been interested in the law system for as long as I can remember, I'm amazing at debate and literature and do believe I can become a lawyer as long as I work hard. Im in eighth grade so I don't yet understand what I need to accomplish this. I don't know about credits,...

#attorney #law-school #lawyer #law #criminal-justice

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Bnc T. Aug 17, 2019 77 views

What are reasons for wanting to take law?

Hi! so..I've been thinking hard about WHY exactly I'd want to take law. I was wondering if maybe you could share some of your reasons for deciding to take law, so I can get inspired as to why? #law #attorney #law-school #college #lawyer...


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Caitlin H. May 17, 2019 87 views

How do you become a civil/public defender?

When you want to specifically work as a state-appointed attorney are there any crucial differences between that path and becoming a firm lawyer? #lawyer #attorney...


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How can I become a successful Lawyer?

Hi my name is Carinthia Amaralis, I am currently enrolled in job corps, I'm going to study office admin, It will help me with my business and finance skills but I know that there is more information and I want all the information I can receive to become successful like all of you, please and...

#attorney #law #lawyer

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How much time and effort does it take to become a lawyer?

I am willing to do whatever it takes to get a degree in the law field, as a lawyer. However, I know there isn’t lots of things I must do to achieve this goal. What types of programs and classes should I take to become a lawyer. #lawyer #law #lawyers #attorney...


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Serena N. Aug 01, 2018 264 views

How hard is law school?

I want to be an anti-discrimination attorney #law #attorney #law-school...


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Rebecca A. Jun 19, 2018 241 views

Should I go to law school?

I am interested in pursuing a career in public policy. A lot of people are telling me I should go to law school, but I don't really have that much interest in actually practicing law; rather, a lot of jobs I am interested in are dominated by former/current lawyers (ex: state legislator). Would...

#attorney #law-school #lawyer #degree #policy #law #law-practice

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kim I. Jun 16, 2018 266 views

What to expect in an interview for a volunteer mediator position?

I am applying for a volunteer position with the county dispute resolution center. It is staffed with professionals, 40% of which are attorneys. I am not an attorney, and have no experience in mediation, but, being older, have a fair amount of relevant life experience. If accepted, they will...

#attorney #lawyer #mediator #mediation #adr