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Career Questions tagged Law

The law is a set of rules for society to follow. Professionals in this field interpret the law and also support law-related activities. The most common legal career is a...

Addie’s Avatar
Addie Feb 08, 2022 406 views

How much education is needed to be a paralegal? and what re some good college programs?

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Jaida’s Avatar
Jaida Jul 27, 2021 480 views

What specific requirements does it take to become a lawyer?

I always admired lawyers and people of such since elementary school and have always wanted to pursue that as my career, but I always wanted to know what it all takes to become one so I won’t get lost and confused in the future. #lawyer #law #college #business

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Jul 26, 2020 804 views

What careers does a law degree unlock?

Other than practice (solicitor or barrister or in-house) and consulting, what other career paths are commonly taken by law graduates?
#july20 #law #legal #career

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Jun 06, 2020 509 views

Advice for 1L online law student?

I’m a 30 year old married to a 28yr old. I’m about to start online law school and am seeking advice on passing the baby bar, as well as, general advice being a law student and passing the bar exam. Theirs a ton of advice on google but would love to hear from personal experiences. I also work...

Munyah’s Avatar
Munyah May 08, 2020 481 views

What did you do to get ahead in your law career ?

#law #lawyer #law-school #career-choice

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Faith Oct 26, 2019 620 views

I'm currently a high school student and I aspire to become a prosecuting attorney. Are there any things I can/should be doing now to prepare and be more qualified for that position? Any advice on that area is welcome!

I am a ninth grader going to a prestigious college-prep based high school. I aspire to become a prosecuting attorney for a life career and plan on interning with any lawyer as I get closer to high-school graduation. I am researching any actions I can take to further be prepared for either...

Cassidy’s Avatar
Cassidy Oct 04, 2019 920 views

What was the most difficult aspect of law school or becoming a lawyer?

I am a high school senior looking to become a lawyer, and would like some more advice or information about what I should expect. #lawyer #college #law #law-school

Yanet’s Avatar
Yanet Mar 13, 2019 506 views

I would highly appreciate any tips to execute the LSAT and what looks good on a resume for law school.

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Nonprofit Organizational Leadership with high hopes of becoming a lawyer. Thank you!
#law #lawyer #college #law-school #lsat #criminal-justice

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Macrina Sep 21, 2018 613 views

Good clubs to join during high school to become a lawyer ?

#lawyer #laywer #law #college #criminal-justice

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Amy Jun 02, 2016 1068 views

What can you major in to become a lawyer?

I was wondering what other majors I could pursue rather than pre-law. #college #college-major #law #lawyer

BrandisCodman2’s Avatar
BrandisCodman2 Jan 06, 2012 4946 views

What kind of lawyer can you be?

I'm interested in being a lawyer when i get older but there's different types of law firms, what are the different types? #career #law #lawyer #career-options