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The law is a set of rules for society to follow. The most common career in law is a lawyer, but other examples include law enforcement, tax adviser, and judges....

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What are some different careers for a political science degree?

I know that I would like to go into political science for my major since I am very passionate about it. I am interested in politics, history, and law. #law #politics #political-science...


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Is getting into Harvard hard

I'm in 12th grade and want to know before I enter Harvard law school #law...


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How long is law school

I want to be able to have the the power to make a difference through law and Ability to help others. #law-school...


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Help me make a choice between law or medicine as a career

I'm really passionate about human rights, women's rights, climate change and socio economic issues but I also really like biology and the idea of helping people everyday, please help me decide! #career #law #help #rights...


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Scholarships and Study methods for incoming Law students

Hello, my name is Racheal and I'm 16. I'm an early graduate and I just want fro more understanding of incoming college life. I want to be able to be independent and pay for college myself since I know my family can't. Please help me out I know it's a simple question but everyone studies...

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How many years do we have to spend in collage to be an lawyer?

i wanna be a lawyer because they make good money#money #law #school...


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What are some good colleges?

Hey my name is Lakiya , and I attend Hillcrest Highschool in Memphis, Tn, and I want to be a lawyer and I was wondering what are some good colleges, I'm open minding to moving out of state also! #lawyers #colleges #fun...


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What are the steps/how long will it take to become a Forensic Psychologist?

I'm interested in law and psychology, and this seems like a career I would really be interested in, but the career path seems very long and tedious. #psychology #law #forensicpsychology...


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What advise would you give to someone considering a job in this field?

I'm a Senior in High School and I'm considering on becoming a Medical Scientist or a Lawyer and I'm having trouble which one would best suit me, so I need advise about the both of them. #scientist #law...


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What are the advantages and opportunities for advancement?

I want to learn more and explore my options of becoming a Medical Scientists or a Lawyer after high school & college. #law #lawyer #scientists...


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What type of classes should I take to prepare for college?

Currently I am a highschooler and although I am in classes that prepare me for college I am not taking any classes that can prepare me for law ( I am unaware if there even is any),please write some classes that can prepare me for college as someone who will major as a lawyer. #lawyer #college...


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What are the best colleges to go to in California?

As someone who is considered a minority in a lot of communities I strive to not make that so and fight for equality in society as well as in workplaces, because of this I want to become a human rights lawyer. Currently I am a junior in highschool but I'm unaware of which college I should strive...

#humanrights #college #law

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What is the best college if you want to become a police officer?

I want to know the best college for if I want to be an officer, so I have the best knowledge possible. #degree...


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Have you ever shot anyone as a cop or detective?

Hello, I am a student from Whitmore lake Middle and Highschool. I am doing an assignment where I search up jobs I like and ask questions. #law...


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How to become a successful Immigration Lawyer

When I have a nice decent good paying job I would like to be successful in a important job such as Immigration Lawyer...


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Top schools in Ohio for law?

What are the best schools in Ohio for Law school? #law #law-school...


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How can I become a real estate lawyer?

I have looked into real estate law and have become very interested. Is there any certain work experience or additional education needed to become a real estate lawyer. #real-estate #law #lawyer #lawyers #...


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What are the steps to becoming a paralegal?

I'm Liv, I want to become a paralegal and then go to law school to get my degree, pass the bar, and become a lawyer. #lawyer #law #law-school...


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Hi, I just wanted to know how it is to be a lawyer? When studying and once you've already graduated. How is the whole experience?

I've been thinking a lot about becoming a lawyer since I want to help people get the justice they deserve. I can be very disciplined and dedicated if I actually want to do something and I wanted to know how it would be to actually be a lawyer, and if it would be the right choice. #lawyers...

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