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Madalyn L. May 24 158 views

Where is the best place to study to be a lawyer?

One of the careers I'm considering is being a lawyer or attorney. #college-major #laywer #criminal-justice #attorney...


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Eduardo L. Sep 16, 2019 117 views

Is a lawyer a good job

I am a 8th grader #lawyer...


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Tanisha S. Apr 25, 2019 130 views

What subjects we need to take in high school to become a lawyer

#laywer we should take science maths social science and...

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Jose J. Apr 12, 2019 134 views

how many years is there to be a lawyer?

what school do you need to go to learn about being a lawyer, what do you need to be a...


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Taylor M. Jan 16, 2018 315 views

If I'm a computer scientist can I still go to law school?

I really want to be a person who advocates for marginalized groups and I've heard one of the best ways to do that is to be a public defender but I am already on track to do my undergrad in computer science. What should I do? #career #laywer #computerscience...