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Criminal justice is a four-year degree earned in college. Popular careers include law enforcement, lawyers, forensic nurse. Please read below for more information.

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where to go to school for criminal justice lawyer?

What are good colleges for someone like me who wants to be a criminal justice lawyer?#criminaljustice #criminal-justice #cj #lawyer #law #college...


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what is a day like for a k-9 handler

I really want to become a k-9 handler and want to know more about law enforcement #criminal-justice...


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What are some jobs I can get with a degree in criminal justice?

I want to know what my options are if i choose to major in criminal justice . #criminal-justice...


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What is it like to be a k-9 police officer ?

how do you deal with the dog if he or she is not listening? What do you do to train your dog? #dogs #police-officer #law-enforcement #criminal-justice...


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how much training is involved

what is training like #athletic-training...


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Can i be a police officer

#police #police-officer #criminal-justice do I have the qualification to be in the...

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What can I do with my Criminal Justice degree

Recent graduate with a bachelor's in Criminal Justice. I've been job searching but have had no luck so far. #jobsearching #criminal-justice #jobsearching...


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Do I need Training to be a Detective, If so where do i get it?

I want to be a detective in the NYPD, for the Special Victims Division. The detectives in this division typically investigate crimes involving sexual assault or victims of non-sexual crimes who require specialist handling such as the very young, the very elderly, or the disabled....

#criminal-justice #law-enforcement

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What's the best thing about attending Boston University?

I'm thinking of going to Boston University in the future to study Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, but i'm still having doubts about my choice . What other Colleges or Universities are good for studying Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice that really focus on Law Enforcement and Criminal...

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