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Career Questions tagged Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is a four-year degree earned in college. Popular careers include law enforcement, lawyers, forensic nurse. Please read below for more information.

Julie G.’s Avatar
Julie G. Jun 21 67 views

Does anyone know any places where I can intern to work with at risk youth?

I use to want to be a police officer and make my way up to detective but after graduating college, I decided that it wasn't what I wanted anymore. However, I do want to work with at risk youth but I still have mixed feelings and I am not sure where I can intern or even begin to explore this...

Chassity C.’s Avatar
Chassity C. Jun 21 49 views

How long should you being involved in the law enforcement before trying to promote to a K9 Officer or Criminal Investigator?

As a college student, I'm now working harder to get involved with the police department. Within the past few years, two of my options/passions were to become a K9 Officer or Criminal Investigator. However, I'm not sure how long something like that would take. What is an estimate?

Brianna H.’s Avatar
Brianna H. Jun 15 43 views

Paid Internships

Are there any paid internships for 14 turning 15 year olds?

steven G.’s Avatar
steven G. Jun 14 72 views

How do I become an FBI

Are these the courses I need to take? (Criminal Justice, Finance, and Public Safety Administration)

jaleel A.’s Avatar
jaleel A. Jun 13 81 views

What is the median pay salary for a police detective?

I just want to know what is my salarly is going to be looking like if i chose that career forme?

Kaelan D.’s Avatar
Kaelan D. Jun 10 56 views

When becoming a Police Officer how much did you think you were getting paid?

As a Police officer what salary are you looking for and what did you think your salary was going to be?

Kaelan D.’s Avatar
Kaelan D. Jun 10 66 views

What are some important things I need to know to becoming a Police Officer?

What do I need to know about becoming a police and what are some steps to becoming a Police Officer?

Andy M.’s Avatar
Andy M. Jun 09 87 views

What would be expected of someone who wants to become a lawyer?

What should I be be expected to know emotionally & educationally?

vincent W.’s Avatar
vincent W. May 31 50 views

whats the highest pay in homeland security and what is the lowest pay in homeland security?

i need to know if this a job will have me financially stable for the lifestyle i want to live.

Amity S.’s Avatar
Amity S. May 20 98 views

Is psycology a good thing to major in if I want to minor in pre-law?

I don't know what I should do I have always wanted to be a lawyer and to help people but I also know that as a lawyer you could potentially have to represent a client who has a severe mental disablilty or who just struggles with mental health in genral I just want to be prepared. I could just...

Isaiah R.’s Avatar
Isaiah R. May 10 163 views

Becoming A Police Detective

I am very interested in becoming a Police detective, what are the specific details to becoming a Police Detective and what are the step by step actions I have to take to succeed in this occupation? I am currently 17 and I am in Job Corps.

Kelly M.’s Avatar
Kelly M. May 10 138 views

What Is it like to be a police officer? And what kind of steps did you personally take to become a police officer? Also how much would the median range salary for this job title? Very curious and interested to know !

Hello, I honestly wanted to know what Is It like to be a police officer? Like what kind of steps did you have to take to get this role? , And by chance , How much would be for the median range salary for this job position? Any advice or tips? Very curious to hear some answers! Also wanted to...

Amayagrace F.’s Avatar
Amayagrace F. May 09 103 views

I want to be a criminal investigator. I read I need to go to the police academy to become a patrolman and then be promoted to a detective but I don't necessarily want to become a police officer. Is there ways I can become a criminal investigator without the police academy and promotion?

I read about becoming a criminal investigator and plan to get a psychology degree as well as criminal justice. I know I can become a social work investigator but I'm not sure if this would work well to become a criminal investigator after this job. If there is anyone who has experience in these...

Amity S.’s Avatar
Amity S. May 05 178 views

Which type of lawyer helps more people Prosecutors or DAs?

I have been trying to figure this out for a long time, the reason I want to become a lawyer is to help people, I don't know which one would help the most people and I know it is alot of schooling for either of these but I am willing to do it as long as I am able to help thouhs who need it.

Amity S.’s Avatar
Amity S. May 05 137 views

What are the best colleges for Pre-Law?

I am a sophmore in high school and I want to become a lawyer but so far I cannot find a whole lot of colleges that offer pre law courses. I haven't decided if I want to more in the way of being a Prosecutor or a D.A. I would really appreciate any of the help you coud offer.

meila W.’s Avatar
meila W. Apr 19 94 views

what made you pick the career that you are in now?

i dont have anymore questions.

Ana C.’s Avatar
Ana C. Mar 17 99 views

what are some pros and cons for a criminal justice career?

I want to know the negative and positive of this career to help me decide and see if i can learn about similar branches

Ana C.’s Avatar
Ana C. Mar 17 187 views

How do you know what career is the one for you?

I'm interested in two different careers but I don't know which one to pursue because both careers have some pros and cons from my perspective.

Austin B.’s Avatar
Austin B. Mar 02 149 views

What does a daily schedule look like as a conservation officer?

I am interested in becoming a conservation officer

Rosa M.’s Avatar
Rosa M. Mar 02 176 views

Would majoring in criminal justice and minoring in accounting be useful or would comms be better for job opportunities?

#accounting #criminal-justice #majors #choosingmajors

Anne C.’s Avatar
Anne C. Feb 16 178 views

I need to know the subjects I need to be a detective/ SWAT officer or any other post in that field?

#police #police-officer #criminal-justice #law-enforcement

Andy C.’s Avatar
Andy C. Feb 04 169 views

Should I be a lawyer? Is it worth it?

Interest in law . #lawyer #law #criminal-justice #attorney

Camren-Naya K.’s Avatar
Camren-Naya K. Jan 04 147 views

What is the workplace like for a POLICE IDENTIFICATION & RECORDS OFFICERS?

#police #law-enforcement #criminal-justice

angelica D.’s Avatar
angelica D. Dec 10, 2021 163 views

how and where can i start for becoming a detective

#law #criminal-justice #police #law #law-enforcement #detective

izaiah D.’s Avatar
izaiah D. Dec 02, 2021 175 views

How many hours would you have to put in to become a defense attorney?

I know being in the criminal justice system is hard just I want to know just how hard it is to become a lawyer. #criminal-justice

Zaria T.’s Avatar
Zaria T. Dec 01, 2021 384 views

Why are you a Police Officer or Detective?

I am am 23 year old female with a background in Security and I am interested in perusing a career as a law enforcement. I desire to serve and help others also to inspire people to change. I enjoy problem solving and creative thinking. #law-enforcement #police-officer #criminal-justice...

Zaria T.’s Avatar
Zaria T. Dec 01, 2021 226 views

What does a normal work day look like for a Special Agent of the FBI?

I am a 23 year old female that appreciates having routines and things being planned out but I also enjoy having a little variability. I am someone that is flexible and and enjoys change. #criminal-justice #career #Agent #Federal

Stephanie A.’s Avatar
Stephanie A. Nov 30, 2021 191 views

Forensics internship

Looking for internships in Forensic psychology #forensic #forensics #psychology #criminal-justice

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Mia B. Nov 22, 2021 154 views

how do you become a recommended lawyer?

I see that there is lawyers that get recognized more then others an i was wondering why an how did they become the lawyer everybody wants #law #law #criminal-justice

logan H.’s Avatar
logan H. Nov 17, 2021 167 views

what is required before Law-enforcement