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Kryston R. Aug 24, 2020 193 views
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on a scale from 1 to 10 how hard is being a police officer and why?

I am a junior in high school going to be a police officer later on in life. #law-enforcement #police-officer...


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joseph R. Nov 15, 2019 225 views

What will it be like to get shot with a taser as a law-enforcement officer?

I understand that as a law-enforcement officer you sometimes have to consent to being tased as part of your training. What is that like? #law-enforcement #police-officer...


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Ayline Z. Nov 19, 2019 72 views
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Michael C. Nov 14, 2019 258 views

Is attendance important when becoming a police officer?

I’m a junior in high school and I have always wanted to be a police officer. I’m concerned because I feel like I miss quite a few days and I’m worried it will affect my career. #police #police-officer...


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How do you prepare mentally and physically to be a police officer?

Like did you ask for advice from a person in the field, did you get nervous, etc....


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Emmanuel R. May 28, 2019 175 views
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What Type of Things do you learn if i'm a police explorer?

I'm about to turn 14 and I'm honestly so excited for the future. Can't wait for what it holds for me. #police #police-officer...


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Seth Y. Apr 02, 2019 137 views
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What is it like to be a k-9 police officer ?

how do you deal with the dog if he or she is not listening? What do you do to train your dog? #dogs #police-officer #law-enforcement #criminal-justice...


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Carlos A. Nov 27, 2018 323 views

Can i be a police officer

#police #police-officer #criminal-justice do I have the qualification to be in the...

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sean G. Nov 27, 2018 236 views

why do you like being a police offier

is being a police officer rewarding...