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Bernice G. Sep 18

What do you like the most about being a police detective?

I would like to know more about the field, I am currently in training for protective services. #police...


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Bernice G. Sep 18

What is a typical day as a police detective?

I am currently a student in training in protective services that would like to know more about this career. #police...


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Galicia P. Oct 17, 2018

What's the best thing about attending Boston University?

I'm thinking of going to Boston University in the future to study Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, but i'm still having doubts about my choice . What other Colleges or Universities are good for studying Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice that really focus on Law Enforcement and Criminal...

#police #criminal-justice #detective #law

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Felicia R. Aug 18, 2018

What Universities have Forensic Science Curriculum?

Hello, I'm Felicia. I'm in the 6th grade at Pikeville Elementary School in Pikeville, KY. I would like to work in the area of Crime Scene Investigations. I'm considering being a Detective but I'm not sure. Any ideas on annual salary?...


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MaryJane G. Mar 13, 2018

what is the suggested education for special victims detective?

Education recommended like major. Specific requirements needed to be a detective aside from education. #detective #law-enforcement #special-victims #law #majors...


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Derek B. Apr 12, 2018

How do I get qualified for law enforcement?

Senior in high school and interesting in law enforcement. #police #law-enforcement #detective...


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Tyjha M. Jan 26, 2018
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My'Lirea M. Sep 01, 2017

What is a typical day in your career ?

I'm a high school student who have questions about being a private investigator . #private-investigations #detective...


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Diamond D. Aug 31, 2017

What is the average day like for a FBI Agent?

I want to know how life is when being an FBI Agent. How do they get through the day with threats from people mainly criminals from putting them in jail and families of the criminal making the agent's life a bad experience? How is the schedule like everyday like does everyone have the same...

#detective #criminal-justice #law-enforcement #fbi-agent

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Diamond D. Aug 31, 2017

What do I have to do to become a FBI Agent?

I want to become an FBI Agent to investigate and solve the problems/crimes that are going on in the community. I know there are 2-4 year degrees for criminal justice and additional years to get into this career. I've heard things like you have to become a police officer and then be promoted...

#detective #criminal-justice #fbi-agent

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june W. Aug 31, 2017

What is the best way to become a detective?

I want to become a detective to help investigate and solve serious crimes. What is the best way to get there .To become a detective do someone work up to the career or start from college. What is the best route to become a detective? #detective #police #criminal-justice #criminal-law...


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Stevie W. Aug 29, 2017

What is the most direct route to become a detective?

I want to become a detective to help investigate and solve serious crimes. What is the best way to get there? I know there are 2 year and 4 year criminal justice degrees. I have also heard experience in the police force is required first and you have to get promoted up to detective. What is...

#police #criminal-justice #detective

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Anthony L. May 18, 2016

Hi is being a detective scary?

I want to know this because I might want to become one when I grow up #law-enforcement #detective...


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Emma R. Feb 02, 2017

Do you need to be a police officer before becoming a detective?

I'm interested in detective work, but I don't want to be a street cop first. I am more analytical than physical. Would a criminology degree allow you to become a detective without being a cop first? #criminal-justice #law-enforcement #criminology...


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Miranda R. Oct 27, 2016

Are there only certain forensic scientists that are asked to go crime scenes to investigate and gather data?

I am physically disabled and I enjoy and prefer working in lab settings. I wouldn't be comfortable with going to crime scenes and having to be extra careful with my steps or worrying about how I will help gather evidence if I have to squat or be in positions that are difficult for me to get in....

#detective #criminology #forensic-science #laboratory #biology #science #chemistry #crime-scene-investigator

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Cheyanne B. Oct 24, 2016

Whats the best major if you want to be a detective?

I have wanted to be a detective for a while but I have no idea what I should major in to become one. #college #majors #law-enforcement #college-majors #help #advice...


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Lilian M. May 14, 2016

What is the best i should take if i want to become a detective?

Im a high school senior and i want to know what the best option for this career is. It has been on my mind lately and i would lik to know more about it. #law #criminal-justice #detective...


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Montana G. Oct 27, 2015

What type of training would I have to go through if I was going to be a detecive?

Hello my name is Montana Goodman and I am in 6th grade. I know what type of training police officers have to go through I am just not sure if detectives have to go through the same type of training if not more then police officers have? #law #detective...


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Luke S. Oct 23, 2015

What does a private detective do on a daily basis?

I am in 6th grade and I would like to be a private detective when I grow up. Any help would be appreciated, thank you! #police #police-officer #detective...


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Luke S. Oct 23, 2015

What kind of education is needed to be a private detective?

I am in 6th grade and I would like to be a private detective when I grow up, any help would be appreciated. Thank you! #police #police-officer #detective...


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Memo V. Sep 01, 2015

what diplomas or certificates do i need to become a police officer in hayward, California

i want to become a police officer and i live in hayward, california #police #detective...


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Shirley M. Jun 25, 2015

what classes would you need to take to achieve the career of being a detective

i am not trying to take classes that i wont need it the future and that i wont be interested in and i would also like to solve murder mysteries ! #police-officer #detective...


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Lisa M. Apr 09, 2015

How many hours might a homicide detective work up to?

I am interested in studying criminal justice and want to become a homicide detective, and have watched tv shows that have intrigued me by what happens and how hard they work and it looks fun. #criminal-justice #criminology #detective #interests...


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Kevin G. Mar 23, 2015

What is the average salary for a police detective in Los Angeles ?

I am curious in this because I am interested in this career choice. #police...


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Christopher S. Mar 19, 2015

Can someone give me some more insight on the life of a homicide detective?

For most of my life I have always had the idea of becoming a homicide detective, I had an gist on what the career would entail but I wasn't and still am not quite sure what will actually take place so if someone could better my understanding of the life of an homicide detective I would be very...

#detective #police-officer #homicide-detective #major #criminal-justice

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Diana C. Mar 26, 2014

What are the typical class requirements or recommendations I should take in order to become a criminal investigator?

Hello, my name is Diana and I'm currently a senior in Connecticut. I was asking this question I really had an interest in criminal justice and I just wanted to know more about what classes people have taken in order to become a criminal investigator or any interesting courses people took in...

#detective #investigator #criminal-justice

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Shatasia B. Oct 13, 2012

Is most of your day spent working when being a detective?

I want to know how much of my day will be used due to this since thats what i want to be....