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Career Questions tagged Cyber Crime

Aidan’s Avatar
Aidan Dec 13, 2022 242 views

what would a normal day in cyber security look like?

I am thinking about going into the field and would like to know about the average day.

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Nov 08, 2022 272 views

What do you need to graduate with in order to study criminology?

Ive been doing really great lately in all my classes! Ive been enjoying taking geometry lately and I wanna study criminology one day after highscool.

Freddie’s Avatar
Freddie May 28, 2022 586 views

What does a cyber crime investigator actually do?

Is it boring?

Do ya´ll just catch pedofiles all day or is there something more?

Is it a fufilling career?

Can dumb people be good in this feild?

Do you need to have a strong mentallity or stomatch to do this job?

Armando’s Avatar
Armando Nov 29, 2017 793 views

What can I do to prepare and acquire a cyber security internship?

I'm halfway through my first year in my Cyber Security Master's program and I want to take any necessary steps to obtain the experience that I need to acquire a great job after graduation. I've never had any experience with applying to internships, specifically in cyber security and related...

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Feb 22, 2017 1006 views

What sorts of words stand out to you when evaluating a resume.

I decided to use the word innovative because I can be given a lot of material and make connections. I love research, there are so many avenues. #research #criminal-justice #human-resources #recruiting #cyber-crime #job-application

Azandia’s Avatar
Azandia Feb 21, 2017 593 views

Where is a good place to go work with a degree in forensica

Working places #computer-forensics #cyber-crime

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Feb 16, 2017 1057 views

How do you get into a position after being out of work for a few years and are around 40?

I want to know how easily it can be to get into a position at 41. #women #college-recruiting #recruitment #cyber-crime #internet-recruiting

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Feb 16, 2017 849 views

How do you use a Homeland Security degree in searching for a career?

I am actually still in school for about three more weeks and I am finishing my thesis on Cybercrime. My experience is in Sociology and the Legal field. I am self-motivated and a hard-worker who learns pretty fast. I am anxious to get a career, but I am 41 years old and have been out of work...

Liz’s Avatar
Liz May 03, 2016 3544 views

What is the most exciting part of your job in computer security?

We learned about careers in computer security in school but it didn't sound as interesting or exciting as some others we've learned about, so i want to know what the best part of your job is. What is the most exciting thing about it? #computer-software #technology #computer-security #cyber-crime