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Professional jobs that don't involve spending all day on the computer

I'm a political science college grad with experience working in the courts system, legal support, and criminal justice policy. I've realized that I don't like spending all day on the computer, and most of the professional jobs that I've had involve a lot of solo computer work. This last...

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Nino K. Jun 08 58 views

Can I become a barrister/solicitor with criminology degree?

I studied Access to Higher Education Diploma in Law, then I went to university and started studying Criminology which I am not enjoying as much as I enjoyed studying law. my question here is if I should start studying law from year 1, which would mean that I have to restart and waste £18 000 or...

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Kimberly S. Apr 01 71 views

What jobs are available within a prison/jail with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice.

I’m currently working towards getting my Bachelors in Criminal Justice. I would like to work in a prison as a correctional case manager. I’m not going to lie, I’m not really sure how much a correctional case manager gets paid. I’ve seen anywhere from 30k-60k here in LA, California. I’m...

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If you are in the process of majoring in criminology, what are some challenges that you have faced?

Im a senior in high school trying to become a criminal profiler. I will be the first one to graduate in my family!!😀 #criminal-justice #college...


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Is criminal justice under Criminology?

so if i take criminology, is it also studying criminal justice? because i want to be a PRIVATE DETECTIVE 0_0 #criminal-justice...


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Can I be a Private Detective With BS in Criminology course?

Can I be a Private Detective With BS in Criminology course? #criminology...


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What skills are helpful to have for criminal justice/law enforcement? #justice

I am a hard working individual and love to help people. #criminal-justice #criminology...


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What degree would be better forensic science, criminal justice or criminology?

I'm a student at community college looking to transfer soon and I'm undecided on which degree would be best if I wanna become a crime scene investigator and possibly FBI Agent in the future. Forensic studies at USF sound like a good match but St.Leo University has a Criminal Justice degree...

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emma H. Jul 13, 2018 236 views

where to go to school for criminal justice lawyer?

What are good colleges for someone like me who wants to be a criminal justice lawyer?#criminaljustice #criminal-justice #cj #lawyer #law #college...


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What are some jobs I can get with a degree in criminal justice?

I want to know what my options are if i choose to major in criminal justice . #criminal-justice...


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