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Zakura A. Dec 27, 2019 30 views

Is criminal justice under Criminology?

so if i take criminology, is it also studying criminal justice? because i want to be a PRIVATE DETECTIVE 0_0 #criminal-justice...


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Zakura A. Dec 27, 2019 45 views

Can I be a Private Detective With BS in Criminology course?

Can I be a Private Detective With BS in Criminology course? #criminology...


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Joshua L. Aug 26, 2019 40 views

What skills are helpful to have for criminal justice/law enforcement? #justice

I am a hard working individual and love to help people. #criminal-justice #criminology...


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Viviana S. Aug 05, 2019 74 views

What degree would be better forensic science, criminal justice or criminology?

I'm a student at community college looking to transfer soon and I'm undecided on which degree would be best if I wanna become a crime scene investigator and possibly FBI Agent in the future. Forensic studies at USF sound like a good match but St.Leo University has a Criminal Justice degree...

#fbi #college #fbi-agent #criminology #law #forensics #forensic #criminal-justice

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emma H. Jul 13, 2018 178 views

where to go to school for criminal justice lawyer?

What are good colleges for someone like me who wants to be a criminal justice lawyer?#criminaljustice #criminal-justice #cj #lawyer #law #college...


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Eduardo C. May 28, 2019 69 views
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Sonia P. Mar 05, 2019 102 views

What are some jobs I can get with a degree in criminal justice?

I want to know what my options are if i choose to major in criminal justice . #criminal-justice...


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Andrew D. Nov 14, 2018 243 views
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Ashley G. Nov 07, 2018 244 views

What can I do with my Criminal Justice degree

Recent graduate with a bachelor's in Criminal Justice. I've been job searching but have had no luck so far. #jobsearching #criminal-justice #jobsearching...


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Sadrunisa K. Dec 13, 2017 264 views

I currently have my honours degree in Sociology. What additional subjects I should take to pursue juvenile justice?

I currently have my honours degree in Sociology. To be a juvenile justice officer, I do understand that you need a degree in criminology and would like to know what additional subjects I should take to pursue that. I love working with the youth and trying to make a change in society, hence my...

#juvenile-justice #case-management #juvenile-delinquency #criminology #sociology

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Kima C. May 17, 2018 253 views

Can i major in more than one thing in college

I want to major in #criminology & #sociology & #physiology & #emt and I want to know how many years estimated will I be in...

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Mahalet A. Jan 17, 2018 320 views

How do you become a Crime Scene Technician?

I have been trying to figure out the real steps to becoming part of the Criminal Justice area, but I would really like to focus on gathering evidence, investigation, etc. However, I do not want to go on the path of a patrol/police officer in order to obtain this job. Is there a path I can take...

#crime-scene-investigation #criminology #csi #law-enforcement #criminal-justice

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Jai B. Jan 17, 2018 255 views

I wonder if I made the right choice on my major

I always wanted to be a forensic scientist, so i wanted to major in Criminal Psychology. But once i started looking into the kind of job I wanted, I changed to Business with a minor in Criminal Psychology. It is the biggest decision I have made in my life. #college #college-major...

#psychology #business #criminology #criminal-psychology #academic-advising

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Victoria D. Jan 16, 2018 452 views

I will be majoring in Criminology in the fall. My career goal is to become a FBI profiler. After I graduate from college where would I apply next to reach my goal

I know I will need a lot of schooling to achieve my career goal. But I'm not sure how long or what I do after graduation since I haven't looked that far ahead. I would like to know what steps I am going to have to do to reach my goal. #criminology #criminal-justice #law-enforcement...


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Regan O. Jan 16, 2018 253 views

Is wanting to become an FBI agent too unreasonable for someone who’s not a genius?

I want to work for the FBI but I’m not sure if it’s possible. #criminal-justice #criminology #law-enforcement...