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Career Questions tagged Forensics

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Franchesca Jun 20 95 views

Forensic Science

What colleges offer forensic science majors?

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Cecil Mar 03 197 views

What are three important things I should know about Forensic science careers?

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Monse Mar 03 188 views

What degree do CSI do?

#career-choice #csi

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Bridgette Jan 12 189 views

How many accumulated years is it to become a licensed and board certified pathologist?

Hello! I'm trying to figure out a few different career paths to look into, but I'm starting out to see the ones I have chosen, and what is required with them, Meaning years of college, training, as an assistant, etc, and how the people who work in those jobs feel about them. I do have multiple...

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Stephanie Nov 30, 2021 246 views

Forensics internship

Looking for internships in Forensic psychology #forensic #forensics #psychology #criminal-justice

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Chase Nov 22, 2021 196 views

Iv always wondered, is there a special unit for blood spatter, or is that just with the CSI field.

This field has always interested me because i'v watched crime shows and also its something that I wouldn't mind to get into once i graduate from high school. #Criminal Justice # Blood Spatter #Forensics

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nicola Nov 05, 2021 198 views

what universities offer courses to become a CSI?

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Emma Oct 08, 2021 220 views

Is there a local college in South Carolina that has a Forensics Psychology major?

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Talaysia Aug 06, 2021 272 views

What sort of opportunities are there for someone interested in volunteering around forensic science?

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Ravon Jul 05, 2021 452 views

Thank you for taking the time to notice and answer my question! I am currently a psychology and criminology major at my university and I want to Master in Forensic Psychology/Criminal Psychology! Does anyone know what is the best route I should take such as internships, jobs, and school? I am currently working on research papers and plan to present it at a future conference. I'm just having a difficult time finding things that can push me to pursue this field. It is a little discouraging!

#psychology #criminal-justice #college #forensics #forensic-psychology #criminal-psychology #college-major #criminology

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Cloris Jun 27, 2021 263 views

What careers can you pursue if you want to study forensics?

I've always found mysteries and crime shows very interesting and want to study forensics but I don't know specific jobs that I can have with a forensics degree. #forensic #forensics #criminal-justice

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zaria Jun 24, 2021 176 views

How will I know which is the right one for me?

I'm in between wanting to become a forensic psychologist or anesthesiologist. #forensics #doctor

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Eunice May 28, 2021 176 views

What was the most unexpected or best experiences you've had as a forensic scientist?

Hi! I'm looking for a forensic scientist to interview for a career blog assignment.

#science #scientist #forensics

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Eunice May 28, 2021 252 views

What made you want to become a forensic scientist and what kind?

Hi! I'm looking for a forensic scientist to interview for a career blog assignment.

#science #scientist #forensics

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Eunice May 28, 2021 303 views

What does an average day as a forensic scientist look like?

Hi! I'm looking for a forensic scientist to interview for a career blog assignment.

#science #scientist #forensics

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Alisen May 25, 2021 415 views

what's your schedule like being a forensic psychiatrist? Is it busy and difficult?

hi, i'm alisen, a rising sophomore who needs a forensic psychiatrist to interview for a career blog project. #forensics #psychology #psych #criminal-justice

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Alisen May 24, 2021 553 views

What do you do a forensic psychologist?

I am a current ninth grader who has an interest in the forensic psychiatry field and would like to interview a forensic psychiatrist on his/hers/their work for a career blog assignment in my class. #psychology #forensics #mental-health #psych #criminal-justice

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Waqas Mar 28, 2021 228 views

Basically i am an accountant try to apply jobs & please let me knowwhat is the toughest part of the jobs for me ?

Basically, I am an accountant trying to apply for jobs & please let me know what is the toughest part of the jobs for me? #forensics

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Victoria Mar 04, 2021 235 views

What degree do you need to get a good job as a forensic psychologist?

#degree #forensics #forensicpsychologist

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Madison Mar 04, 2021 308 views

will I need to become a police officer before I can become a forensic psychologist?

I've seen a few places that mention I might need to become a police officer to then advance to a forensic psychologist and I was wondering if that was accurate. #psychologist #psychology #forensics #police

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Victoria Mar 04, 2021 238 views

What are some good colleges in the US to become a Forensic Psychologist?

#forensics #psychologist #forensicpsychology #forensic-psychology

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Madison Mar 04, 2021 314 views

what's the day-in-the-life of someone in forensics?

what would someone who is planning to go into forensics expect a day to be like. what skill will they use of the daily? #forensics #crime #psychology

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Mar 04, 2021 236 views

how many years of college do you need to be a forensic psychologist?

I would like to go into the forensics, more specifically phycology, and I was curious as to how long I should expect to go to college for. #psychology #forensics

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Catherine Feb 25, 2021 451 views

What is the process to becoming a forensic pathologist like?

As another career choice that interests me I was wondering what the process to becoming a forensic pathologist is like.
#forensics #forensicpathologist #science

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ilianny Feb 24, 2021 355 views

I want a career with genetic invovled and i need help finding narrowing down the list.

Hi my name is ilianny. i am a junior in high school in lynn Massachusetts. i always wanted to be a geneticist but i dont know what majors i have to take in order to purse that career. i also love forensics. i need help figuring out what colleges are good for this career and what maajors and...

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla Feb 11, 2021 591 views

How long does it take to become a Forensic Pathologist?

I am in 11th grade and I want to know more about this career. #forensics

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Madison Feb 11, 2021 352 views

what is forensic physcology like as a career

I am a high schooler and i have always been very interested in trying to find out why people do the things they do, which is how I became interested in phycology. I like watching interviews and trying to analyze peoples behaviors throughout the scenes. I was wondering what it would be like to...

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Alexandra Jan 16, 2021 281 views

What does a forensic psychologist do?

#psychology #criminal #forensics #forensicpsychologist

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Hannah Dec 10, 2020 491 views

What is a good second major to complete with Forensic Anthropology?

I plan on completing a BS in Anthropology, MS in Forensic Anthropology, and continuing on to complete a PhD in Anthropology at BU. What would be a good complementary second major for my undergrad degree to broaden my career choices? I would like to keep my options open in case I decide to...

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Ariana Nov 05, 2020 217 views

What can I do to become a forensic technician?

I am interested in becoming a forensic technician. I want to know what is the best schools or programs on what I want to do. #forensics