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The role of a nurse is a core role within a hospital as well as other medical institutions. A nurse will care for patients, ensure doctors are prepared, and communicate...

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Sulani B. May 16 54 views

Basics of Nursing

Any advice on studying the basics of nursing like fundamentals, dosage calculations, pharmacology, maternity and anything similar?

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iesha M. May 16 61 views
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ashley K. May 09 73 views

what do you have to get ready to take with you when you became a nurse

the only reason i am asking is so i know what i need to have with me when i became one

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Jeffrey J. May 06 103 views

What are some of the best nursing jobs helping people

I need some help with finding a specific kind of nurse that I wanna become because there are so many choices. Is there any kind that anyone would recommend to me. I have Good communicating skills, Caring and Patience. I also pay close attention the details

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Carlos G. May 02 95 views
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Fiona W. Apr 29 104 views

What is the most difficult part about being a nurse?

Is it more emotionally or physically draining within the hard parts of this career?

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Fiona W. Apr 29 80 views

What is the best part about becoming a nurse?

I have heard really great things about becoming a nurse, but to the nurses out there, why do you stay in it?

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maniyah N. Apr 28 136 views
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Jeffrey J. Apr 28 122 views

My future

What steps would I take to become a nurse and what kind of nurse jobs would you tell me to look into because I know there are different kinds of nurses?

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Tara F. Apr 19 108 views

Schooling options

Which program prepares you more for the nursing degree. A 1+2+1 SUNY/Nursing program to earn your bachelor's degree or should you do 2 years RN first then 2 years earning your bachelor's degree.

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Hannah S. Mar 28 107 views
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Cheyenne S. Mar 28 100 views

What is some day to day task that a LPN has to do?

Hi was was wondering what are some common and uncommon tasks that an lpn have to do in a hospital or nursing home?

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Hannah S. Mar 28 95 views

What does your weekends normally are like within your field?

I am on my way to getting a CNA and been wanting to be a RN with a bachelor's, and I'm wondering if I will have weekends off or if/when I have weekends if it would be like weekdays?

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Brianna H. Mar 21 184 views

How do I know if CNA is the right career for me?

I want to know if cna is a good job for me is it a right career choice am i doing the right thing i care for people but am i capable of handling the job.
What should i do.

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Esmeralda G. Mar 03 127 views

Is it possible to be a nurse after you graduate?

I mean there is some schools that when you graduate you can be a nurse, but I'm not sure if all schools allow that
#graduate-school #nurse

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Aubrey M. Feb 03 202 views


Trying To View And See What All Come With Being NURSE ANESTHETISTS.
#nurse #healthcare #nursing

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Katherine B. Dec 13, 2021 285 views
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Katherine B. Dec 13, 2021 365 views

What are some Nursing-related jobs LPN's or RN's can go into that aren't directly related to patient care?

I love caring for people but I have a lower stress tolerance than most and think being in a high stress working environment would not be a great choice for me. I however don't want to be bored/not stimulated mentally. #nurse #LPN #LVN #RN #RegisteredNurse #nursing #healthcare #medical

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Katherine B. Dec 13, 2021 222 views

Is it difficult for LPN's/LVN's to find jobs after graduating nursing school?

How can new nurses increase their chances of finding a job? Should they start in a particular field? I have not gone to school yet but when I do I will probably go to a LPN to RN program part-time while working. #Nurse #LPN #LVN #Nursing #RN