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The role of a nurse is a core role within a hospital as well as other medical institutions. A nurse will care for patients, ensure doctors are prepared, and communicate...

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Is a job in the government easier to achieve then a job in medicine such as nursing.

I´m not sure what career I want to do yet, but I am interested in these but I just don´t know how I would get there. #jobs #government #advocacy #medicine #nurse...


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What are the specific responsibilities of a Family medicine doctor?

I am thinking about a career in medicine. I work well with kids and i also would like to work with adults. I am not sure what sector of medicine i specifically want to be in. #doctor...


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What is it like in the nursing career? What is it like in the business side? What is it like as a social worker?

I would love to learn more of all three, im stuck between which one is best for me financially, and mentally because i want to enjoy what i do in the future. #nurse #business #socialworker #careers...


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What courses should I take in highschool to get a job in the medical field? (nurse, surgeon, doctor, etc.)

I'm a freshman in highschool and I want to make sure I choose the right courses in gr. 11 and 12 so I can possibly get a job in the medical field. #highschool #medical #nurse #surgeon #doctor #courses #surgery #professionals...


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Can I become an NP and then become an Paediatrician? And how would I do that

I want to become a Paediatric Nurse Practitioner but I’ve been thinking for the idea of becoming an Paediatrician can I become a nurse get my degree and license then go to med school? How long would it take me? How would I go about doing that? #nurse #pre-med...


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How do you first start becoming a nurse?

I'm a high school student who is looking for advice on becoming a nurse or a doctor. #nurse #student...


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What do you on your normal or busy day as a nurse?

What different things do you do throughout your day? What are different types of things do you do like running tests or performing different types of skills. #medical #nurse #registerdnurse #medicine...


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OB/GYN, certified nurse midwife, or PA

I want to work with labor and delivery. I want to be there for my patients, championing them, while also helping them. I like the idea of being an ob-gyn because I'd love to perform surgical procedures, be part of high risk pregnancies, help women from conception through postpartum, and so...

#laboranddelivery #pa #career #nursemidwife #certifiednursemidwife #doctor #nurse #medicine #obgyn

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What are your interest as a nurse and what excites you the most about being a nurse?

I would like to know what your interest as a nurse are and what excites the most about being a nurse. #nurse #medical #medicine...


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How can I become a RN?

I am currently a junior in high school. I am very interested in nursing, and becoming an RN. I am having trouble understanding the steps , like what do I do first after I graduate high school ? Do I go straight to nursing school ? Do I go to college/university first and if so what classes...

#nurse #medicine #pharmacy #college #medical-school #nursing #rn

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what does a neonatal nurse do??

Im 14 years old Im a freshman ,My name is ahmiya.My dream career is to become a nurse butt not just any nurse but a neonatal.I want to be this because I want to help with care of sick children and other people. #neonatal...


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What’s the best part of being an nicu nurse?

I would like to be an nicu nurse but want to know more details. #nicu #nurse...


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shayna T. Nov 05, 2020 126 views

what education is needed to be a nurse?

not really sure if this is my exact career choice but at the moment im thinking it would be nice to be a nurse....


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Heaven H. Nov 05, 2020 101 views

How did you reach your goals And become a Nurse

I'm a 9th grader but I can't seem to reach my goals yet. And I want to be a nurse. I always wanted to be one. Why I like that job because it just for some reason I would like to be a nurse. I don't know why yet. But right now I would love to ask for your advice. About goals and nurse and all...

#goals #jobs #nurse #career

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Denaye A. Nov 05, 2020 69 views

What's your favorite thing about your 8th hour class mates?

I want to become a nurse but I'm too scared of needles, my aunt is a nurse and while taking class they will have to show you how to put a needle in on your arm. #nurse...


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brianna E. Nov 05, 2020 101 views

how many years would it take to become a RN nurse?

I did my research on how to become a nurse but theres different ways to become one and I'm trying to take the fastest, easier route. #classes #research...


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What is your greatest skill as a nurse?

I want to become a nurse because I like to care for people. One of my family members I look up to is a nurse. I want to know what skills are difficult or what skills are fun or easy. #nurse #medicine #skills...


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What are the best jobs that deal with babies/fetus in the medicine feild?

I have seen a couple of jobs such as neonatal, OBGYN, or a gynecologists'. I am wondering which is the most time consuming and with it being the most time consuming, does that mean that the pay grade is higher? I want to know this because I really like everything about this line of work and I...

#doctor #nurse #medicine #phd #pediatrician #health

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Will I enjoy being a CNA in a nursing home or in a hospital better?

I work in a nursing home and was wondering if it is better in a hospital....