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Career Questions tagged Nurse

The role of a nurse is a core role within a hospital as well as other medical institutions. A nurse will care for patients, ensure doctors are prepared, and communicate...

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jackie Sep 17 73 views

what should i take in uni to become a travel nurse?

I want to be a travel nurse because it's a great way to explore different places and cultures while also helping people. Do I HAVE to take a bachelor of science in nursing or can I just take a bachelor of science to have my career options open in case I changed my mind in the future and if I do...

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Destinee Sep 16 74 views

What is the right education needed to become an nurse??

What is the right career and or schooling path to become an nurse or an travel nurse?.
What is the proper guidance to become an nurse or an nurse practitioner?.

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Amarie Sep 13 79 views

Registered Nurse..

What do you find most difficult about being a nurse?

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A'zsha Sep 09 69 views

What do you like most/least about Non-Destructive hat do you like the most/least about Non-Destructive Testing?

How will this career help me pursue my long life term goals?
What can I do to help myself grow more in the medical field?
How will this career benefit me ?

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Jordan Sep 09 114 views

What do you like most about your career choice?

What do you like most about being a Nurse Practitioner?

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Jordan Sep 09 77 views

What would be a typical day?

What would be a typical day in the work force as a Nurse Practitioner?

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frankie Sep 07 89 views

does it take alot of patientce to be a pschiatrists.

i love working with others.

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David Sep 07 102 views

Associates degree for better nursing opportunities?

Would earning my Associates degree be more helpful in finding better nursing jobs? Being a RN sounds like a great career, and all i would need is an Associates and some experience. could getting my associates open up more technical careers within the healthcare industry to better learn about...

Cahyriah’s Avatar
Cahyriah Aug 26 179 views

What is the salary of an Certified Nursing Assistant?

I'm thinking about taking this job up and I would love to know more about it.

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Cahyriah Aug 26 122 views

How much is a Registered nurse salary?

I would really like to know this question.It would help a lot.

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Cahyriah Aug 26 70 views

How long does it take to become an registered nurse?

I really want to be a nurse. I honestly just want to be in the medical field.

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Brianna Aug 26 85 views

how much schooling is required to become a school nurse

Being a school nurse is something i might be interested in but im not for sure about it yet i was wondering what degrees,how much schooling and some good colleges to attend.

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Savannah Aug 25 217 views

What does a typical day look like as a Registered Nurse?

I'm in the process of working to get my Registered nurse licenses so i was wondering what it is u do day to day working as one.

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Savannah Aug 25 128 views

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter the medical field?

I'm trying to figure out the best ways to help me prepare for this field

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Samantha Aug 25 149 views

hello, I'm not to close to college but i wanted to get a idea of the transitioning process from college to nursing school?

Hello, I am not too close to college but I wanted to see what is the transitioning process from college to nursing school???

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Carli Aug 23 145 views

Do you stay in touch with the NICU babies you have helped with?

Do you stay in touch with the NICU babies you have helped with?

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Tyra Aug 17 111 views

CNA and Obstetric Nurse

1.)What are some tools a CNA should be familiar with to become a great nurse? 2.) Do you expect hiring for this field in the obstetric nurse in the South MS area to increase, decrease, or stay the same over the next few years? 3.) What are some tips that can help me be successful as an...

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Ahmad Aug 16 151 views

Clinical Nurse Specialist

What are some of the goals that you have working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist?

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Kamari Aug 16 136 views

Do Nurses Become Desensitized to Their Work?

Hi! I'm very curious about pursuing nursing. But I am a bit nervous that I won't be able to handle the "gross" things, such as removing deadpans, cleaning people, etc. Is there a way or any tips that help you get used to these stuff?

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Zakir Jul 28 135 views

I have a question about Nurse Anesthetists

Does this career give you a big enough salary.

Zakir’s Avatar
Zakir Jul 28 217 views

I have a question about Nurse Anesthetists as a career

What are three important things I should know about this job.

Thank you.

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Dustin Jul 20 145 views

i am interested in becoming an register nurse. id like to ask a few questions

1.what is the typical day like.
2. what are the benefits offered by most registered nursing jobs
3. What related fields do you think I should consider looking into?

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Marco Jul 20 210 views

What are the proper steps to become Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Working towards GED, thinking what steps I need to take to become CRNA.

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Ombrey Jul 08 255 views

When in medical school what is the biggest thing to remember going into the medical field?

I have more questions pertaining to the medical field and just staying levelheaded.

What is the greatest strength to have within the medical field?

How are the quality of patient care and safety reviewed?

What was the greatest challenge going from grad school into your actual career?

Oluwafarati’s Avatar
Oluwafarati Jun 26 205 views

Where to get started in regard to becoming a Registered Nurse

I want to become a registered nurse but i’m not sure where to get started as a High school student in the 9th grade going on to 10th grade

Francesca’s Avatar
Francesca Jun 14 188 views

What is the atmosphere working being a midwife?

I just want to know if the environment that midwives go through and experience everyday if it will best fit the pace of my work style and if my occupational traits will really align with this specific career within the health care field.

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Francesca Jun 14 253 views

How much on average do Midwives make hourly? In bigger areas in Texas, Arizona and or Georgia?

I'm thinking of eventually relocating again and I wanted to get more insight on those specific 3 states and the average on which how much midwives make hourly. Just to weigh my options out and maybe where to consider more to relocating so that i can still live the lifestyle i want in the future.

Francesca’s Avatar
Francesca Jun 14 272 views

If you attended college. Did the education you received in college, prepare you enough to feel comfortable once you got into the career path you took?

Some people go for advanced training or even just years of college to pursue their careers and I would just like to know if people think its beneficial to have attended college for the career they went into.

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gabriella Jun 10 161 views

I want to become a certified nurse assistant.

What do i need to do? Are there specific classes i need to take? How many years of college is required?.

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Kayla Jun 09 201 views

What is the most important thing about being a registered nurse?

i am currently studying to get a certification to starting to become a registred nurse and would like to know more information