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The role of a nurse is a core role within a hospital as well as other medical institutions. A nurse will care for patients, ensure doctors are prepared, and communicate...

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tanyia R. May 07 30 views

how many years to take to become a NICU nurse?

my name is tanyia and would lik to become a NICU NURSE before i turn 21 #medicine...


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Did you have to get perfect grades in high school to be able to become a registered nurse?

I'm a 10th-grader who has always had an interest in the medical field and nursing and I expect that you had to attain perfect grades to gain entry into a good nursing school but recently my grades haven't been so great so I wonder if that's going to affect me if I do choose to become a...

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Is a job in the government easier to achieve then a job in medicine such as nursing.

I´m not sure what career I want to do yet, but I am interested in these but I just don´t know how I would get there. #jobs #government #advocacy #medicine #nurse...


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Naomi D. Jan 14 168 views

How do you first start becoming a nurse?

I'm a high school student who is looking for advice on becoming a nurse or a doctor. #nurse #student...


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Esmeralda S. Dec 16, 2020 145 views

What do you on your normal or busy day as a nurse?

What different things do you do throughout your day? What are different types of things do you do like running tests or performing different types of skills. #medical #nurse #registerdnurse #medicine...


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Atiku E. Dec 06, 2020 189 views
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brianna E. Nov 05, 2020 172 views

how many years would it take to become a RN nurse?

I did my research on how to become a nurse but theres different ways to become one and I'm trying to take the fastest, easier route. #classes #research...


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Arabella P. Oct 27, 2020 310 views

If you want to become a registered nurse can you go straight to nursing school after graduating high school?

I have always had an interest in nursing because of the program I'm in at my local high school and having to be able to work in a hospital has always been a goal for me career wise and having to be the first person in my family that is in the medical field is a really amazing accomplishment....

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kathryn B. Oct 27, 2020 82 views

For nurses, are your schedules all mixed up and crazy?

I want to know this answer because I was thinking about being a nurse I would just like to know if your schedules are crazy. #nurse...


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kathryn B. Oct 27, 2020 96 views

What college degrees do I need to become a nurse?

I want to know what college degrees I need to become a nurse. #nurse #college...


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aerion V. Oct 22, 2020 46 views

reasons to become a nurse.

what would some good points to becoming a nurse beside just saving lives bc everyone says that?...


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Olivia Jussele S. Oct 21, 2020 263 views

What jobs in the medical field are ideal?

I am still in high school, specifically Junior year, and I still am trying to figure out what job I want to study for in college. I know I want to work somewhere in the medical field but I don't know what specific job I want to get. I know that I can't work seeing bodies that are involved in...

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Athena R. Jul 02, 2020 4113 views

Can I go straight to nursing school after I graduate high school? (If so, how can I get in?)

Hello, I am currently a rising junior in high school. I am very interested in nursing, and becoming an RN. I want to obtain a BSN, and later my masters because I want to specialize in sports medicine or orthopedics. I believe I read somewhere that you can go straight to nursing school right...

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Athena R. Jun 17, 2020 144 views

What are good colleges in California that have great nursing schools?

Hello! I am a rising junior in high school and am interested in going into the medical field, more specifically nursing (possibly a nurse practitioner). I live in California, and want to go to college here. #nursing #college #nurse #healthcare...


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Athena R. Jun 15, 2020 161 views

What do you have to do to become a CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthesiologist) ?

Hello! I am currently a rising junior in high school, and am very interested in going into the medical field. However, I am not sure what I want to be. I think I am interested in going to nursing school. When do I apply to nursing school? About how long does it take to become a CRNA? What...

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Would I enjoy doing CNA and will it help forward my career progress of being an RN?

I'm going to be a CNA so in the future I can be an RN and hopefully in the future I can be in the Fire Fighter academy to become a fire fighter. #nursing #nurse #registered-nurses...


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Josie P. Feb 04, 2020 104 views

What are some good volunteering programs for high school students interested in nursing?

I am located in Belton, MO and I'm hoping to volunteer so I can learn about being a nurse! #nursing #nurse #medicine...


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