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Career Questions tagged Nurse

The role of a nurse is a core role within a hospital as well as other medical institutions. A nurse will care for patients, ensure doctors are prepared, and communicate...

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Ki'Rstyn N. Ki'Rstyn N. 8 hours ago 11 views
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Ariel C. Ariel C. yesterday 23 views

What are some ways to help me make a decision for my future ?

I’m not sure if I want too be a nurse, doctor, or go into law what are some ways to help me make a decision? #medicine #law #doctor...


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Jasmine H. Jasmine H. Jul 30 20 views

How challenging can nursing be?

I love to help and make people feel better when their not feeling well. I hate to see people hurt and sick knowing I can't do anything to help. That's why I wanna be a nurse. #nursing #nurse #medicine #nursing-education...


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Torianna M. Torianna M. Jul 29 30 views

How does my personality need to be like

Hi my name is Torianna and I want to know what kind of personality I would need to be a nurse and how bad can not having a good personality affect the job #nurse #healthcare...


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jessica P. jessica P. Jul 28 55 views

What schooling must you do after college to become a nurse anesthetist and a nurse practitioner?

Hi, I will be entering my junior year in high school and I've always known that I want to work in healthcare. I've been really thinking about nursing. I know nurse anesthetists and practitioners are different but both intrigued me. What degrees do each have, and how long do they each go to...

#medicine #nursing #nurse #healthcare #registered-nurses

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samiye K. samiye K. Jul 18 57 views

Health Related Studies

Hello, this year I will be a senior, and I am thinking of studying medicine, or nursing. I'm an international student, i really want to study in the US and get a full ride scholarship. For which one would it be easier for me to get a full ride scholarship #nursing #scholarship #nurse...

#surgeon #fullridescholarship #us #medicine #usa #healthcare #doctor #surgeonassistant

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Rosemary G. Rosemary G. Jul 09 65 views

What are the steps to becoming a registered NICU nurse and how long does it take?

Im trying to find a good career for me and know that I would love to work with babies such as a NICU nurse and I just want to know what steps are needed to get there. #nursing #registered-nurses #healthcare #nurse...


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Rosemary G. Rosemary G. Jul 09 77 views

Is a midwife a good job/ interesting job?

Im currently looking for careers and seems like midwife is fun but don"t know the other perspective behind closed doors. #job #nurse #nursing...


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Saica B. Saica B. Jul 08 48 views

How did you go about becoming a Nurse Anesthetist? What does a Nurse Anesthetist do on a day-to-day basis? How much do entry-level Nurse Anesthetist make right out of college?

My name is Saica , I am 24 years old currently getting my CNA trade but what I really want is to become a Nurse Anesthetist and i would love some information on the do's and don'ts on becoming a Nurse Anesthetist. #nursing #nurse #healthcare...


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Brianna M. Brianna M. Jul 06 65 views
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Isabel C. Isabel C. Jul 06 58 views

what is something i can do to become a nurse ?

i want to become a nurse and when i go to college i want to study in the medical field....


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Kristie M. Kristie M. Jun 28 79 views

How to become a NICU Rn

Hello I graduated in 2017 and I am finally at a place to go for a degree. I want to become a NICU RN. However I have no idea how to start, should I go for prerequisites 1st at a community college then apply to a nursing school? Can I go straight for a BSN after I complete my perquisites? Is...

#medicine #nurse #nursing #healthcare #nicu #college

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brittney B. brittney B. Jun 27 56 views

How long does it typically take to become a nurse in new york city? What are the steps? What are some tips? Anybody have a nursing associates?

i am an 18 year old who just graduated high school. my high school is in partnership with my college, and are sending me there free of charge but for only an associates in nursing. #nursing #healthcare #college #nursing-education...


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Jaida A. Jaida A. Jun 16 43 views

what’s steps to i need to take in order to become a labor and delivery nurse

i’m interested in joining that nursing field and as my senior year is approaching and i will soon have to start applying for colleges, i need to figure out how i can take those steps in pursing that career #nurse #healthcare...


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Dakota P. Dakota P. Jun 08 84 views

I want to do a lot of things so how should i narrow it down?

I love Mysteries and i want to become a forensic scientist #forensic #criminal-justice #science I love makeup and i want to be a cosmetologist I love taking care and helping people i want to be a nurse #nurse #health...


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Marianela A. Marianela A. Jun 08 69 views

What are some ways to find career internships?

I am not yet sure of what I want to study after high school but, I am between a Neonatal nurse and a vet at the moment. #nurse...


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Cari F. Cari F. Jun 07 135 views

What are the steps to becoming a Registered Nurse

I am very interested in taking this path and I'm a high school student who wants to get a heads tart on heading in the right direction. #nursing #nurse...


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tanyia R. tanyia R. May 07 83 views

will i be able to do on hands training ?

want t become a NICU nurse...