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Career Questions tagged Hospital And Healthcare

Kaila C.’s Avatar
Kaila C. Aug 08, 2019 287 views

What is a day like as a certified nursing assistant?

I'm from Guam, attending Hawaii Job Corps and I'm interested in learning more about becoming a certified nursing assistant. healthcare nursing-education nurse nursing hospital-and-healthcare medicine nursing-assistant...


Isa L.’s Avatar
Isa L. May 14, 2019 261 views
Olivia G.’s Avatar
Olivia G. May 12, 2019 256 views

How many years does a bridge over take in College in the medical field?

Hi, I am Olivia Lynn Gilley. I am 13, and I go to South Ripley Junior School. I have always been around nurses and doctors. I also babysit. I am in love with the medical field. healthcare medicine healthcare hospital-and-healthcare doctor...


Gunnar L.’s Avatar
Gunnar L. May 07, 2019 245 views

Was it a difficult journey becoming an orthopedic surgeon?

Were the courses challenging and pertinent to your field? Is it everything that you thought it would be? I am thinking of pursuing this career and wanted to know more about the challenges and triumphs of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. medicine medicine healthcare hospital-and-healthcare...

orthopedist surgery orthopedic surgeon doctor

Sebastian C.’s Avatar
Sebastian C. May 03, 2019 255 views

Do experienced surgeons take rookie surgeons in during an operation?

I was wondering if it was necessary for rookie surgeons to experience operations first hand or just watch from afar. healthcare medicine healthcare hospital-and-healthcare surgery...


Tess W.’s Avatar
Tess W. Apr 18, 2019 295 views

How can I complete medical school while working?

I want to be a doctor, but worry about the financial burden of undergraduate and medical school. I am an independent student financially supporting myself. I am looking for tips on how to find a job with flexible hours and navigating school requirements. doctor medicine premed...

hospital-and-healthcare medschool healthcare

Katarzyna C.’s Avatar
Katarzyna C. Aug 17, 2018 446 views

What is the most challenging aspect of being a pediatrician?

Particularly in places where pediatrics is considered a specialty (e.g. in Australia), not primary care (e.g. in the U.S.). pediatrics medicine medicine doctor healthcare hospital-and-healthcare med-school...


David S.’s Avatar
David S. Mar 20, 2019 225 views

What are the challenges that lie ahead.

My trade is medical office assistant support. I'd like to know what I need to do to be prepared and would like to know how to do the challenging tasks and how to work through it. medicine healthcare hospital-and-healthcare office assistant administrative-assistant...


MaKayla D.’s Avatar
MaKayla D. Mar 15, 2019 224 views

What happens in your day to day life?

what is included in the day to day life of an ER nurse? I have had an interest in this field for a while now and just want some details to go by. ernurse nurse nursing medicine healthcare...


amina S.’s Avatar
amina S. Mar 13, 2019 298 views
Fatima H.’s Avatar
Fatima H. Mar 13, 2019 282 views

What is a day in the life as a ICU nurse?

Ex. Normal routine , how long you work, how do the shifts work nursing icunurse nurse medicine doctor healthcare hospital-and-healthcare...