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Career Questions tagged Stem

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Popular careers within these fields include aerospace engineer, animal scientists, financial manager, computer support specialist, and a lot more. Please read below to find...

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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 09 100 views

Should I forego college and get an internet-based job making millions of dollars?

This is part of our professionals series

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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 08 68 views

What are all the jobs you can get at Google?

As many of you know, big companies like this don't just hire engineers, but they have HR departments, Accounting, etc. In an effort to show students that they can work at a tech company without being in tech, what are jobs you can get at Google (or another large company)? This is part of our...

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Genevieve Mar 06 105 views

Careers that involve STEM and Writing?

I'm really drawn to STEM (especially math) and writing. Are there any careers (other than finance and accounting) that combine my two interests?

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Genevieve Mar 02 84 views

What can you do with a chemistry degree?

One of my siblings asked me this, and the only industries that I could think of were the medical/food industries.

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Valloree Feb 28 204 views

Are there any jobs that involves STEM, and nursing at the same time?

I like STEM and nursing and I don't know if I'll be able to decide between the two.

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Meghana Jan 15 179 views

Which courses in high school can help me prepare for biotechnology??

I am currently a junior in high school. I want to decide my senior year courses and also I am taking a lot of health science courses. But I want to keep my options open to other careers in biology.

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Meghana Jan 15 187 views

What jobs in biotechnology can put one in the frontiers of breakthrough research?

I am deeply fascinated by biology and have a passion for research. I want to explore my career options as a high schooler.

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Aashi Jan 14 150 views

I am a student of grade XII interested in CS engineering What colleges would u recommend apart form IITS/NITS?

I am giving entrance exams but don't have enough knowledge about many good colleges apart from the top IITS or NITS

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Tejasvi Jan 09 193 views

What are good colleges for Actuarial Science that are not too competitive?

I'm planning on majoring in actuarial science and I was wondering if there are any colleges that are not too competitive. I've looked into Texas A&M and I was wondering if anyone has any insight on taking actuarial science there?


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Amily Dec 30, 2022 199 views

What does it take to become or get into a Computer Science/Computer Engineering Major?

I heard that getting into a Computer Science major is somewhat getting harder. What does it take to increase your chances of getting accepted to that major/school? Is there a certain volunteer or community service that has to be done? Something related to computers? Are there prerequisite...

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Erick Dec 13, 2022 230 views

Education requirements for being a bioengineer

What kind of education requirements would you need for becoming a bioengineer?

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Zander Dec 12, 2022 176 views

What does a day in the life of a animal scientist look like?

I am a high school senior who is trying to get advice on what a day in the life of an animal scientist looks like for one of my classes.

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Stephanie Dec 10, 2022 269 views

How do I build back my motivation?

At the beginning of the semester of college, I had much better habits and motivation. Alas, that didn't last very long. Now, I don't have any motivation. I'm constantly grasping concepts slower than my peers (I feel I'm behind in everything compared to my peers), I haven't done many...

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CareerVillage Office Hours Nov 30, 2022 262 views

How early does being good in math matter if I want to work in technology?

This question comes from a CareerVillage professional who wishes more students would ask this.

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Tristan Nov 08, 2022 301 views

Are STEM jobs more financially safe than jobs involving art?

I want to be an author, but would it be more financially safe to pursue a job in STEM and instead keep writing as a hobby?

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Emilymae Nov 05, 2022 152 views

How did you know that you found the right job for you?

At times I feel like there are so many different types of jobs one can pursue, so many that it becomes overwhelming to me.

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Liz Nov 05, 2022 474 views

What are some extracurriculars a highschool student can do to prep for a STEM career?

Are there any internships, volunteer oppurtunities or other extracurricular activities (both in-person and online) a highschool student can do in the UAE? Especially related to STEM?

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Jennifer Oct 31, 2022 236 views

Future career goals?

I want to do something in the stem field but I'm not really passionate about anything

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Jennifer Oct 31, 2022 344 views

Career goals?

Not sure what I want to major in but my career goal is to do something in the stem field

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Liz Oct 30, 2022 448 views

Are there any resume building resources for highschool students?

Especially for someone who wants to persue a career in STEM?

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Daphne Oct 27, 2022 348 views

What classes should I take to major in neuroscience?

What classes should I take if I want to major in neuroscience? (currently a high school student -- my goal is to become a neurosurgeon in the future).

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Sofie Oct 27, 2022 333 views

How do I start researching to find colleges I might be interested in?

I am interested in STEM, but I’m not sure what majors I want to choose.

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raina Oct 26, 2022 202 views

What are some majors that are good for undecided students?

Should I just go in undecided? I'm just worried that if I do, I won't be able to transfer into a certain course later on if it's full. Majors relating to STEM appeal to me, but I'm pretty sure my understanding of math isn't strong enough for me to succeed in anything STEM related.

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Adonis Oct 25, 2022 315 views

What did you do today?

What amazing creation did you create today? I would love if you could tell me all about it and the process of making it.

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Vedant Oct 25, 2022 319 views

How can we become an Astro Chemist?

How can we become an astro chemist ?

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Levi Oct 04, 2022 190 views

What is the easiest science field and which is the hardest?

Which ones harder"

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Sofie Sep 28, 2022 286 views

How can I figure out what field of science I like best?

I know that I am interested in science, but if I want to pursue it as a career, I need to start narrowing it down.

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Michelle Aug 19, 2022 287 views

Employers: How important is school ranking when hiring?

Hello, I am currently in high school and I want to study mechanical engineering to hopefully break into aerospace. I would like to work for JPL or Boeing in the future but I cannot afford to attend colleges out of state (where it has much better rankings) because of how expensive everything...

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Freddie May 31, 2022 448 views

How exactly should I choose a career in STEM?

Being in STEM is something that I would love to do however, I am not sure exactly what career I want. I know I want to do something that can help people, possibly work with machinery, and have a really good pay. I hate working in teams and I would rather meet up with people initially to...

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Freddie May 28, 2022 586 views

What does a cyber crime investigator actually do?

Is it boring?

Do ya´ll just catch pedofiles all day or is there something more?

Is it a fufilling career?

Can dumb people be good in this feild?

Do you need to have a strong mentallity or stomatch to do this job?