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Career Questions tagged Students

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Boshra Mar 22 81 views

Are SAT and ACT very important in university?

I took the PSAT ( Pre-sat) this year, and my math score was better than my English, And some people including our school counselor is saying SAT is not very very important in the application, but some of my teachers and my family are saying it's very important, and you have to get a good score...

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Sky Mar 01 147 views

Looking for advice as a student pursuing business

#CV23 What is an advice you would give to a high school student that wants to pursue a business administration major? What range of careers is available from this major?

Darren’s Avatar
Darren Jan 30 123 views

What internships are available for software engineering?

I am currently in high school.

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Tvisha Jan 16 141 views

Best choice in culinary arts ?

I am honestly interested in all aspects of culinary arts, be it photography or creating new recipes or staying in kitchen for long hours or even writing about food.
What currently and in the next 10 years has the most scope to expand?

Tvisha’s Avatar
Tvisha Jan 16 192 views

How to select a college?

I have selected some colleges for my bachelors in culinary arts, however i am not sure which one to select because some of them have good internships and placements, while others have a better teaching faculty or some have amazing events in their campus. What should i give priority to? Also,...

Jsai’s Avatar
Jsai Dec 01, 2022 288 views

What companies to apply for?

Does anybody have any advice for a student pursuing software engineering? I've completed a few computer programming classes. What jobs would you encourage me to apply for?

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Edna Nov 28, 2022 114 views

How is it to be a kindergarten teacher?

Is it easy to be a kindergarten teacher? Why is it good to be one?

Sofija’s Avatar
Sofija Nov 14, 2022 207 views

Are internships widely avaliable for students who also have a heavy courseload??

I enjoy hands on activities and feel like getting real time experience especially in the medical field would be exponentially helpful, but I don't want to overload myself with hard classes and that responsibility

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Vanessa Nov 08, 2022 239 views

College life question

What is a normal day like as a typical nursing-major college student in the first year? #Fall22

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Nov 08, 2022 275 views

What is it like having to teach early childhood students post-pandemic?

I have been hearing how hard it is to get students back on the right track post-pandemic. I would just like to get someones point of view on the level of difficulty it has been. Has there been a noticeable set backs? #FALL22

Edison’s Avatar
Edison Sep 27, 2022 305 views

When I get to college, what should my priority be?

Should I be searching for internships right away when I know what I want to pursue in the future? Or should I be exploring my options, for example maybe focusing a majority of my time in studying, or out making friends?

Selena’s Avatar
Selena Sep 19, 2022 373 views

what are 3 questions i should ask a student who are working to become CMAs

im a student who wants to become a CMA and i need some good questions to ask a student who is become a CMA but are more far a long then i would be

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 26, 2022 629 views

Does your workplace value your mental health?

It might be a silly question but I'm genuinely curious about people's prospect. This is all because you're replaceable once you're 6 ft under so why not take care of your mental health?

Kayana’s Avatar
Kayana Jun 21, 2022 229 views

I have this dream to study aboard after completing high school and pursue something in business and finance. What are your views about that?

I have talked to people, and they all seem to think that this is a great and passionate idea. I want some guidance on the best universities which are not too expensive and if it is, scholarships are provided.

Darnell’s Avatar
Darnell Apr 19, 2022 311 views

Can Culinary put me in other careers?

Using connections, can culinary put me onto different career pathways?

laura’s Avatar
laura Apr 08, 2022 314 views

is it ever hard to manage your personal life

like does being a teacher ever affect you personal life like the teachers I know don't really have a life outside of school

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Jan 21, 2022 253 views

What are benefits when it comes to being in clubs?

is there any need to join clubs in college or even high school? #Students #college-advice #high-school

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Yaohong May 25, 2021 514 views

What can nutritionist help people with?

Hello, I am a student and I want to ask a question about being a nutritionist. Which nutritionist is what I am interested #career #students.

Kaiya’s Avatar
Kaiya May 21, 2021 501 views

what is the student to teacher ratio?

#students #teacher #college-student

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Jose May 05, 2021 663 views

What is a good Internship?

#internships #students #career

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Maryil May 02, 2021 347 views

What is your job objective?

I am a #students #job Hospitality Management student.

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jennel Apr 26, 2021 527 views

What are the steps in applying to universities in England

#international english speaking student #stress
#career #students

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Re lin Apr 25, 2021 1506 views

What job is best for a abm student?

#student #student-development #first-job #job #students

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Asma Apr 23, 2021 359 views

Can any one tell me about the job opportunities or internship programs for international student of Plant Breeding and Genetics?

#job #student #student-development #jobs #students #first-job

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Baafa Apr 20, 2021 274 views

what must i know if i study business finance

I am Juliet, a student at the university of Ghana.#students

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Rashmi Apr 19, 2021 362 views

International student opportunities with criminology and criminal justice major.

Hi. I'm currently pursuing my second masters in criminology and criminal justice. I am a F1 student and on graduation would need visa sponsorship. I finished my first masters in US, majoring in business management and undergrad in information science and engg in India. I'm looking to seek...

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Yamkela Apr 19, 2021 330 views

Available student jobs

#career #students #student
I am a fun person
Very vibrant
Hands on

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Jason Apr 19, 2021 299 views

what do I need to be to be a paleontologist?

#student # #high-school-students #student-development #students

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ranjit Apr 17, 2021 295 views

after arts can i study in clinical psychology

im a arts student i have a these sub like history ,gen english,gen punjabi,elective punjabi ,physical education ,computer science #student so tell me plz i can i do my psychology studies #students

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Elbe Apr 15, 2021 437 views

How do I know what I want to go to collage for

There are 3 main careers I want but don't know how to choose. I want to be a Actor, Teacher, or Lawyer. #teacher #educators #theatre #students #veterinary-technician