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Myles J. Nov 05, 2020 151 views
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RAVI M. Feb 27, 2018 366 views

UGC NET 2018 Exam Dates?

When CBSE will conduct the UGC NET 2018 Exam? exam studying entrance-exam applications...


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ishaan R. Feb 09, 2018 440 views

Test Paper for UGC NET?

I Need some mock test papers for UGC NET Exam Preparation exam studying entrance-exam applications...


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Christian S. Apr 16, 2019 373 views

Are ACT Prep Classes really that helpful?

I need an ACT score of at least 30 to get into a military academy. From my PSAT score, I'll probably get a 28. Will an ACT Prep class actually raise my score by two points or more? Thanks! college military military act art physics air-force navy marines theater act career test...

english math language ap academy high-school reading education writing

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Asia W. Apr 15, 2018 386 views

How can I study for the AP Computer Science Principals Exam

This is a relatively new course with relatively little to no information and I am really nervous about taking the exam and could use a little help AP ap-testing testing test computer-science studying...


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Carina P. Apr 18, 2018 351 views

If I did not that the PSATs, what is my likelihood of getting a full ride with just the SAT score?

I did not take the PSAT, but I have a good SAT score. Would that qualify me for a full ride, or just merit scholarships? test sat psat scholarship college score school...


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Elizabeth H. Mar 06, 2018 414 views

What are the best methods for effective studying?

I sometimes find it difficult to figure out the best way to study for exams and tests. I feel that no matter how much time I give myself or how early I start studying, I still don't feel as confident as I would like to. studytips exams test...


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Abby H. May 07, 2016 644 views

How do I prepare to pass the NCLEX the first time I take it?

My college prepares students very well for the NCLEX, and have a very high passing rate for first time takers. I want to prepare myself to make sure I pass with flying colors! Not only that, but I understand what I've learned rather than just memorizing it all. college nursing nurse...

studying-tips test career-counseling career

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Cristina G. Oct 12, 2017 655 views

How I can prepare myself for an exam?

I'm having a hard time to organize myself and plan my day. The final week is getting more stressful for me and I have problems to memorize the new information. exams test school-counseling professor higher-education education-management education organization...

student-counseling organizational-development

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Ursula G. Apr 14, 2017 904 views

Is it okay to listen to music while studying?

I always listen to music or put the tv as background noise while I'm studying and I feel like it helps me concentrate (when I feel like it's bothering me or I get to a harder topic I turn it off), but every time my sister comes to my room and sees me doing this she always gives me a lecture...

finals studying college-essay music studying-tips test

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Luka G. Nov 07, 2016 859 views

What is the best way to tackle the SAT?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I started preparing for the SAT. Would it benefit me to start this early or is it not early at all? What studying strategies would you recommend? Thanks! time-management testing sat test test-management...


Amy Z.’s Avatar
Amy Z. Jun 02, 2016 684 views

How important are SAT subject scores?

I have not studied much for my SAT subjects and I was wondering how important my scores are in admissions. college college-admissions college-bound testing sat...


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Eugenia C. May 24, 2016 576 views

What should I study in order to prepare for the MCAT exam?

I would like to take the test required for entering medical school, therefore I would like some suggestions on sources for studying for it. doctor graduate-school medical-school...


Francis M.’s Avatar
Francis M. May 20, 2016 1144 views

What is the best way to overcome test anxiety?

I have struggled with test anxiety beginning in early elementary school. I am looking for advise as to how to overcome this issue so I can be the most confident when tests are presented. test...