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Career Questions tagged Sat

jessica P.’s Avatar
jessica P. Jul 28, 2021 293 views

What did you do to get a high SAT score?

Not really a career question, but I'm wondering how long you studied and HOW you actually studied to get a 1450+ score.
#college #sat #college-admissions

Mia S.’s Avatar
Mia S. Jul 27, 2021 199 views

How do I build up my my application as a junior in high school?

I’m a rising junior and really want to get into Columbia or Harvard for their medical programs and so I’m trying to pave the way for that acceptance. I’ll be taking my first Ap classes this junior year and they do relate to my field of interest. The only thing is how can I be recognized with my...

sebastian O.’s Avatar
sebastian O. Nov 05, 2020 187 views

What are important things to know when you are on your own

ill get straight to the point with what I'm explaining, but I'm happy to explain more thoroughly. I am willing to learn, but if it doesn't interest me then ill keep it in the back of my head. ily try my hardest and take my time, but if I don't get it ill move on to something else. #sat #school

Aniya W.’s Avatar
Aniya W. Aug 24, 2020 284 views

Which SAT math topics should I put emphasis on ?

The SAT is coming up shortly for me. I want to know the math topics I definitely need.
#math #sat

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Daniela T. Aug 24, 2020 281 views
Daniela T.’s Avatar
Daniela T. Aug 24, 2020 514 views
Daniela T.’s Avatar
Daniela T. Aug 24, 2020 220 views