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What's the difference between AP and IB?

I don't know if I want to do IB. My school has both AP and IB, so I could just do AP, but I don't know the difference....


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How is dental school structured within the course of 4 years?

I am a senior in high school who is interested in pursuing a career as a dentist and hopefully open my practice one day. #dentistry...


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What courses can I take in college to become a graphic designer?

I'm in high school but I'm thinking of doing middle college next year. I'm not sure what classes I should take that would help me in the future. #graphic-design #high-school-classes...


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Can a person burnout in real life?

If a student stays up till 12 am each day in high school doing homework, is there a point in time when the body cannot maintain these standards anymore, and we loose steam somewhere in college or grad school #high-school-students #work-life-balance #high-school-classes...


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If I score high enough on an AP test to skip a college class, should I?

If my AP Literature score comes back as a 5, then I can skip English 1101. This could be bad considering it will be a transition into college literature class....


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How can I stop procrastinating and become proactive?

I’m always extremely motivated to get the work done but when it comes down to beginning, I lose all motivation (ie beginning college application essays or studying for a test). I am currently in a practical nursing program at school and would love to gain everything I can now instead of having...

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Should I still apply to my dream school even though my SAT score isn’t up to par? If so, how can I make my application stand out to the admissions committee?

My SAT scores are below average for my dream college, however, my GPA, community service, and extra curricular activities are great. #college #school #high-school-classes #college-applications #vanderbilt...


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How much is a certificate from technical school worth?

Senior year of high school, I took graphic design at a technical school and earned two certificates, one rating my skills and one for passing this big test. Those who went to technical/vocational school in high school, how useful were those certificates when landing a job? #vocationalschool...

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What’s the most important thing colleges look for in applications?

SAT Scores, GPA, class rank, extracurriculars, essays? If you were to make a list from the most important aspect to the least, how would it look like? #high-school-classes #classes #collegeapplications...


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What can you do to change a older students attitude towards a class?

During middle school and high school, students tend not to like certain classes and this continues to the end of the year. What can a teacher do to help these students become interested enough in the class that they participate #high-school-classes #classes #high-school and do the class work?...

#teacher #encouragement

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How can i give back to people that supported me throughout high school?

I like to think about giving back to thoughs who supported me through my tough times in high school, so they know I appreciate what they did. #high-school-classes #networking...


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What classes in highschool should I take in order to be a musical choreographer.

I would like to be a musical theatre choreographer for shows and performances. #theatre #musical-theatre #dance #choreography #performing-arts...


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How important is senior year of high school?

Many people tend to take it easy on the last year, is it better to take easy classes or to take more rigorous classes like ap and concurrent? #high-school-students #grades #high-school-classes #picking-classes #college...