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Cloe S. Jan 26 154 views

What does a normal schedule look like for you?

I’m doing community service for my high school. I would like to ask some questions and get some responses. #schedule...


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suki Y. Oct 05, 2020 269 views

How to construct a schedule while working for a full-time job and self-advancement at the same time

Hi Everyone:)) Good to tell you that I got offer as a temporary clerk so that I can afford myself a lunch now :) However, as the contract will be ended after 3months.Right now I am quite anxious to find the next stage to move on, I am planning to work on my Korean and other self-advancement...

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suki Y. Jun 02, 2020 342 views

How to conduct my self routine during quarantine?

Hi :) To begin with, I have finished 1year of Korean studies in South Korea after my graduation from college. In fact I would like to start to develop career whatever what kind of experience it is, I want to learn. Yet, I am suffering from depression after I come back to home and right now to...

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Marlene U. Jan 28, 2020 225 views

What does your daily schedule consist of?

As a General Pediatrician, what do you typically do on a daily basis? Are most days pretty crazy or very relaxed? Is it pretty routine or do things change based on the day? etc. #doctor #healthcare #medicine #medical #generalpediatrician #schedule #daily...


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Christian S. Apr 16, 2019 330 views

Debate vs AP Literature and Composition

In my school instead of a Language Arts Class, you can take Debate. Would it be better to be on Debate and the Debate team, or should I stick with a hard class like APLAC? I also have the option of taking college English or Business Communications. What's the option for college applications?...

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christique G. Nov 27, 2018 283 views

As an HVAC technician, are you satisfied with your work schedule, and the demanding hours HVAC can have?

Having a flexible schedule is important to me and I want to hear someone in the field's perspective and how they have been able to hand a HVAC work schedule. #schedule #hvac #construction...


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Tulip T. Aug 23, 2018 239 views

Should I worry about my future work schedule?

I want to be a doctor at a hospital but I’m afraid to go into the health field and work there because I know a doctors work schedule is early in the morning and you have to be on call. #doctor #hospital...


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Alexis P. Jan 18, 2018 246 views

How do I learn to practice good study habits and keep on a schedule?

I have never really had to study in high school but I expect to in college. How do I learn to practice good study habits and keep a schedule? #study #studying-tips...


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Madison S. Jan 19, 2017 800 views

Zoology schedule

If you are to work as a zoology. What is the time you come and leave work? Are there different times depending on your location and company? #work #zoology...


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Valentin L. May 27, 2016 711 views

How did you guys manage and create your schedule for University classes?

I am a senior about to graduate and planning to attend a university in the 2016 Fall semester and I am wondering if there are good resources to help create a schedule or where to get advice about how to organize my schedule for the first semester and year. #college #university #school #advice...


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Myan N. May 25, 2016 681 views

What jobs would you recommend that let's you set up your own schedule and work on your own time?

I am interested in a job where I can go to work on my own time and not on a regular 40 hour work based per week because I feel like I can handle things on my own time rather than being on a daily schedule for work. #career #jobs...


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Nadia P. May 13, 2016 670 views

How can I become more involved in volunteer work while balancing school work and a job?

Hi there, I want to become a volunteer at my local blood bank or hospital. I need experience for my medical school applications and I am very passionate about the work done in these professions. But, with school going on until late June and a full time summer job, adding another commitment...

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Leslie V. Apr 08, 2014 733 views

What psychology careers have a consistent schedule?

I don't ever want to have to put my job before my family or my family before my job. #family...


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Jeff H. Mar 26, 2014 1271 views

If you join a college sport, how does it affect your schedule?

For example, if I join my college's soccer team, how does that affect my schedule? #college #sports #soccer #schedule...