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What does a typical day look like as a Chef? What may be some negative things that I might come across choosing to be a Chef? Would I be able to make a living off of being a Chef only and not having to really struggle?

I am 16 considering doing advanced training from Job Corps in San Francisco after I get my 2 years done in the Hawaii Job Corps Waimanalo (Oahu). Then maybe either come back to Hawai'i or some where on the mainland. I would like to become a chef. #chef #cooking #culinary-arts #business...


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how cool are chefs?

i like cooking in style...


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how easy is cooking?

i like cooking #...


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Do you need cooking experience to go to a Cooking Academy?

I have no cooking experience at all, I've never taken any classes and I've never really cooked much but I want to be a chef. Do I need any experience at all? Is it okay to not have any or should I think about some other major? #chef #cooking...


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What is the best style of cooking to practice?

There are multiple styles. #cooking #chef #culinary-arts...

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What plan should i follow in order to become a Chef?

Hi my name is Eduardo, I am currently attending Job Corps in El Paso, TX. I am studying for Culinary and I am not sure what plan i should follow. #culinary #culinary-arts #chef...


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What are some basic steps to working your way to head chef?

I currently have 5 years of culinary ROP California experience. I am currently attending David L. Carrasco Job Corps studying culinary and will be moving on to advanced training for culinary in about 6-7 months.#chef #cooking #culinary-arts...