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Career Questions tagged Baking

Deangel P.’s Avatar
Deangel P. Dec 15, 2021 273 views

what kind of internships or volunteer opportunities will help give me entrepreneur skills?

I'm interested in having my own bakery food truck
#internship #business #baking #entrepreneur #nail technician #culinary

Jahlil T.’s Avatar
Jahlil T. Nov 09, 2021 214 views

What are the best and worst parts of being a chef?

I want to see the answers to this to see if this is truly 100% worth it for me #chef #cook #cooking #baker #baking #culinary-arts #culinary #hospitality

Jahlil T.’s Avatar
Jahlil T. Nov 09, 2021 176 views

What are some important things to know about being a chef?

I'm not extremely well versed in the subject yet and I'm wondering if there's any info I absolutely need to be aware of #chef #cook #cooking #baker #baking #culinary-arts #culinary #hospitality

Jahlil T.’s Avatar
Jahlil T. Nov 09, 2021 206 views

What is an average day in the life of a chef look like?

I want to know how what an average schedule for this profession would be. #chef #cook #cooking #baker #baking #culinary-arts #culinary #hospitality

Amanda C.’s Avatar
Amanda C. Jun 22, 2021 204 views

I want to own my own baking business

i would love to be my own boss in baking and be able to have people all over the world know my name and know that my business isnt just for baking but also to know that some of the money we get goes to people in need all around the world #business #entrepreneur #Baking #HelpingOthers

Javia W.’s Avatar
Javia W. May 12, 2021 242 views

What is the best way to promote your own business?

I would like to eventually open my own food truck but before I get to that point I have to promote my food and start putting myself out there as well as my food for support feedback and customers what is the best way I should do it??# woman business owner #baking

Ethan S.’s Avatar
Ethan S. Feb 09, 2021 288 views

Is it essential for you to go to culinary school of you want to become a baker?

Obviously it would help if I was to go, but I want to know how much experience you would get in culinary school for this type of field. #food #baking

Lamar A.’s Avatar
Lamar A. Nov 18, 2020 222 views

I would love to be in the culinary baking and pastry Fields,i wondered how can you get a masters,


Taryn H.’s Avatar
Taryn H. Nov 09, 2020 530 views

How did you go about becoming a baker?

When did you realize baking was for you and do you enjoy the work? I am interested in the baking field but I would like some more info on it

#baking #career-choice

Jyssica J.’s Avatar
Jyssica J. May 28, 2020 990 views

I aspire to become a pastry chef and to own a bakery, what are tips for starting and running a successful business?

I am twenty-three years of age and I have a had a burning passion to enter the culinary world ever since I was a child. Owning my own business is one of my dreams after getting some more hands on experience. What would be some good advice/tips to running a successful bakery? #business #chef...

Rachel C.’s Avatar
Rachel C. Apr 01, 2020 236 views

What are your day-to-day duties as a pastry chef?

#pastry-arts #culinary-arts #pastry-chef #baking

Rachel C.’s Avatar
Rachel C. Apr 01, 2020 327 views

Were there ever any instances in your baking career that you wished you would have done differently?

#career-choice #pastry-arts #culinary-arts #pastry-chef #baking

Rachel C.’s Avatar
Rachel C. Apr 01, 2020 571 views

How do you balance your work life and personal life as a pastry chef?

#culinary-arts #pastry-chef #pastry-arts #baking

Rachel C.’s Avatar
Rachel C. Apr 01, 2020 305 views

Did you have any doubts entering the culinary field and why?

#culinary-arts #pastry-chef #pastry-arts #baking #culinary-school

Rachel C.’s Avatar
Rachel C. Apr 01, 2020 310 views

What are the first steps in opening a bakery?

#entrepreneur #culinary-arts #pastry-chef #pastry-arts #baking

Snazzy F.’s Avatar
Snazzy F. May 15, 2017 733 views

is there a way to be a part time actor on disney channel and full time baker

i think this would be fun #acting #baking #career-details

Sophia E.’s Avatar
Sophia E. Mar 22, 2017 865 views

How can i successfully advertise my newly opened bakery, in order to get customers?

-school project
#marketing #entrepreneurship #advertising #baking #cooking-and-baking

noemi A.’s Avatar
noemi A. Oct 28, 2016 704 views

Whats a good major in college for someone like me who wants to go into the baking and pastries life?

confused confused confused #college #college-majors #cooking #baking #pastry

noemi A.’s Avatar
noemi A. Oct 28, 2016 780 views

A day in life in baking and pastries

I'm interested in this career path! #cooking #culinary #baking #cooking-and-baking #pastry-chef #pastry

Rodrigo M.’s Avatar
Rodrigo M. Jun 22, 2016 546 views

what universities or what classes do I have to take to be a pastry chef?

Hi I'm from El Salvador and I'm a high school student. I want to know what steps do I have to take or what universities do I have to go to be a pastry chef. #chef #cooking #baking

Oscar J.’s Avatar
Oscar J. May 27, 2016 849 views

How hard is it to find a job as a baking and pastry expert straight out of college?

This is a career I would truly love to be apart of seeing that it is my absolute favorite, but i am afraid of the outcome and the difficulty of finding a job once out of college. #culinary #culinary-arts #baking

Oscar J.’s Avatar
Oscar J. May 27, 2016 581 views

How prepared should I be for a college like Johnson and Whales?

I'm an aspiring culinary student who would love to be able to attend Johnson and Whales University, but i believe my high school culinary teacher isn't teaching me enough to be prepared for such a fine school. #chef #cooking #culinary #culinary-arts #baking #cooking-and-baking #culinary-skills

Dayiana Z.’s Avatar
Dayiana Z. May 27, 2016 570 views

Would my shop get a lot more customers if I promoted it on social media?

Just wondering if people would see it online and come in to try it for themselves. #baking

Alexandria C.’s Avatar
Alexandria C. May 14, 2016 672 views

What is the path you have to take in order to become a pastry or gourmet chef?

Very interested in this field. #chef #culinary #culinary-arts #baking #pastry

Jocelyn S.’s Avatar
Jocelyn S. May 12, 2016 581 views

what culinary school should i go to ?

i want to learn how to bake professionally #college #chef #culinary #food #baking

Jocelyn S.’s Avatar
Jocelyn S. May 12, 2016 932 views

What websites should I go to to learn more about becoming a chef?

because i love baking and i what to learn more new resipess from new websites and cultures #chef #cooking #baking

Jocelyn S.’s Avatar
Jocelyn S. May 12, 2016 639 views

what college do i go to in order to become a baker ?

because in order for me to get a baking degrey i need to know what school so i can get a grate college degree in order for me to build up my career and own my own bakery #baking

Ajuan S.’s Avatar
Ajuan S. Jan 21, 2016 807 views

How can an high school student get to work in a danish butter cookie factory? Is it even possible?

I enjoy danish butter cookies and i admire the workers in the factories, it is my dream job. #baking #cooking-and-baking

Payton  .’s Avatar
Payton . Apr 07, 2015 1150 views

What classes should to become a chef?

i 'm a student and i am in 6th grade and in a few years i really want to be a chef when i grow up i love the food network channel and their chefs #arts #cooking #culinary-arts #baking #chefs #food-network

Shakeith B.’s Avatar
Shakeith B. Dec 03, 2014 1602 views

what would be a great major in college for someone who wants to enter the baking life?

I want to go into college knowing what I want to do with my life but I also don't want to be too specific and limit myself #colleges #baking #cooking-and-baking #baker