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Taryn H. Nov 09, 2020 100 views

How did you go about becoming a baker?

When did you realize baking was for you and do you enjoy the work? I am interested in the baking field but I would like some more info on it #baking...


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Jyssica J. May 28, 2020 177 views

I aspire to become a pastry chef and to own a bakery, what are tips for starting and running a successful business?

I am twenty-three years of age and I have a had a burning passion to enter the culinary world ever since I was a child. Owning my own business is one of my dreams after getting some more hands on experience. What would be some good advice/tips to running a successful bakery? #business #chef...

#pastery #culinary-arts #baking #culinary #cooking #entrepreneur

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Snazzy F. May 15, 2017 532 views
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Oscar J. May 27, 2016 446 views

How prepared should I be for a college like Johnson and Whales?

I'm an aspiring culinary student who would love to be able to attend Johnson and Whales University, but i believe my high school culinary teacher isn't teaching me enough to be prepared for such a fine school. #chef #cooking #culinary #culinary-arts #baking #cooking-and-baking...


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Jocelyn S. May 12, 2016 409 views

what culinary school should i go to ?

i want to learn how to bake professionally #college #chef #culinary #food...


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noemi A. Oct 28, 2016 573 views
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Rodrigo M. Jun 22, 2016 417 views

what universities or what classes do I have to take to be a pastry chef?

Hi I'm from El Salvador and I'm a high school student. I want to know what steps do I have to take or what universities do I have to go to be a pastry chef. #chef #cooking...


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Jocelyn S. May 12, 2016 769 views

What websites should I go to to learn more about becoming a chef?

because i love baking and i what to learn more new resipess from new websites and cultures #chef #cooking...


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Oscar J. May 27, 2016 682 views

How hard is it to find a job as a baking and pastry expert straight out of college?

This is a career I would truly love to be apart of seeing that it is my absolute favorite, but i am afraid of the outcome and the difficulty of finding a job once out of college. #culinary #culinary-arts...


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Dayiana Z. May 27, 2016 412 views

Would my shop get a lot more customers if I promoted it on social media?

Just wondering if people would see it online and come in to try it for themselves....


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Alexandria C. May 14, 2016 533 views
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Jocelyn S. May 12, 2016 486 views

what college do i go to in order to become a baker ?

because in order for me to get a baking degrey i need to know what school so i can get a grate college degree in order for me to build up my career and own my own bakery...


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Ajuan S. Jan 21, 2016 662 views

How can an high school student get to work in a danish butter cookie factory? Is it even possible?

I enjoy danish butter cookies and i admire the workers in the factories, it is my dream job. #baking...


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Payton . Apr 07, 2015 955 views

What classes should to become a chef?

i 'm a student and i am in 6th grade and in a few years i really want to be a chef when i grow up i love the food network channel and their chefs #arts #cooking #culinary-arts #baking #chefs...


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Shakeith B. Dec 03, 2014 1139 views
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Shakeith B. Dec 03, 2014 1282 views

what would be a great major in college for someone who wants to enter the baking life?

I want to go into college knowing what I want to do with my life but I also don't want to be too specific and limit myself #colleges #baking #cooking-and-baking...


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Shakeith B. Dec 03, 2014 1473 views
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ShermaiyaNFTEAM . Feb 28, 2012 1535 views

How can you be a successful pastry chef ?

I wanna be able to be better the rest of the other pastry business ? #chef...


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JessicaLynn . Jan 13, 2012 2370 views

How do you get and keep people coming into your bakery?

I really want to be a Pastry Chef. I would like to know how you keep customers when there is so many other choices for them to go to especially me living in New York City #entrepreneurship #baking...