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Interviews happen with a potential employer. They can be stressful. Look through the questions and answers and see if any apply to your current interview question. For more information, please...

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George S. May 27 235 views

How to approach phone interviews on volunteering roles?

Many volunteering roles require a Zoom or phone interview. What are some great tips and tricks to keep in mind while on the phone. What should we not mention in any phone interview. Adding a small script to say in order to introduce yourself would be great. Thank you! #interviews #career...

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Ryan S. May 11 433 views

What kind of prior experience will i need before i go into a job interview?

I just need some background information so I #career #interviews know what I focus on right...

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Nancy O. Apr 21 492 views

Strengths and Weakness interview Question Help!!!!!!!!

I do not know how to Answer my strengths and weakness? I guess I really don't know it. Since it's the reason why I don't get a callback. How can I find my strengths and weakness? where do I start? #interviews #career #career-counseling #job...


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Rana M. Apr 12 136 views

As recruiters, Do you make your decision according to GPA?

I am graduating in June from energy engineering. My accumulative GPA is 2.7 (B- in my country) and I don't know if this would be a problem in finding a job #electrical-engineering #engineer #job-application #job-search #gpa #entry-level #interviews #engineering...

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Rasya B. Mar 24 128 views

Is there still a gender bias in finance related jobs on Wall Street?

I was just wondering if it is still harder for women to advance in a financial career since I want to work on Wall Street when I'm older. #finance #job #interviews...


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charlotte H. Mar 07 315 views

What's the most important part of a resume?

Which aspect of my resume should I highlight or refer to in my cover letter to have the most impactful and effective application? #job-application #resume #job-search...


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Mohamed A. Mar 04 129 views

Whats the best way to get Software Engineering Internships

Hello I'm doing a MS in physics at the University of Washington and would love to get a SDE internship for the summer but I'm having problems getting interviews. # #engineering #interviews #internship...


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Shantasia S. Feb 10 271 views

What's good questions to ask the employer when on a interview?

My name is Tasia im 22 years young from the city of Chicago ! Im always getting asked "any question for me" , and I almost never have any questions to ask besides " when do I start" !...


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Maura H. Oct 16, 2019 91 views

How far can i take a career in welding?

information interviews...


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Maura H. Oct 16, 2019 96 views

What are some of the more exciting welding jobs?

Information interview...


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Maura H. Oct 16, 2019 94 views

What alligns with welding?

Informational interview...


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Corbin K. Oct 03, 2019 158 views

What is your first interview like

Im a student at job corps...


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julian H. Sep 24, 2019 103 views
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How can I improve the odds of getting an interview through the ATS?

Student of NPower trying to choose the right opportunity at the right place. #interviews #career-counseling...


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Greg B. Aug 13, 2019 217 views

What are some strategies or tips for building a network while searching for an internship?

Building a network has been one of the hardest things I have had to do. At times it makes me question my abilities. How does someone maintain confidence while searching for an internship (getting denied a lot) but trying to build a network with the same people? #internship #networking...

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Megan R. May 06, 2019 207 views

How to prepare for SLP clinical fellowship year interview?

What are some tips for preparing for a Speech-Language Pathology clinical fellowship year interview? #speechlanguagepathology #slp #interviews #speechtherapy #speech-pathology #speech #clinical...


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Terrell T. May 21, 2019 165 views
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