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Career Questions tagged Job Search

Searching for a job can be difficult. There is not just one way to job search. Please read below for more information.

Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Dec 01, 2021 94 views

How long should you delay meeting with a recruiter that reached out to you?

A recruiter recently reached out to me about a possible position because someone from the company referred her to me. I never applied for this specific position, I'm actually waiting to hear back about another position I interviewed for at this same company. I also had someone on LinkedIn who...

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Teriyana M.’s Avatar
Teriyana M. Nov 29, 2021 149 views

What are some interesting remote jobs that are available right now?

Even with a bachelors degree, looking for a job has been very challenges these past 6 months. I would like to find a job that is remote, interesting, flexible (optional), and allows me to travel while I pursue my dreams. Just want to reiterate that this is a "hope and dream" of mine. Just need...

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Andrew P.’s Avatar
Andrew P. Nov 23, 2021 121 views

What should I look forward to in my first month of Job Corps?

job-search job-search I'm 17 i love fishing, working with my hands, going to church, and spending time with my girlfriend....


Mbali I.’s Avatar
Mbali I. Nov 20, 2021 112 views

How to find job for a student

Noluthando M.’s Avatar
Noluthando M. Nov 20, 2021 100 views
dashaila L.’s Avatar
dashaila L. Nov 02, 2021 94 views

what do you like most and least about your job

im dashaila want a better job-search understanding of the different...

Shakierah A.’s Avatar
Shakierah A. Oct 27, 2021 95 views

Where do I find part time jobs for the festive season

I'm hardworking and dedicated to do my best in every task. I'm Honest, friendly and very talkative...


Jordan C.’s Avatar
Jordan C. Oct 19, 2021 127 views
Jayden Z.’s Avatar
Jayden Z. Oct 10, 2021 109 views

What is the best way to network in order to find yourself a job you can be satisfied doing?

I am hoping both right now and in the future to be able to build a network of connections that will help me connect with job opportunities. Currently I am a high school senior but I would like to build my network as soon as possible. job-search job...


Keith M.’s Avatar
Keith M. Oct 08, 2021 128 views

Is being a Pathologist a hard job?

I want to get a job career job-search experience...


Gage M.’s Avatar
Gage M. Oct 08, 2021 253 views

what makes a good interview and how do i find a good job for me?

-I'm 16 almost 17, unemployed, and not a good home worker. -not sure what to get into job wise. -I'm not great talker and i'm shy around new people but i work well with others. -It may not seem like i listen sometimes but i just take a lil longer to process stuff -i'm not sure if you'd call...

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Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Oct 04, 2021 157 views

Will employers always specify how long you need to work for before leaving?

When you get a job whether its an internship or a part-time/full time job, often times you may sign a contract stating how long you'll be working for the company, maybe how you can't work for their competitors after until a few months later, or how the project you worked on can't be talked...

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Dominic S.’s Avatar
Dominic S. Sep 28, 2021 81 views
Alex F.’s Avatar
Alex F. Sep 28, 2021 103 views

How long does it usually take to get a job?

I was wondering how long it usually takes from submitting an application to being accepted or rejected so I can plan around it in the future?...