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How much does the average dermatologist make a year?

I want a job that will make a good amount of money so that I can pay of any debts and so that I won’t struggle! #income...


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Dimitar N. Mar 16 344 views

What are your thoughts on working in the banking industry?

I am an economics student looking to connect with professionals in domaind such as banking, business and finance #business #finance...


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What is investment banking like

Hi, I am a Finance major and i am interested in a career in investment banking. I know a lot about the culture, but just don't have a clear understanding of what it is actually like to work for an investment bank. Also, if i don't go to a target school, do I even have a shot? & what is it...

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Chinese vs German

I'm trying to decide what language I want to take for high school. As I've talked about before, I've been thinking about taking a train apprenticeship. The rail company is based in Switzerland, and a lot of their instructions are in German. So if I take German, it would help me get my foot in...

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What are the fastest ways to make money for college?

Whether it's scholarships, or grants or a form of profit, please list down how or the specific name. #money #income...


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What do you do with leftover scholarship money?

Does it go towards your next year tuition? #scholarship...


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What are some good summer jobs to pay for college?

I am wondering what the best jobs will be for the summertime. I want to work as much as I can, I don't care about how long I work or what schedule I have, I just want to save up the most money in the shortest time! Thanks! #summerjob # #money-management...


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Finical Aid?

Ok so i have decided to go to a four year school after getting my associates degree and i was wondering where are the best places to look for finical aid? #financal-aid #adult-learners...


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Jocelyn G. Jan 23, 2018 261 views

what is best way to get good money, work study or a job outside of campus?

College is going to be hard enough but being in debt for the best of my life is going to be a big weight to have to carry for myself. So I want to know what would be the better solution to earn money faster to pay off my loans. #brokeproblems #financial-planning #student-debt...


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What is the best way to accumulate money for college in a short period of time?

Due to family crisis, I am unable to pay for my upcoming school year at my university. It's getting to the point where I may have to unenroll from my university and take a gap year. I'm in love with my university and all the opportunities I have been awarded. I am unable to file for grants...

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Do applying as undeclared hold you back from graduating from a university in four years?

I want to graduate in four years but I feel that applying as undeclared may cause me to spend time and money on classes that won't be useful for my major. #money #colleges...


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John G. May 25, 2018 279 views

Does it make sense to borrow money without getting a student loan?

The financial aid package for my graduate program includes only direct unsubsidized graduate loans. These loans have high interest rates and bad conditions. My tuition is very expensive and I am not receiving enough scholarship money to cover tuition, even if I get a high-paying part-time...

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What are other ways to pay for medical school besides loans and scholarships?

Medical school is expensive, as everyone knows. And paying off loans will increase the amount of stress for a medical student to go through. Are there ways to earn some cash to pay off the debt and to avoid getting loans for medical school? Scholarships can be limited as well. #medicine...

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Kat B. Jan 17, 2018 327 views

How do I manage my finances while in college?

I'm not sure how much of my income should go towards my student loans (which will be about 65,000 dollars) and how much should go towards personal use #financial-planning #college #finance #money...


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How long will it take me to pay back student loans?

Loan amounts are huge, how will I be able to live and pay back the loans? #money-management #finance #college #student-debt #student-loans #loans...


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What is the best way for long and short terms saving for new adults?

how should we prepare our self so that we can be financially stable as possible thru out our lives? Also if tragedy strikes how to combat it head-on. #money-management #money #savings...


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Taylor Y. Jan 15, 2018 350 views

When thinking of a career path should I have how much debt I will be in after college in mind?

I want to work for a volunteer organization or other low profitable jobs, but I also want to get a college degree. I'm just wondering if it would be smarter/worth it to wait a few years after college before going into a low profitable career because of money? #international-affairs...

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