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Career Questions tagged Language

Delia O.’s Avatar
Delia O. Feb 26, 2021 217 views

What are some jobs that will allow me to travel?

I am interested in helping others and traveling. I was thinking of doing a gap year, but if there is a way that I can do both I would love to! I want to go all over and experience new religions, cultures, and traditions that others have. psychology travel career shrink world cultures...

missiontrip language journey exploring

Zamantha F.’s Avatar
Zamantha F. Jul 24, 2020 224 views

What is it like being a Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist?

Hi, I am trying to gain more insight on the bilingual aspect in the SLP workplace. I am almost certain that I want to be a bilingual SLP and help service my community, but I am not sure how that would look like. If anyone would like to help me and give me some pros and cons of working primarily...

speech-pathology july20 slp language bilingual

suki Y.’s Avatar
suki Y. Jun 13, 2020 442 views

How to read a book effectively if you don’t know the language well?

Hi! I have learned English for about 10years but still can’t manage myself to read a English book faster and effectively. Can someone tell me how you build up your vocabulary enough to read a book effectively. books english...


Nishk S.’s Avatar
Nishk S. Feb 19, 2020 296 views

My guidance counselor suggested that I take at-least 3 years of my foreign language. I am trying to go to a good pre-med college, and she told me that many want to see at-least 3 years. What is the best option for me?

I am going into 11th grade and have had trouble deciding my foreign language. I am doubling science courses and am not that good at language. I also want to continue my passion for Computer Science. college higher-education guidancecounsler pre-med...


Christian S.’s Avatar
Christian S. May 11, 2019 420 views

Chinese vs German

I'm trying to decide what language I want to take for high school. As I've talked about before, I've been thinking about taking a train apprenticeship. The rail company is based in Switzerland, and a lot of their instructions are in German. So if I take German, it would help me get my foot in...

career college-major german business chinese college entrepreneur train finance rail military money-management language high-school

Christian S.’s Avatar
Christian S. Apr 16, 2019 405 views

Are ACT Prep Classes really that helpful?

I need an ACT score of at least 30 to get into a military academy. From my PSAT score, I'll probably get a 28. Will an ACT Prep class actually raise my score by two points or more? Thanks! college military military act art physics air-force navy marines theater act career test...

english writing math academy reading education language high-school ap

Rebecca M.’s Avatar
Rebecca M. Oct 08, 2018 340 views

What would be a good language course for students studying Mass Communications / Video Production?

I need to take at least two language courses for my major. I plan on doing camera work as well as video editing after college. What would be a good language course for this major? videoproduction language videostudies firstyear masscommunications communications...


Daija C.’s Avatar
Daija C. Jan 18, 2018 645 views

Is it possible to make a career out of foreign language study?

I'm asking outside of the typical Interpreter or Translator careers. I love foreign language but I'm not sure if these are there right paths for me. Thanks! foreign-languages language...


Jiayun L.’s Avatar
Jiayun L. Jan 14, 2018 1742 views

How can I learn Korean by myself?

I am fan of K-pop. I usually watch Korean drama after fansub group translate it but it needs to wait for a long time. So, I want to learn Korean but I don't have enough money to attend Korean classes. Are there some approaches help me learn Korean by myself? language korean...


Tamyko G.’s Avatar
Tamyko G. Jan 16, 2018 631 views

What are other job options I can consider from knowing another language?

I have been learning Korean for a few years, and I am planning to continue my studies in college to get to the level of fluency. Are there any jobs other than teaching English in Korea that I can consider? foreign-languages language foreign-language...


Parvina K.’s Avatar
Parvina K. Jan 16, 2018 329 views

graduate school

How can I sing up to take TOEFL exam for graduate school? exam toefl-exam language graduate-school...


Lianna G.’s Avatar
Lianna G. Jan 16, 2018 529 views

What is a good career choice for a person with a natural ability for learning foreign languages?

In addition to excelling in English throughout high school, I also have a passion for Spanish and American Sign Language. I would love to get input from others regarding a career choice that would allow me to use this strength. foreign-languages language communication spanish...


Loren V.’s Avatar
Loren V. Apr 18, 2018 487 views

How do I sell my General Bachelor of Arts to future employers?

I am studying both German and Spanish right now in university. I know that language abilities are helpful to a variety of jobs, but if an employer isn't hiring a job that specifically asks for language skills, how to I make myself still seem applicable? language foreign-languages german...

hiring spanish

Lindsey D.’s Avatar
Lindsey D. Apr 11, 2018 598 views

What can you do with a Spanish major?

I'm in high school, heading off to college soon, and wondering what jobs I would be able to get with a major in Spanish. I'd love to hear what you for a living after majoring or minoring in Spanish in college! foreign-languages language languages...


Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. Mar 05, 2018 496 views

What are some tips for language learning?

I love to learn languages and often do so by teaching myself. I can speak English and German proficiently, followed by Spanish decently well, and basic sentences in Turkish, Italian, and Russian. What are some tips on learning foreign languages and becoming more fluent? language german...

spanish foreign-languages language-skills languages