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Ayas O. Feb 27, 2019 223 views

As a french student how can I get a data science summer internship in USA ?

I am enrolled in a first year of Master in Business Intelligence in Polytechnic School of Nantes and I am currently looking for an internship abroad . I want to do this internship in a english country and If it could be in USA would be better. Do you have advice please ? thanks #internship...

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Kiara S. Aug 16, 2018 250 views

Is a Double Major worth it?

My main major is International Business, but I am looking at my out of state tuition (WOW) and questioning if I should drop my second major due to the extra credits it requires. French Studies would likely help my career, but will future employers actually care if I have a double major?...

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Andrew L. Jan 16, 2018 235 views

What club or activity would help me to meet people at my new college? I am the only student who speak french and I would like to get to know more people

#french this is my first year in college and the fact that I am the only person speaking french as a first language makes me feel apart of the rest a little. #friends #meeting-new-people #college...


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Jasminne V. Mar 19, 2018 328 views

Is it better to minor in French?

I am already fluent in Spanish, but have only taken French in high school. #french #college-minor #spanish...


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Emma I. Jan 16, 2018 290 views

Should I major in French if I only took 1 year of French in HS?

I took Spanish for 4 years in high school, and in my senior year I decided to take French I. I've fallen in love with it, and I want to major in French, but is that a good idea? Will it cost me more money in the long run? Will I be too far behind? #majors #french...


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Paris C. Jan 13, 2018 256 views

Can I major in Psychology and French?

I know I can major in both, but will I be able to integrate the French language into my work in psychology. I love psychology and I know I plan to continue on my path to become a doctor, but I want learning French to be more than a hobby. Is there a way for me to use the language to directly...

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megan R. May 16, 2016 550 views

How do I go about finding internships in French speaking countries?

I want to major in business and minor in French. How do I go about finding internships in French speaking countries? I think it would be a wonderful work experience. #french #language #international #international-affairs #college...


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Kelly A. Mar 25, 2017 803 views

Should my resume be bilingual or monolingual?

I am applying for internships in linguistics, translation and languages-related fields. I live in Montreal, which is a very bilingual city. I am wondering if it is perceived as too much to send my cv in double in order to send it in both French and English. If I should send a single version,...

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Connor H. May 30, 2017 475 views

What are some careers should I research?

My plan right now is go to a junior college for two years, get an AA, then either go to a local (CA) university or state school and take part in an exchange program to France, or directly sign up for university in France. The reason why I am focused on France, is because I really love the...

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Galina B. Apr 14, 2017 824 views

Language: Self Study or take classes?

I will be entering college soon and I really want to learn French. For a few months I have been self studying with online resources because my my high school does not offer the language. I believe that my college only offers courses in beginners French and I do not know if I should take these...

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Deborah C. Feb 11, 2017 446 views

What's the lowest and the highest income for a French teacher?

Is there a reason why there might be a range? #teacher #teach #french #income #minimum-wage...


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Kais S. Jan 23, 2017 472 views

how to become better in French? i have all the basics, grammar and vocabulary, but i find it difficult when it comes to understand spoken french.

I am highly interested in learning french, i want to know the best way to become better with conversations (understanding spoken language). #english #literature...


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Christina A. Jul 06, 2016 2685 views

Is French a good language to become fluent in and minor in?

I want to pursue a career in law enforcement after I graduate from college. I know that being fluent in different languages increases your chance of being hired. I am looking forward to becoming fluent in college. However, people keep telling me French is not a good language to minor in because...

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Emily S. May 15, 2016 793 views

What are some tips on learning a language?

I am getting a french minor, but only taking an hour long class three times a week doesn't help me much with learning the language. Is there any tips y'all have? So far I've tried some apps, watching films in french to see how much I know, and adding some french words in my everyday life....

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Kate S. May 12, 2016 569 views

What kind of career can a French major have?

I am looking for different job opportunities for French majors. #job...


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Nandhini R. Apr 28, 2016 525 views

how to speak in french language?

hi i am nandhini i want to speak in french but i do know how to speak in french language. #professor #student...


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Leigh L. Mar 24, 2015 1060 views

What are some possible careers for someone who wants to take majors in Graphic Design, French, Sketching, Studio Arts, Photography, Music, French and Japanese ?

I'm in 12th grade, and I don't have a definite career choice yet. I just know that I would like to be fluent in Japanese and French, and that my career would be related to art and/or music. #graphic-design #video-games #photography #french #japanese...


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Christy M. Feb 19, 2015 1794 views

What kind of jobs can i get with a major in french?

I am asking, because I am very good in french and would like to see where this could take me in the future.I was considering majoring in international relations and french. #international-affairs #french...


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Shawn H. Dec 17, 2014 1334 views

What is a good language to know/learn when looking to become a translator?

I am a senior in high school and I have been learning German and Japanese but I am having a hard time deciding what language I should start with that would benefit me most in my career plans. I have heard certain languages are in demand but I am not sure if i should learn them since they are...

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