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Each college will have a list of different majors to choose from. The college major will determine the requirements needed to graduate with a degree. For more information, please read...

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Sheridan C. 20 hours ago 45 views

Does it really matter what you minor in or just what you major in??

I am a high school senior looking to go to college for elementary education but not sure what to minor in....


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Lakiya B. Sep 18 18 views

I want to go to college to study criminology, any advice or what to expect?

Hi my name is Lakiya, and i'm currently attending a high school in Memphis and I plan to go to college and that's the subject i want to major in. #buisness #college #majors...

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Eliezer W. Sep 16 42 views

What should I major in if I want to be a psychiatrist that works with anorexics and bulimics?

I am a senior in high school and am trying to get some outside input on my major. This career has been my dream for about two years and I am looking for any advice I can get from people who work in the field. Thank you so much for your help. #majors...


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John G. Sep 16 30 views

What are a few of jobs that you can have with a Major,Bachelors and doctoral in history

I am 18 years old and live in Yulee but I go to west Nassau. I also go to AFJROTC an West Nassau High School...


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Ted Y. Sep 16 26 views

What's Computational Science?

Just wondering what it is and what you do with a degree in it #majors #computationalscience...


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jamesina C. Sep 07 113 views

what science should i major in to pursue being in the medical field?

i am currently a senior looking forward to enroll in hbcus. #majors...


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Emma B. Aug 31 289 views

Can someone recommend me a major to consider?

Hi everyone i'm applying to colleges right now am i'm having a hard time choosing a major. I like math and science but my natural strengths are in writing and public speaking. I would like to go to grad school after college but I also want a major that offers good career options right out of...

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Camerin K. Aug 28 65 views

What are some recommended classes at college for a computer science major?

Hey, my name is Camerin and I live in Grundy Center Iowa. I'm looking for some advice on some classes to take when going to college. #career...


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Aniya W. Aug 23 177 views

Which is more beneficial? A double major or a Master's degree.

I'm thinking about a career in the Fintech industry. Would it be better for me to double major in Finance and Computer science or just to go for a single major and get a Master's degree? P.s - I'm in the Early College Program #majors #career # college #finance #technology...


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Charlotte Y. Aug 09 86 views

What should/can i major in in college if I am aiming to be in the medical field?

I am currently a junior in high school and I am not sure about what I can or what I should major in in college if I want to work within the medical field later on. I have heard that you can major in anything in college as long as you take some required classes for medicine but I am not...

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Mohammad A. Jul 31 92 views
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Dilara S. Jul 30 152 views

What's a career field that incorporates physics and computer science?

I'm a rising senior in high school and I am interested in physics, calculus, and computer science. I don't know what I want to do in college but I do want to double major. What are some careers that incorporate this? Is it a good idea to double major in physics and computer science? Or is there...

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Justine C. Jul 30 68 views

What’s the best major you should be focusing on to become a physical therapist?

Hi I’m incoming to student to college(freshman) and my plan is to go a community college for 2 years to get all my GED done and the transfer for school that had programs and classes to become a PT, but when I was filling out some forms ( for community college) I put for my major I want to focus...

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Claudia G. Jul 30 99 views

How do I know that majoring in Chemistry is right for me?

When I was a sophomore I took chemistry and I actually really liked it. Now going into my last year of high school I’m taking AP Chemistry and I hope it gives me an idea if Chemistry is the right fit for me. Learning about what chemistry is made me wonder so much about how so many things we...

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Angelica P. Jul 27 114 views

How to determine which engineering major is right for you?

Hi, I’m currently a rising senior in high school and will most likely pursue engineering in college. However, I’m still struggling to figure out which engineering major is right for me. I’ve been considering electrical or chemical engineering but I’m still unsure. #college #majors...


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Tomi A. Jul 27 157 views

How to know what Computer Science Major is best for your interests?

I'm in highschool and about to start the college application process, but when I think about what major I want to be in and what school best supports that major it's difficult because many colleges say "computer science" or "computer engineering" and I don't understand the difference. How do I...

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Lauren L. Sep 04, 2019 112 views

Are you at a disadvantage if you apply undecided to college?

One of my main concerns is picking a major that I really like and enjoy but my interests are constantly changing so it has become a never ending circle of me going nowhere. My biggest concern is that if I don't know, will that leave me behind other people? #college #undecided...


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Odai I. Nov 08, 2018 1220 views

Dentistry or Computer engineering

Hello I was wondering what major is better (Makes more money, wouldn't need much time to find a suting job opportunity)etc.. I have 2 majors in mind (Dentistry & Computer engineering) I'd love Dentistry because of 1: I can make my own clinic 2: I am my own boss 3.I am pretty good in...

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Armando H. Aug 31, 2018 309 views

How did you find your passion/major?

Many students, like myself, go to college and wonder "is this really the right major for me?". One terrible fact is (if you are already in college) the longer you take to find what you actually want to major in, the more it costs to change it. So I would like to know, how did you find what...

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Elizabeth W. Aug 30, 2018 280 views

Are credits your freshman year transferable to many different majors?

I am taking an ASL course, as well as 4 other courses, but it looks like only 1 of them matches up to what I should be taking for an elementary education major. Would most my class credits be able to transfer to the education department, or would I be an entire semester behind (minus 1 class)?...

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