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Career Questions tagged Majors

Each college will have a list of different majors to choose from. The college major will determine the requirements needed to graduate with a degree. For more information, please read...

Ivan’s Avatar
Ivan Mar 17 85 views

Can I switch majors after enrolling into a university under a different major?

If so, how difficult must it be to get into engineering-related majors.

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Lily Mar 13 34 views

What majors should I take as an artist?

I'm not really sure what I should take in college.

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Kayla Mar 04 78 views

Is it possible to peruse two majors?

I’ve always wanted to go to school for medical assisting but also have always wanted to go for cosmetology. I’ve always found interest in medical especially like front and back office, as well as in hair, nails and makeup.

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Kayla Mar 04 72 views

What’s the best way to decide on what to major in ?

I have a few things in mind and I’m just not sure which to pick.

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Mar 02 83 views

How do you know when the major you chose is right for you?

I am a Senior in High School.

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Renee Feb 28 86 views

How do you figure out which major to choose?

I'm currently in 11th grade and have interest in many different majors but also none at the same time, I am not sure what to do.

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ISAIAH Feb 23 158 views

What should I major in when in college ?

I am a senior and unsure in what to major in college.

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Jiale Feb 21 62 views

When choosing a major, what's something we need to know?

Senior, biotechnology major.

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Jiale Feb 21 60 views

When choosing a major, what do we need to consider?

Senior, biotechnology major.

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Andrew Feb 18 150 views

Is it better to minor or double major in history?

I'm considering minoring, or double majoring in history. I enjoy studying history and have 6 AP credits of history already. I was wondering if it's better to minor or double major. Which looks better on a resume to employers? If I minor then could I graduate with a double major in two business...

Jianna’s Avatar
Jianna Feb 14 167 views

What classes should you take to pursue sales?

In order to major in bussiness and sales in college what classes should you take to get the most out of it. Do you need to take additional math courses?

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Elahsia Feb 02 137 views


What would be a great HBCU with a major of psychology.

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Edwin Jan 30 136 views

Doubted your major choice?

Have you ever doubted your choice of major during college and what did you do about it?

River’s Avatar
River Jan 30 92 views

What college major should I go for if I want to be an animal caretaker?

My name is River and I'm a junior at RHHS. I was wondering what major should I go for if I want to be an animal caretaker. I'm looking more for a animal shelter/daycare all the way up to working in a zoo.

Clover’s Avatar
Clover Dec 13, 2022 185 views

Sociology and Phsicology

I want to find profitable careers in these majors that are not just being a therapist or psychiatrist. I am also wondering if I can have an art career on the side.

John’s Avatar
John Dec 01, 2022 138 views

Swapping majors?

How hard (or easy) is it to swap majors in college?

Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra Nov 09, 2022 440 views

Majors and College Classes?

What is one thing you wish knew before you picked your college classes and major?

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Nov 08, 2022 212 views

Business is a major with several different branches how do I know what I am best fit for?

Picking a college major?

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Maasia Nov 02, 2022 353 views

What is the best major to do in undergrad?

Hey, my name is Ma'Asia Bastfield I am a senior at Garingr high school. what I want to major in undergrad is forensic science and minor in per-law maybe I really don't know.

What is the best major to do when going to undergrad trying to be a lawyer?

Carina’s Avatar
Carina Oct 30, 2022 320 views

What are some reasonable major choices?

What are some reasonable major choices? I am a sophomore in high school, and my school require to choose a major to take in my junior and senior year. Most of my friends' high school don't do this so I am looking for some advice on looking for a major.

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Jalen Oct 27, 2022 143 views

In what major ways does coding help the world?

Where is coding helping the most in the world and how is it helping.

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kelly Oct 27, 2022 240 views

Extracurriculars for biology/animal science majors?

I'm a current Junior in high school and was wondering about extracurriculars that would make me stand out when applying to colleges next year? I know that volunteering at an animal rescue would but was wondering if there were more options?

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Oct 24, 2022 365 views

What major?

How do you know which major is right for you?

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Oct 24, 2022 159 views

College Major Help?

How do you know which major is right for you?

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Ashley Oct 04, 2022 303 views

What colleges will better nurture me to become a pediatric nurse?

Hello, I am a 10th grader. Right now, my school has stressed the importance of knowing what to do after highschools. One thing I'm struggling with is the factors that take place when picking a college, when picking classes, when picking a job, etc.

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Jiale Sep 27, 2022 254 views

What's a major that most people selected?

Galileo High School, Senior

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Jennifer Sep 27, 2022 233 views

College majors?

What majors are best for tech?

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Sep 27, 2022 324 views

College Major?

What majors are best for tech?

Shirley’s Avatar
Shirley Sep 27, 2022 309 views

What college major should I go for if I like math and music?

I'm a Senior in high school and will be submitting my applications in two months. I like math and music, but I am lost if there are any majors related. Could I get some recommendations?

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Sep 22, 2022 349 views

What is the most popular STEM major for girls What is the least popular STEM major for girls?

I tried googling this, but nothing came up. Are girls more prone to joining technology majors, less prone to joining math majors, etc,