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Career Questions tagged Coding

Bryson H.’s Avatar
Bryson H. Oct 19 22 views

What are some option I may have for going to college for programming? What options do I have for degrees and different colleges I can go to?

I am a sophomore in high school, who is taking college courses for programming right now from a local college. I have been interested in coding since 8th grade and now I feel like that is what my future will be. college-major major computer-science college programming coding program...

technology microcomputerapplications computer-software tech computers computer

Derek S.’s Avatar
Derek S. Oct 07 82 views
Greg B.’s Avatar
Greg B. Oct 06 69 views

How would you build a software developer?

I'm a Marine Corps Veteran and was just accepted to a program that will pay for school, any additional training that would make me more hirable, and a monthly housing allowance. I'm starting at a local community college and looking to transfer to Santa Clara University in pursuit of a computer...

phython coding technology computer-software college software-developer computer computer-science

Gavin B.’s Avatar
Gavin B. Oct 05 129 views

Any advice to get into Programming/Coding?

I am currently a new student in Job corps and i'm hoping to get a career in the IT field that involves programming/coding like a Web Developer or Software Developer but I also have no experience with it and would like some advice/insight on this career path. Does coding actually take high math...

computer-programming technology programming coding

Flabio M.’s Avatar
Flabio M. Sep 30 81 views
Nic H.’s Avatar
Nic H. Sep 24 95 views

What college courses would help me achieve a job coding for Mojang.

I am a sophomore in High school and my goal job is a carrier coding Minecraft to help develop and improve the game. I am very good at math and have some experience in javascript. computer-science video-games cps...


Edwin Y.’s Avatar
Edwin Y. Sep 17 149 views
Hugo X.’s Avatar
Hugo X. Sep 15 93 views

What career is related to coding?

I like computer science because I've always wanted to know how to code websites etc....


Kailun C.’s Avatar
Kailun C. Sep 14 104 views

Will AI make fields like computer science less and less require for human coding?

I'm a student that is interested in computer science but with the rise of AIs in different fields, will it make fields like computer science less and less to request human coding? computer-science...


Golden C.’s Avatar
Golden C. Jul 14 358 views

Becoming A Computer Scientist

Starting college as freshmen in September and chose to major In C.S What would be the best way to start my journey. I have no prior knowledge with coding or anything C.S related but very interested in learning, so many different things to learn I’m not sure where to start, I want to learn...

computer-programming coding technology computer-software computer-science

Kimani M.’s Avatar
Kimani M. Jun 28 114 views

Where are good places to learn coding, preferably online.

I enjoyed coding in school last year and would like to get better at it....


Josue R.’s Avatar
Josue R. Jun 25 152 views

do I need to go to school to learn coding

I want to learn coding to make my own video games but don't want to go to college coding video-games...


Ziah H.’s Avatar
Ziah H. Jun 17 446 views

What would be the best way to learn coding or for a career in computer science?

I am in 11th grade. I find websites and the creation of code interesting. computer-science # coding technology...


Jefferson M.’s Avatar
Jefferson M. Jun 11 183 views

What are some jobs that have coding as one of the components of the work?

I am in high school, I've always loved math and want to get into coding since it looks fun and can help you do many cool things. coding technology math...