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Career Questions tagged Coding

Ivy’s Avatar
Ivy Mar 17 70 views

How do you learn coding online? #cv23

What are some credible bootcamps that employers look for?

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Elise Mar 05 116 views

What are some good resources to learn coding?

I have taken AP computer science principles and am currently taking AP computer science, and am wondering if there are more efficient resources to learn from. I am planning to major in computer engineering.

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Feb 27 123 views

How should I prepare to become a software engineer or a career in finance?

How should I prepare to become a software engineer or a career in finance?
Is a career in software engineering or in finance fulfilling and satisfying?
How do you work with other people in the same career group?

Heidy’s Avatar
Heidy Feb 21 106 views

what should I start doing/resources I can use/how should I start as a 10th grader going for a front end and even mybe a full stack web developer?

For now I have just watched videos on YouTube about different people's lives as a web developer and also started learning HTML coding.

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Dyisha Feb 07 183 views

How should I start learning about Coding and software?

What should I learn in order.

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Mathias Feb 05 269 views

What are good languages to learn for working as a Computer Programmer?

At the moment, I know HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and C#, are any other languages good to know for this job?

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Jaden Jan 30 127 views

Would studying abroad benefit me (In terms of coding)? And what are some pros/cons for this?

Just curious about whether it would benefit me or not.

Jaden’s Avatar
Jaden Jan 30 125 views

What are some recommended coding courses I can take for free?

I am looking for some suggestions to learn more about the coding language.

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Jan 28 179 views

Where could I work as a computer programmer?

I plan to go into a computer programming career after high school (Grade 10), and I am wondering what kind of jobs I could go into as a programmer.

gary’s Avatar
gary Nov 08, 2022 292 views

entry level programming jobs

What is a good entry- level job in programming ?

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anika Oct 30, 2022 373 views

easiest programming language?

what is the easiest programming language to learn?

Carl-Hanee’s Avatar
Carl-Hanee Oct 27, 2022 222 views

How to narrow down a cluster of different career paths and interests, to about 3 or 4 and focus on those few, without uncertainty and second guessing?

The majors I am interested in are so different from each other (ex: architecture and law) that I am having a hard time to narrow it down to just a few.
I am aware that I don't have to know now but I am on a time crunch and my goal is to narrow it down to 2 and stick with it.

Jalen’s Avatar
Jalen Oct 27, 2022 146 views

In what major ways does coding help the world?

Where is coding helping the most in the world and how is it helping.

Darren’s Avatar
Darren Oct 24, 2022 164 views

My career statement

My goal is to become a software engineer or a software developer. So far, I am in the AP computer science principles. I enjoy writing codes for small apps on the website, unthunkable. I am learning how to code on python and other various coding languages. I am also planning on taking the next...

Kai’s Avatar
Kai Oct 24, 2022 189 views

What are the most common coding languages in gaming.?

I'm a highschooler who wants to get more into coding and specifically in coding for video games.

David’s Avatar
David Oct 24, 2022 352 views

What coding languages do I need to know for a career in software engineering or video game designing?

I'm interested in a career around tech.

lennye’s Avatar
lennye Oct 05, 2022 282 views

How to begin coding/start a career in tech with no experience?

What tips/advice would you give to someone who has no experience in the web development field - who would like to begin? Are there any certificates you’d recommend for beginners wanting to learn to code?

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Sep 29, 2022 216 views

Software-Engineering and Coding

Where and how can I learn really advanced coding and when is the best time to start?

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Sep 27, 2022 281 views

What can I expect as a game developer?

How is the workload for video game developers? What can I expect if I decide to go into that field?

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Jason Sep 27, 2022 278 views

What is a good way to get started with coding?

I am not familiar with coding, so i am unsure where to start.

Marvin’s Avatar
Marvin Sep 27, 2022 212 views

What steps do I need to take if I want to become a computer science major?

I'm in the 11th grade and I'm taking a few programming classes. What more should I be doing if I want to become a cs major?

Jalen’s Avatar
Jalen Sep 27, 2022 282 views

Why is coding so important right now and will it be important in the future?

I am wondering how coding affects society today and how it can and might affect the future.

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Evelyn Sep 27, 2022 341 views

Careers using coding?

What other careers also use coding?

Jiaming’s Avatar
Jiaming Sep 27, 2022 218 views

Do a lot of jobs require coding skills?

I have no ideas about my future job. I want some suggestion from other people.

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Sep 27, 2022 330 views

What are some recommended minors to take alongside a Computer Science major?

I'm a Junior attending Galileo High School in SF. I want to major in Computer Science but also have a love for art and video games.

Johnathan’s Avatar
Johnathan Sep 27, 2022 562 views

What is the best way to learn C++ coding?

like resources for learning it and whatnot

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Sep 11, 2022 268 views

How do absorb or learn technical functions in programming languages?

I am an IT student. Having a hard time memorizing the functions in Python and figuring out what the "problem" needs. Like I know what is the flow of the "program" but I have no idea what functions or specific commands to use.

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin Aug 29, 2022 193 views

What is the best coding language to start with?

I would like to know what coding languages that can be used universally and where I could learn them from.

Almaz’s Avatar
Almaz Aug 23, 2022 300 views

What/where do I learn in coding/programming before I go to college?

If I am going to learn more about coding in college what should I do beforehand to prepare?

Almaz’s Avatar
Almaz Aug 23, 2022 286 views

What is the best first coding language?

What is the best coding language for beginners?