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Dayalis P. Nov 08, 2019 73 views
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Mohamed H. Oct 11, 2019 111 views
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Brenden S. Sep 16, 2019 108 views

I would like to know if coding could be done at home (basically, a stay at home job)

I am Brenden. I am in 8th grade & I am very intrigued by coding whatever the circumstance whether it's for a website or a smart program. #coding...


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Hector C. Aug 28, 2019 85 views

Which language should i start with in learning code?

Just starting to learn code going to college for computer programming #computer-programming...


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Jason H. Mar 17, 2019 181 views
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Camilo Z. Mar 08, 2019 128 views

What is one way that coding has benefited your life?

For example, some people claim to be better problem solvers after learning how to code. In what way has coding benefited you? #technology #coding #programming...


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Manoj N. Mar 07, 2019 128 views

Is it easy to learn R language and python

I need to learn R language and python #tech #coding #programming...


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Anna B. Mar 05, 2019 151 views

To take on coding as a career, can you self teach?

I have a cousin who has been able to afford traveling all over the world while working to code and program computers, but he never earned a college degree. Is it possible to be hired without a degree today or is it still very important? #tech #programming #coding...


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Ty D. Mar 05, 2019 156 views

How does one program code for artificial intelligence, and how long does that take?

I have always wondered how long it takes for a coder to program A.I's like Siri. #technology #tech #programming #ai...


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Mariam A. Jan 22, 2019 202 views

What is the difference between cyber security and forensic technology? Or are they the same thing?

I really love programming and information technology and I want to develop my skills even further. I also love science and problem solving so I think that cyber security or forensic technology would both be interesting careers for me. Are there other options? And are there any courses,...

#information-technology #science #programming #technology #cyber-security #forensics #coding #computer-science

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Yuniba Y. Aug 25, 2018 197 views

What is the best programming language to learn?

I have no programming experience and I am interested in STEM careers #stem #science...


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Caitlin P. May 17, 2018 273 views
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Elisabeth T. Apr 12, 2018 255 views

What is the best way to teach yourself how to code?

I need to learn more about computer science and I feel really behind my peers in the field. When I've asked about resources, I'm usually told to "just use something online" and not given other specifics. #coding...


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Thomas G. Apr 04, 2018 284 views

What is a simple beginner path to Machine Learning?

I'm looking for a way to learn how to program ML and Neural Networks, but my high school lacks a class or any instruction. #coding #machine-learning #neural-networks...


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Thomas G. Apr 04, 2018 344 views

What are the best coding languages to learn?

I am looking to be a CS major in college, and I am wondering what languages would be worth learning for optimal success. #coding #software-development #computer-science...


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Denzel E. Apr 04, 2018 301 views

What are the best places to put my coding skills to good use?

As a programmer, I want to put some of my skills to use, such as possibly working for different companies and labs. What are good places to apply at? #technology #jobs #summer-jobs #coding...


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Patrick B. Jan 23, 2018 301 views

Will computer science and learning java be essential in the next 5 years?

I am taking computer science now at my high school, and I have been told that it is a very necessary skill. How important is this skill? #technology #coding...


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Shamir L. Jan 22, 2018 685 views

I want to start coding and be a video game developer, but where do i start?

I've always loved playing video games and right now I'm super into Hearthstone (if anyone sees and plays that game add me) and i really want to go into coding and or to create the story for one. However, I do not know here to start at all and i really want to learn, so where do i start? Is...

#video-game-production #coding #code #video-game-design #video-games #video-game-development

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Ramtin M. Jan 20, 2018 466 views

Which program is best to start learning coding?

I want to learn to code. Should I start with python, Java, etc. ? #coding...


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Devetra C. Dec 12, 2017 381 views

Do you have to know how to code to create apps?

I took a coding class in high school but don't know if there are any apps or software that does it automatically for you. #mobile-applications #app-development...


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ian B. Oct 12, 2017 624 views

What programming languages must you know for IT management or software engineer?

I know a couple languages, mostly high level but I was wondering If I have to learn C or C++ or ABC . I know python, bootstrap, html, css, java script, learning ruby and rails, and I am learning php and sql. #software-engineering #technology #web-development #computer-software #software...

#java #it-management #html #coding #css #javascript

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Josephine C. Jul 16, 2017 554 views

What are some common problems people have that can be solved with mobile apps?

Hi everyone, I wanted to know what are some problems you have experienced before because I am interested in creating a unique app, through coding, targeted to solving some of your problems. However, I am stuck and would like to know some of your input. #tech #technology #science #coding...

#creativity #web-applications #mobile-applications #creative-writing

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Josephine C. May 25, 2017 477 views

If you know coding, what high paying jobs are there?

I will be doing a coding internship over the summer and I was wondering if someone was to pursue it, what jobs can they land and if it gives good pay? #tech #coding...