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Career Questions tagged Python

Nancy O.’s Avatar
Nancy O. Sep 17, 2020 779 views

Why programming with python 3 so hard?

I'm finally taking a scripting class, and I realize programming is not for me. it's funny how I was passionate to learn about it, now I realize that it is really hard. I really want to understand it, but using the required website for my class called "ZyBooks", It's not helping me...

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C L.’s Avatar
C L. Jul 22, 2020 470 views

What's the one thing you would do differently if you could travel back in time to where you started your career / coding journey?

As a self-taught web developer, at some point during my coding journey, I got distracted and switched to a different language just out of curiosity. (switch from JavaScript to Python). Three months later, I realized that Python or Data science isn't really my thing. (I definitely see the...

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Tsz Ho Y.’s Avatar
Tsz Ho Y. Feb 13, 2020 546 views

Should I learn Python or R or other programming language?

I'm a college student in Economics and Finance. Right now I am quite good at Excel VBA and I want to learn one more programming language to give me an advantage in finding jobs. It seems to me that Python and R have their own strengths and weaknesses but I'm not too sure about it. job-search...

python programming finance economics

Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. Aug 02, 2019 609 views

I spent most of my software engineering internship not programming. Will that hurt me in interviews for full-time roles?

I'm a CS major in college and I am about to finish up an internship in backend software engineering at a division of a very large tech company. Most of my time was spent reading code, reading documentation, learning to use internal tools, writing configs, writing test cases, minor bug fixes,...

web-development backend-development software-engineering programming python software-development

Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. Aug 02, 2019 675 views

What types of software engineering roles will allow me to spend the most time actually writing code?

Hi everyone. I'm a CS major in college, about to become a senior, and will be looking for a full-time role soon. I feel like I'm on track, and am considering what type of software engineering role I'd like to pursue. One thing that I've learned from my summer internship is how much of software...

web-development backend-development software-engineering programming python software-development

Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. Aug 02, 2019 320 views

How much of the time is a backend software engineer actually writing code?

I'm a CS major in college and I am about to finish up a 12-week internship in backend software engineering at a division of a very large tech company. I'm a little surprised at what % of my internship was actually spent writing code: just about 3 of the 12 weeks. The other 9 weeks were mostly...

web-development backend-development software-engineering programming python software-development

Vladislav B.’s Avatar
Vladislav B. Jun 22, 2019 684 views

What should I learn to become a Data Scientist?

I've already known Python libraries like pandas, numpy and some linear math. science python...


Julio E L.’s Avatar
Julio E L. Mar 04, 2019 301 views

What would be the best way to get a Data Science job in Toronto, for someone who is living down in Mexico?

I have a bachelor degree in Philosophy, and last year I finished Industrial Engineering. Right now, I taking a specialization in Data Science through Coursera. I live in Guadalajara city and work at IBM as a Sales Manager Advisor. My wife and I want to move to Toronto, and I've applied to some...

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Hao Jie W.’s Avatar
Hao Jie W. Feb 27, 2019 435 views

How can I start in Data Science?

I haven’t got any technical experience. I studied business administration and management and a master of management and technology of business process. It would be a great achivement for me to learn and understand this field. business computer-science data science python neural...


Melvin S.’s Avatar
Melvin S. Oct 31, 2018 584 views

Are there any engineering/programming jobs that use Arduino?

As a rising mechanical engineering graduate with an interest in programming, I want to know if there's any jobs out there that seriously focus on Arduino, or any kind of mechanical engineering jobs that use any programming languages at all. Thanks! engineer engineering programming career...

controlsystems python mechatronics electricalengineering technology computer-science mechanicalengineer arduino computer computerengineering mechanicalengineering

Colin B.’s Avatar
Colin B. Oct 21, 2016 875 views

What made you want to do CS?

I am a high school senior who has just started to learn the Java language. I"m curious as to what made professionals want to learn Computer Science? computer-science computer japan java python...


Colin B.’s Avatar
Colin B. Oct 21, 2016 1088 views

Do you prefer frontend or backend of your Computer Science oriented job? Why?

I am asking this because I am trying to discern which one I will prefer. I do not have very much knowledge or resources regarding which one will be more beneficial to what I would want to do. computer-science computer japan java python...


HARSHIT P.’s Avatar
HARSHIT P. Sep 20, 2016 1182 views

Regarding my career plan, I am confused as to which computer language is more important; python, or QA?

I know both languages are quite different with regard to testing and development, but could use additional information regarding their future use and value in the job market. python sql core-java...


Mathew J.’s Avatar
Mathew J. Sep 15, 2016 993 views

How to start preparing towards a career in data science ?

I'm looking forward to starting a career in data science and I'm doing my master's right now. So, any information regarding this will be helpful for me. data-science databases python data-analysis big-data...


yogesh P.’s Avatar
yogesh P. Feb 26, 2016 898 views

How do I start right now to become an programmer?

I a sophomore in high school, and i am interested in learning as much as programming language as i can specially Java, and python. i tried many youtube course, and i get the basics of all of them, what would be my next move in becoming fluent with all the languages. computers java...


Alex A.’s Avatar
Alex A. Oct 24, 2015 1951 views

I need a good starter project for python

Hi, I am in 6th grade and I wanted to try python but I need a project to do computer-science computer-software computer-programming...


Jesus S.’s Avatar
Jesus S. Mar 23, 2015 1089 views

Is college necessary to be a graphic designer?

i am a junior in highschool and I am interested in knowing if college is a must. Can you take classes on your own and still get hired to do small projects? And if so, what is required to be a graphic designer graphic-design photography 3d-graphics...


Jordan L.’s Avatar
Jordan L. Feb 10, 2014 46764 views

What programming language should I try to learn first?

I am just learning to program in high school, but I am already learning HTML and CSS and Javascript. What should my next programming language be? I am going to go to college and I would like to start learning my next language now so I can be ahead of things for college. I know that "it...

java computer-programming ruby programming python software-development