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Tim P. Mar 29, 2018 347 views

How many times could you be late to work until you are fired?

need to find out employers expectation #career #career-development #employee-training...

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ashanti R. Apr 05, 2018 288 views

when an employee makes a mistake is there usually a way to fix your mistake ?

or is there time to fix said mistake and how would you explain to your employer what you did? #career-counseling #employee-training...


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Veronica C. Mar 23, 2018 368 views

What is the key to being employable?

What do employers look for when interviewing? #employee-training #employee #interviews...


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Sabina B. Dec 30, 2017 476 views

What are the most important skills and abilities you look for in employees and coworkers?

Hello everyone! I am a student halfway through my second year in college, and I hope to graduate with the skills and abilities necessary to best contribute to whichever workplace I find myself after graduation. I would love to receive responses from people of a wide variety of industries - what...

#coaching-employees #employee-training #career-development #human-resources #employee-relations

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Ena W. Feb 14, 2017 405 views

How to gain first reference for internship?

Many jobs need two or three reference which is a little bit difficult to international students....


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Brandon H. Feb 13, 2017 450 views

Does a Gold level in the NCRC mean that I am actually ready for a job, or is it just an ego boost?

I scored a Gold in the National Career Readiness certification exam and wondered about its 90% qualifier. And I wonder if it just judges the test taker by their abilities on the job or just at testing in general. #job-search #job-skills #employee-training #employee-benefits...


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Brandon H. Feb 12, 2017 444 views

Does the National Career Readiness certification imply that your employer will want to promote you?

When I was taking the National Career Readiness certification (NCRC) exam, there were many people who are being employed by places like Fanuiel and Eastman Chemical. So, I wonder if their employers actually want to promote them or if they just want to see their employee's status....

#ncrc #employee-engagement #employee-training #career-readiness #career-development #promotions

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Brandon H. Feb 12, 2017 590 views

Is it common for employers to offer education to their employees?

I am curious because many of my friends, including my brother, have been offered a paid tuition to attend college. So, I wonder if when I get a job, is it likely that I will have an employer that will want me to continue my education. #higher-education #employer-relations #employee-training...


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Brandon H. Feb 09, 2017 330 views

How often do employers acknowledge the National Career Readiness Certification?

I am going to be taking the certification exam tomorrow and I am wondering if actually obtaining the certification is of any worth to employers....


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Sydney R. Jun 21, 2016 467 views

When is the optimal time to apply for a summer job?

I'm wondering if there's still enough time for me to apply for a job this summer. I have to go back to college in September, so I'd only have July and August to work. Is that enough time to get hired, be trained and hold a job? #jobs #work #hiring #employment #summer-jobs #part-time...

#employee-training #job-applications

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Nagesh M. May 04, 2016 651 views