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What is the key to being employable?

Asked Pinckney, Michigan

What do employers look for when interviewing? #employee-training #employee #interviews #interviewing-skills

3 answers

Carole’s Answer

Updated Rancho Palos Verdes, California

This is a million dollar question and I will try to give you some things that you can think about to get yourself more employable. Here are a few suggestions:

Carole recommends the following next steps:

  • There are 2 resume books that I would suggest: "Resume Power" by Tom Washington and "175 High impact resumes " by Richard Beatty. There are many others that are also very good and if you look through them you will get good ideas to make yours better.
  • I also would suggest this Interviewing boo titled " The 250 job Interview Questions" I have used it myself and really think that once you have looked at a few questions and answered them you will understand why it is important to research each company you interview with and know how you want to answer the question given to you. I wih you the best in finding the job that you want and hope that these suggestions will help you in your career journey.

Chirag R.’s Answer


One part is your skill associated to the job ...The other key aspects are

Your Attitude, demeanor, communication skills.

If you come in with a bad attitude, or are unable to clearly articulate your strong points and value you bring to the table, that may be a negative.

If you may not have the best skill set but are willing to learn and confident and hungry..I'd hire that person.

Before every interview, prepare the subject especially the weak areas and then focus on soft skills aspect stated above. If you fail, dont let that discourage you, there will be many chances ahead and point is to get better.

Good Luck !

Robert’s Answer

Updated Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hi Veronica, interviews are an opportunity to spell out more about what your goals and aspirations are, and why they align with the role you’re applying for, as well as the values of the new company. Make sure you prepare at least 4-5+ mini-stories (Challenge-Action-Result format) that vividly describe how you have achieved solutions similar to problems this company has faced, or will face. Paint a picture that YOU are THEIR solution, a better fit than the next interviewing candidate. Finally, showcase why your skill set, personality and the special magic you bring will make such a material difference for my company. Demonstrate that you understand the problem this position solves and why you are such a good fit.