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Career Questions tagged Employee

Dey'ja’s Avatar
Dey'ja May 19, 2021 300 views

What is college all about ?

#employee #everyone #hindi

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Maria Nov 25, 2020 479 views

Medical Jobs that you never get bored of

I'm interested in becoming a doctor, but I don't know what specialty.
#doctor #answer #employee #patients #doctorate #employee
#psychology #human-resources #jobs

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Nov 25, 2020 2457 views

Pros and cons of Optometrist

I really want a job in the medical field; is an optometrist a good choice?
#salary #job-market #job #employee

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Veronica Mar 23, 2018 699 views

What is the key to being employable?

What do employers look for when interviewing? #employee-training #employee #interviews #interviewing-skills

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Abdul Jun 22, 2016 685 views

Career options for commerce student with no maths involved

please discuss #employee

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Mallikarjun Jun 22, 2016 1082 views

which doctor profession is good?

to be a expert doctor need to choose the profession #employee

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Syeda Jun 20, 2016 851 views

What are the jobs that the high school students can get if they don't have a college degree yet?

My name is Syeda and currently I am working on my associate degree in Biology at Hudson county community college. I want to be a doctor so I wanted to take summer classes this year to get my education completed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I couldn't take them because I didn't have a job...

Faith ’s Avatar
Faith May 20, 2016 1439 views

How do you narrow down your interests in order to determine which field to pursue?

I have many different interests, and I'm not sure which I enjoy the most. Therefore, I don't know what job to pursue. #teacher #college-student #intern #employee

Carrie’s Avatar
Carrie May 17, 2016 1386 views

What is the hardest transition for a college freshman?

I am nervous about the transition from living at home and living on campus and would like to know what is the hardest part. #college #teaching #teacher #student #advice #employee

Peter’s Avatar
Peter May 13, 2016 733 views

Do I need a Masters college degree to advance in corporate news America?

I am trying to determine how I should attend college. #employee #corporate-events

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Itzell May 04, 2016 774 views

Do you feel more responsible with a job?

I want to be a business owner when I grow up and I am asking this question because I want to be a responsible adult. #employee #new

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Deric Jan 21, 2016 1090 views

Where can I find a job at my age?

I am 16 up for a lot and wanna make some money to give back to my family #job-search #employee

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D'Andrei Aug 03, 2015 1865 views

How do I become an employee at google?

I wanna become an employee at google. #employee