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dylan C. Dec 03, 2020 118 views

How to become a millionaire at the age 19?

I am a upcoming family vlogger and im trying to maintain my GPA in the process #navy #gpa...


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Maria E. Dec 01, 2020 59 views

Fastest way to become a NP(Psych)

I want to become a Psych NP. I know there are many different programs and degrees to get that position. There's ADN,BSN,MSN,DNP. I want to get my DNP. What is the fastest way. #everyone #medical #medical-school...


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Arisa Y. Nov 29, 2020 158 views

How to get a letter of recommendation when I'm a shy student?

I'm a decent student who occasionally contributes to the conversation and I get A's and B's in school, but I don't think I have developed a close relationship with any of my teachers. Speaking up in class is hard for me and it often feels like I'm being drowned out but other students. I'm...

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Deanna J. Nov 13, 2020 50 views

where is some jobs for hair school in college?

I am a beginner of doing hair but i want to be better at it so i can get more money to achieve my goal to push to that level so i can have my own salon. #everyone #money...


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aaliyah L. Nov 13, 2020 61 views
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Jade M. Oct 29, 2020 83 views

For people who work a sports psychologist. I have 9 questions for you

Take your time with this, I know it's a lot but I'm really interested in Sports psychology!! It would be awesome and appreciated if you answered these simple questions! How many hours do you work in a typical week? If I were interested in pursuing your career, what classes do you think I...

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Mary J. Sep 12, 2020 151 views

Are there any tips or information that can help me develop different sources of income?

I'm a full-time college student who also works 36+ hours a week, and sometimes you have a lot of bills to pay. Are there any tips or information that can help me develop different sources of income? #student #college-student #everyone #students #income...


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William V. Aug 24, 2018 187 views

What should I do if I can’t get in to the college I want?

The acceptance rate is low and I don’t feel confident about my chances....


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Angel S. Jul 24, 2018 254 views
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cristian F. Sep 01, 2017 612 views

can one person change the world?

The nation is dividing, the poor doesn't have a chance to rehabilitate and start a new life, and the rich are getting greedier and only worry about themselves. Families are losing homes and more because our economy is so bad many people argue about the taxes and how much we pay, but that's...

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Alec A. Jan 12, 2017 445 views

What is a good way to get money fast

If you are saving for something important and you need the money in certain amount of time. I would like to know how to get it....


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Bindi D. Oct 27, 2016 514 views
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Bindi D. Oct 27, 2016 333 views

In what ways can being a teacher impact his or her students to think beyond what is given and to think about improving our socities?

I am the first from my family to got to college. I have always wanted to become a teacher. I want to aid every student to reach that goal of going to college....